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21 Mar, 7 tweets, 2 min read
Total bullshit. Tons of people, self included, didn't buy the case Bush was making about nukes, anthrax, mobile biolabs, ties to 9/11. They pushed those flimsy, fraudulent claims so people would buy idea that decade-long strategy of sanctions, DMZs, inspections was insufficient.
'everyone thought he had WMD' was the copout Karl Rove came up with once it was clear none would be found. No one but them was said Saddam was training Al Qaeda. No one but them said Mohammed Atta was an Iraqi spy. No one but them said Saddam had drones to spray the East Coast.
Most people thought Saddam had some chemical weapons stores leftover from the 80s (and he kinda did!) The Bush admin told the world Saddam was an evil genius who had a high-tech, totally covert Manhattan project that was going to make Osama Bin Laden a nuclear power.
You know who had access to all the same intelligence the Bush administration saw and explicitly voted against giving Bush the power to invade? NANCY F***ING PELOSI.
YES! I distinctly, vividly remember being in morning home room my junior year and talking about that. 'He pointed to a grainy picture of a truck and called it a mobile biolab. THAT'S NOT PROOF.'
Yes! France, Canada, Germany, etc etc. And all for the same reason. That nothing about the situation in Iraq had changed so dramatically as to upend the strategic status quo and merit an unprecedented pre-emptive invasion and occupation.
And that's the thing I keep coming back to. The thing that really made it obvious we were being lied to, at the time. It was a sales pitch. An 18 month product rollout of dripped justifications. Actual, justifiable military action is NEVER like that. It's sudden, reactive, messy.

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18 Mar
Watching the cut that dare not speak its name in installments.

So far it seems the principle contributions Wh3don made to the theatrical release were to cut out a lot of black & asian actors (including some playing major DC characters!) and find pervier ways to film Gal Gadot.
This whole endeavor... from mediocre, slapdash theatrical releases to overlong but otherwise satisfying director's cuts... has been a lesson that the real heroes of Hollywood are competent editors, not indulgent auteurs.
James Wan absolutely fixed Aquaman, though. 'Just let him speak underwater, it's fine!'
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16 Mar
"names match" means literally nothing. If they were the actual people, they'd be loudly bragging that they'd caught them. Not quietly telling congress to then leak on background to frigging Axios.
International terrorist groups like ISIS don't bother with stuff like this. They recruit off the internet. They want people who already have citizenship who can use those rights and privileges to get guns, bank accounts and passports.
Indeed the most egregious recent case of a foreign terror suspect crossing illegally into the United States was a Neo-Nazi who was smuggled across the CANADIAN border. winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/fbi-arrest-for…
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12 Mar
'the secret government eggo project'
'what's this "and the rest" crap?'
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2 Mar
Boy can't wait to read this story on how to get my parents the vaccine from my local paper Image
shit took 10 minutes to load and three times had to refresh because the close article button is identical to the four different close ad buttons.
that big gray x in the corner? That takes you to the home page.
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2 Mar
It's reading to my kids to own the libs day
vaccines are cancelled
Turning off the TV is cancelled
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26 Feb
few things enrage me quite like people who get mad when the US blows up an empty weapons cache in Syria and never when Assad blows up a full hospital.
For a decade I watched helplessly as a dictator butchered his whole country on Youtube. Sniped, shelled, bombed, starved, tortured, gassed. 100s of 1000s dead.

I absolutely do not fucking care if a couple of his ally's arms dumps in the middle of a fucking desert got scratched.
Literally you're more mad about it than Assad or Iran or any Syrian is. Shut the fuck up.
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