Many have made analogies between the woke "cancel culture" phenomenon and the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I think this is a great analogy, but I think that another, perhaps better, analog has been overlooked, namely the "Disintegration Directive" of the East German Stasi.
Briefly, the Disintegration Directive, also known as the Decomposition Directive (officially Richtlinie 1/76 or the Zersetzung in German) was the approach that the East German secret police (the Stasi) took from 1976 onwards to crush dissent, or even potential dissent.
Before 1976, the Stasi used the conventional gulag-and-torture methods to control political opinion in the DDR. But in the 1970s, the DDR was seeking international recognition, so they needed a lower-profile method of suppressing opposition to Communism.
The Disintegration Directive is described in these links:…

It specified a covert, much more psychological approach to maintaining the Communist monopoly on ideological discourse.
The goal was to destroy dissidents and potential dissidents socially and emotionally without resorting to arrest and imprisonment. The Stasi collected information about the victim's private life, and proceeded to "disintegrate" their careers and their family and private life.
Damaging lies (or truths) would be conveyed to employers until the target was rendered unemployable. Relationships with spouses and kids would be poisoned with gossip by operatives, professional failure, and financial stress. Friends would be warned away through the grapevine.
The goal was to destroy the reputation of the target and make him so preoccupied with his personal difficulties and emotional turmoil that he had no will to question the government of the DDR. It was done covertly, and often victims weren't believed even if they discovered it.
At this point, I think the parallels with the cancel culture of the modern West are obvious. To be clear, I'm not suggesting that the U.S. or other western governments are using these methods (yet). But I am suggesting that private groups and movements are doing so.
If a professor, journalist, or corporate executive isn't communicating the political ideas that you want spread, what better way to silence him than to make him unemployable, with all of the personal and financial stress that goes with that?
Once you have a large enough movement established, spreading the lies about your target becomes easier - even those who know that the narrative about the "offender" is a lie won't dare to speak up. We are now well into that phase of the operation.
Clearly, the "trans" movement and its backers now use this approach with the likes of J.K. Rowling and Jesse Singal. Their actual views are being distorted beyond recognition in an attempt to destroy their professional worlds, and to alienate friends, colleagues, and even family.
Although I dislike and do not respect Donald Trump, I believe that the response of journalists and educational institution to his administration can only be regarded as a kind of Sersetzung. Call it directive 11/16, I guess.
The goal of course was to so distort his actions and comments so that it not only turned voters against him, but disturbed his mental equilibrium (such as it was) and made him so radioactive that even those who understood the truth wouldn't dare question or correct the narrative.
Hence, we have the fusillade of easy falsifiable lies told in the American press - Russian collusion, pee tapes, white supremacists as "fine people", "kids in cages", all the way up to "fomenting an armed insurrection".
To be fair, the task of selling these lies was simplified by the fact that Trump actually did appear to be tempermentally, intellectually, morally, and experientially unfit for office.
Also to be fair, the right wing did have its own attempted little Sersetzung against Obama, involving lies about his citizenship, faith, and even his wife's gender. Unlike today's left, they couldn't pull it off, as they lacked control of the press and educational centers.
So to the canceled folk who have have been victims of the left's Disintegration Directive, all I can say is "buck up". The depression and rejection you're feeling is exactly what they are trying to accomplish in order to shut you up and keep control. It really isn't your fault.
To those assisting in leftist disintegrations, I say "Your regime won't last forever." Eventually, the Stasi was dismantled and its records opened. The previously anonymous operatives who carried out the disintegrations became among the most hated people in a united Germany.

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Mar 6
A lot of people are saying that Ukraine will get the Chechnya treat. I dunno, Ukr is MUCH bigger. A comparison:

Size: Ukr is 35x larger
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Also Ukr is armed to the teeth by NATO and supported to the hilt by NATO intelligence
My very non-expert guess is that we're giving Ukraine info on movement of aircraft, armor, and logistics. Then the Ukrainians use NLAWs, Javelins, Stingers, etc. to ambush the offending objects. It seems to be resulting in appalling RU losses. Very different from Chechnya.
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Dec 17, 2021
Some random Friday afternoon thoughts on the connection between cable television, the Internet and the takeover of universities by very liberal, and later woke, politics:
I was watching a 1978 movie with my son earlier - the plot centered around the standard late-70s intrepid-reporter-as-hero bull****. It was interesting primarily because it triggered personal memories of how I, and I think, most Americans judged reality in those days. 2/n
Before the widespread advent of even cable television, the power to broadcast "established fact" and shape cultural values was really in the hands of an astonishingly small fraction of the population. 3/n
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Nov 30, 2021
1/n - This brilliant analogy is absolutely, and it makes me boil with anger. The root problem facing the average American is that they are despised and betrayed by those who should be serving them: government, educators, news media, and the medical and legal establishments
2/n - I don't reach this conclusion with pleasure or envy. I have generally believed in (and personally succeeded in) the American establishment. But I am forced to this conclusion, as there is no other way to explain how Americans being forced to tolerate the intolerable.
3/n - How is it possible that we now have a government that berates the average American as racist, and implements de jure discrimination against those who have contributed the most to building our prosperity and maintaining our freedoms?
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Nov 8, 2021

I believe the best analogy for woke academia is that of a tumor. It's a malignant growth formed by a defective host tissues. It derives sustenance and protection from the host, even as it grows out of control, subverting the host's defenses until eventually killing it.
Academics in the liberal arts, who should be our mental resources for memory, constructive self-criticism, and self-improvement of our institutions have instead become a force seeking to destroy our institutions, and they're happy to resort to lies and deception to do it.
As with cancer, one of the most galling aspects of this existential threat is that we're providing all of the resources being used to kill us. We support the attack Western institutions and freedoms by our tuition dollars, student loans, research funding, and philanthropy.
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Nov 3, 2021

The people at @ProjectLincoln started out pretending that they're still Republicans but appalled by Trumpist populism and alleged authoritarianism. But now they're clutching their pearls about victories by Youngkin and (maybe) Ciatarelli - very moderate Republicans 1/n
So what happened here? Why are these political professionals who used to work for moderate Republicans now appalled by victories of moderate Republicans? It's simple: Trump and other events of 2016 cut them off of the gravy train. 2/n
These professional campaign consultants had their careers for 2016-2032 all planned out. They were going to preside over an endless string of genteel losers like Jeb Bush, pushing tax cuts to a lily-white base, losing to people by Hillary by ever-increasing margins over time. 3/n
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Oct 9, 2021
I learned how to think about the Woke and their cancellations decades before they actually came on the scene. One evening, when I was about 12, I was talking with my father about Joe McCarthy and the Red Scare of the 1950s. He had lived through it as a young military officer. 1/n
At the time, I didn't understand what was so wrong with it.

"But Dad" I said, "weren't most of them actually Communists?"

His answer was "Yes, most of them probably were, but that's not the point. " 2/n
"The point is that you can't just go around accusing people of things when you don't have real evidence. More importantly, you can't try to ruin their life just because they believe something that you hate. They have to have committed an actual crime."
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