1. As you might well know, $AMC was climbing quickly until last Monday when all of a sudden, the price action plummeted out of nowhere. This was extremely questionable since nobody was really selling.
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2. As the price recovered, it then proceeded to plummet vertically on both Friday and the subsequent Monday. There is enough evidence to suggest that heavy manipulation took place.
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3. In this thread I hope to expose and explain to the reader the two previously explained strategies Hedges used to combat $AMC, and what is now surging as a plausible third strategy that seriously imposes a thread.
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4. The first strategy they use is attacking $AMC through indirect attacks. ETF’s are in simple terms a bucket of securities, whether its stocks or indexes as S&P500, that is allowed to be traded as a stock in the market given they meet certain...criteria.
#crypto #doge $GME #amc
5. How Hedges are manipulating the $AMC and similar #memes #stocks to dip out of nowhere? They use high frequency machines, data of retail investor purchasing habits, and short ETF’s directly in order to kick down it without having to actually borrow from #AMC when the short.
6. The second strategy they employ is the naked shorting. This is the illegal practice of short selling a stock WITHOUT having borrowed the stock yet. This is a problem because you are artificially manipulating a price without the real means to do so.
7. This is why the #GME stock fluctuates so randomly when nobody is selling, 'cuz they are selling #stocks that don’t even exist. SEC allows these Hedge Funds to do things like this as they are considered market makers, it presents an opportunity for them to raise capital.
8. When there’s a ton of bullish volume, market makers can naked short positions as long as they can ‘create’ stocks later on.
They have used naked shorting as a way to artificially short selling and give the appearance that they rebought back those positions, but ETF’s...
9. are owed their shares and they will get them. This presents a problem for Hedge Funds, as long term this further acerbates the dire situation they are in. So what do they do? Well, they start dark pooling money. #crypto #doge $GME $AMC #amc #gme #AMC1000
10. Dark pooling means exchanging a security, in this case $AMC, between each other without regulators overseeing the process. Because $AMC is still considered a penny stock, Hedge Funds literally are treating it like an OTC where they trade and exchange it back and forth ...
11.to lower the price of $AMC. This way it doesn’t show up in time and sales.

This new way poses a momentary threat to $AMC. Because now we have another type of transaction that is not even being regulated, #AMC faces a real dire consequence in price action.
12. The good thing is that this has been exposed, and they will most likely soon cease to operate like this at least consistently. However, for as long as they can uphold this type of unregulated activity, $AMC will suffer.
#crypto #doge $GME $AMC #amc #gme #AMC1000
13. Where we go from here? I expect $AMC to become a more volatile #stock in the coming weeks. Because of this, and until its stopped, #AMC price action will essentially be to a degree unpredictable.
#crypto #doge $GME $AMC #amc #gme #AMC1000
14. You have a ton of sales happening without being accounted for that somehow will reflect in price action. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY should sell $AMC however. #AMC remains a great threat and eventually Hedges are going to have to start covering for all these sales.
15. They will also have to return all the borrowed shares directly to $AMC and more importantly the $ETFs. This will cause the price to rise. These strategies are all momentary in order for them to raise more capital.
#crypto #doge #GME #AMC #AMCtothemoon #GMEstock #btc #doge
16. A good strategy they are using is buying actual $AMC shares and coordinating together to all sell at a certain price. Do not think because they are shorting and are overexposed on $AMC and $GME that they cannot also buy and ride it up with us.
17. I want to thank Wall Street Bets community for constantly exposing this level of criminality, and provide proof and real DD into what’s going on. I also want to thank @Joshuajammes for his amazing research that found out about this OTC trading bs. $GME $AMC #amc #gme #AMC1000
18. Please help me spread this information, as this will help bring the entire ape audience. Do this by liking, quote retweeting with $AMC and $GME hashtags and just bringing awareness to this great issue. Everyone needs to know this.
Talk to you soon.
#amc #gme #AMC1000

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1. $AMC and $GME have been at incredibly dire circumstances this past two weeks. After building up so much momentum, Hedges have pulled the rug from under their feet. #GME in particular has been the focus of attacks, though the impact has also reflected equally on #AMC.
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2. keep in mind you should always have a balance to buy and play other #stocks, not only $amc and $GME. I will be posting good scalps where I see them and other swings. With profits, buy the dips on #GME and #AMC to average down and profit big time from the next rip.
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1. $AMC final daily update. #AMC fell after a bad market and short attacks. Now, if it rises and climbs to 12 again that would make the head and shoulder. However, the situation, short term, will be more dire if the #stock keeps plummeting because if it vertically ...
2. falls to 9 and possibly 8, its going to imply that a larger than expected percentage of investors panic sold. We got a small taste of that today, and in the coming days, Hedges will pull all tricks to attack relentlessly to get $AMC holders to sell at all costs. #AMC will...
3. dip with the market, but Hedges will most likely try to get it as close to 7 dollars are possible. If we went sub $9, expect people to start grabbing positions again. This is why the endgame for $AMC is bright, because as panic sellers sell, more people can grab #AMC ...
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1. $GME remember that we have an earnings repost happening after market. I'm not expecting good news, after all #GME as a company is doing pretty bad. Price action wise I expect more dipping through the rest of the week down to 110-120s where a strong support wall lies.$amc #amc
2. Even if $GME news were positive, keep in mind that market conditions are gonna drag it down anyways. #GME as a whole #stock has a long road ahead so dont freak out and sell. Chances are, sadly, that #gmestock is going under 100 again at this pace. Its necessary for the next...
3. leg up. $GME going under 100 is a good thing long term, and the reason is mostly because it allows traders to finally be able to get in the train. #GME at 300 is very discouraging for investors. Keepholding, because like $AMC and every other #stock, they'll go up. Make sure...
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1. You know what the saddest realization is from doing this? The way you guys respond so ecstatic about me replying to your questions or charting some requested #stocks. It really shows, because I know bigger accounts typically dont engage with their audience, which I find...
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