I am sympathetic to this case & know some of the authors here, but frankly people from around the world have been saying this for months now. It's largely been coming from the global South, not asking for handouts but transfer of know-how. Great to have these people on board. 1/
But let's not obscure the fact the delays in American leaders speaking out like this has cost lives. We could have had a global plan for scale-up, not a solely domestic one from the start. 2/
Now let's get down to business. @POTUS needs to tell the companies that the USG will underwrite tech transfer, scale-up of production, mobilization of precursor commodities and chemicals, now, today, not this summer. 3/
Charity isn't the point. We need to bring public vaccine production to scale worldwide. Yes, capacity at this very moment is low, BUT we can build in, starting now as we did in 2020 for our own needs. 4/
Companies will balk. They'll say they are parting with their know-how (their IP) forgetting that American taxpayers bankrolled them to the tune of billions of dollars and own some of this IP. 5/
This cannot be done on industry's terms alone. That is not how mobilization in a crisis works, let the market drive, let the market decide. It's ludicrous. 6/
We have no time to lose, no games to play with companies, with the politicians who would put commercial interests above people's health and safety. Already US and other govts trying to say "IP doesn't matter," blocking TRIPS waiver. 7/
Yes, it's not just IP, we know that, but freeing up the ability of actors around the globe is what we need right now, and not contract negotiations one-on-one. 8/
Yes, the companies make the drugs, the vaccines. I take ARVs for HIV, just got a vaccine. But plenty of public resources go into the R&D pipeline from NIH and others. Companies are used to a blank check on prices, quick approval, setting the terms for the rest of us. 9/
So we can praise industry but realize health in a crisis or even under normal circumstances, doesn't mean they get to set the terms of who lives and who dies. 10/
We need to do this in the way many around the world have been suggesting tech transfer, local public production, underwritten by global North, relaxation of IP & other legal/policy barriers now. Wanna argue? Argue w/ @MSF, @Oxfam, @UNAIDS and the others who've made this case. 11/
We don't need the "corporate social responsibility" version or the one in which we pay the market price for billions of doses. 12/
Let's get this done. The rest of you? Get out of the way. end/

• • •

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20 Mar
.@GovRonDeSantis is a @Yale and @Harvard grad. He knows exactly what he's doing in embracing quackery & pseudo-science. It is a calculated, cynical, political move. 1/
It's an embrace of anti-scientific thinking because he thinks this is the way to power. This is his only rationale, his only desire. 2/
This man is dangerous. He would do anything to advance his career. He belongs no where near the Florida Governor's mansion, let alone the White House. He is emerging as a worse, even more scary version of Trump. 3/
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19 Mar
No @GovRonDeSantis. You got lucky. And now you're dancing on the graves of the dead. Why don't you go visit the relatives of the 32,000 dead in your state? Those among the 2M infected who will live with long-term effects of #COVID19. 1/
You miserable fuck. Never let a crisis go to waste. You see a way to profiteer from the pandemic for your political future and you're all in. 2/
Sound public health measures still apply. Widen out the lens & you'll see overall, some countries went all-in w/ containing #COVID19 in Oceania/East Asia, while many in the Western Hemisphere & Europe couldn't get it together to do that. Result? They fared better than we did. 3/
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18 Mar
.@adamcancryn: it's not just about opioids. It's about Exondys 51, Avandia, Plan B, and much much more. Woodcock is a classic case of regulatory capture. We deserve better. politi.co/317riux via @politico
Pharma & the patient groups on their payroll think the FDA is "theirs," with speedy approval the main goal, not the public health. They think this is "their pick," it's their sandbox. It's time for a change. Not someone who has been part of the biggest missteps in recent history.
Four cancer drugs had their indications voluntarily withdrawn over past few months. FDA is meeting to discuss further withdrawals due to lack of clinical evidence. They're feeling the heat, but what we're seeing is tip of the iceberg. Patients need access AND answers.
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18 Mar
.@jweirdo once again describes what I think better than I can. This is what writers do. Read this on the murders in Atlanta:
"Let's not call the murderer a 'sex addict." 1/
"That blames sex and hides behind addiction." 2/
"In America, if you're white, addiction's a disease, and you get treatment. If you're not, it's a choice, and you get incarcerated." 3/
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15 Mar
You know what this DOESN'T do @GovNedLamont? Address the problems in getting to people who for various reasons will be at the end of the line no matter their age. You don't reach under-served populations by flinging open the gates to eligibility. @JoshGeballe @PMounds. 1/
What is the plan to get vaccines to under-served communities in this state? Step-by-step. Perhaps I've missed it. Then tweet it with as much fanfare as you are now with age eligibility widening. 2/
And show us the data. How many doses have reached under-served communities in the state? Breakdown your vaccination numbers and publicize them by demographics and geography now, and again, make them visible to all. 3/
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14 Mar
Some want the data on the public health claims I made here. Here's life expectancy. Not the same number--original post was 2014, but same story. 1/ healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collecti…
Now maternal health. Again, different years, same story. 2/ commonwealthfund.org/publications/i…
Infant mortality. Again. More recent data, same story. 3/ data.oecd.org/healthstat/inf…
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