1. Who Are Behind TIFCO The Mandatory Hotel Quarantine Group For People Entering Ireland ?

The TIFCO Group providing quarantine rooms owns or manages 24 hotels within Ireland but who is really calling the shots.

🧵 1/21
2. There’s a very well known Irish song which has the following lyrics

If you're Irish come into the parlor,
There's a welcome there for you;
If your name is Timothy or Pat,
So long as you come from Ireland,
There's a welcome on the mat, etc
3. Céad Míle Fáilte, the common Irish greeting for travellers arriving literally translates to mean 'a hundred thousand welcomes".

Not any more I'm afraid.

If you are Irish or not and travelling from abroad you have to spend 12 days in jail if you come from 1 of 33 countries.
4. This, all under the pretence of Covid.

By jail I mean 12 days in a hotel that you have to pay €1875 if you are an adult and €625 if you are a child. So you will be out of pocket nearly €5,000 straight off the bat if you are a family of 4.
5. That’s a nice chunk of change if you are the hotel running it. But who is behind the hotel chain who is coining it. They are a company called TIFCO. For the average Irish person they would pay no attention to the name at all.
6. Why would they ? The one thing you can be certain of is that none of the MSM would help you join the dots. I intend to change that.
Welcome to the sordid world of TIFCO. To say TIFCO have had an eventful 72 hours this week would not be doing it justice.
7. Between 2014-2018 TIFCO was backed by Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world. GS is also a WEF member.

Here's the fun part though

8. In 2018 TIFCO was bought by Apollo Global Management for €204m. Apollo Global Management is a global alternative investment manager firm and reported $414B of assets under management as of the end of June 2020

9. One of AGMs founders is a guy by the name of Leon Black. Leon has been making waves in the last few days as he has had to resign from his position as CEO on March 22nd. He was "financially entagled with notorious sex predator" Jeffrey Epstein.

10. Apparently he paid Epstein $158 million as Epstein's knowledge of the tax system and skill managing the affairs of the ultra-rich helped the private equity titan save as much as $2 billion

11. Epstein and Black "often socialized and dined together" as well as visiting Epstein's private island for a "picnic lunch."

Gilly Bates also made an appearance on Epstein’s island as well as Black via "The Lolita Express"

12. Black has now resigned and his position has been taken over by co-founder Mark Rowan. What is interesting though is that on March 22nd Rowan appointed an independent board director by the name of Dr. Kerry Murphy Healey.

13. Healey has close connections to Ireland and is a lady of much influence. She has a PhD in political science and Law from Trinity College Dublin and is also a member of the World Economic Forum.

14. She is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is an independent, nonpartisan member organization, think tank, and publisher who work closely with the WEF and UN.

15. That's not all though, Healey is also a member of the Trilateral Commission (TC). The TC is a non-governmental, nonpartisan discussion group founded by David Rockefeller in July 1973 to foster closer cooperation between Japan, Western Europe and North America.
16. The TC is one of the driving forces behind Agenda 21/30 which was set up in 1992 in order to implement “sustainable development”. "Sustainable Development" is now being driven by the UN. Other notable Irish TC members were Peter Sutherland and President Mary Robinson.
17. As of 2020 Ireland had 3 representatives in the TC

John Bruton, former Taoiseach of Ireland
Richard Conroy, Chairman, Conroy Gold and Natural Resources
Hugh Friel, former Chief Executive Officer of Kerry Group plc

18. Back to the UN briefly. The UN signed a strategic partnership framework with the WEF in 2019 in 6 areas. Financing the 2030 Agenda, climate change, health, digital cooperation, gender equality and empowerment of women, education and skills.

19. Also on the board of AGM is Richard Emerson, a former Senior vice President of Microsoft corporations who has also had senior roles with Blackstone Group and Morgan Stanley. Both investment banks in the WEF.

20. With all roads leading back to the WEF don't be expecting any lifting of restrictions in the mandatory quarantine hotels. In actual fact you can expect the opposite. Expect more countries to be added to the list and 🇮🇪 to be kept in a lockdown loop for as long as possible.
21. I write these 🧵 in my spare time and would really appreciate if you could retweet the very 1st tweet. Likes are great but retweets are required to reach as large an audience as possible to expose what is really going on behind the scenes. Many thanks.

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26 Mar
1. “Who Is Profiting In The Beacon Hospital From Covid Tests & Vaccinations”

It won’t come as any surprise that a hospital benefits in times of a pandemic. The Beacon Hospital has the market cornered from Covid tests to vaccinations.

🧵 1/16
2. The Beacon Hospital has been in the news recently for vaccinating teachers from St Gerards with leftover 💉 . The CEO of the hospital Michael Cullen admitted that the teachers who received the vaccines are at the same school that his children attend

3. What is of more interest however is who the owner of the Beacon is. Ireland’s very own media baron Denis O Brien bought the Beacon Hospital in 2014. It is entirely privately owned

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1. How Prof Tomas Ryan Rose Through The Ranks In Trinity College Dublin

Someone got in touch with me last week about Prof Tomas Ryan & Kevin Mitchell. I have written about Prof Ryan already but was not privy to any of the information I am about to reveal until now. 🧵 1/26
2. I have been communicating backwards and forwards with this person for the last week. They say that the information they have provided is 100% accurate and I have no reason to doubt it whatsoever.
3. I have copied and pasted exactly what they communicated to me. Nothing has been edited. Just before you read what they sent I just want to make sure everyone knows what the acronyms stand for.
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1. Who Is Dr Ray Walley, The Latest NPHET Stooge To Chastise The 🇮🇪 Public About Misbehaving And Not Obeying The Rules ?

Dr Ray Walley is a Member of the National COVID-19 GP Liaison Committee & has been making a name for himself on TV & Radio for all the wrong reasons 🧵 1/25 Image
2. He is also a full-time General Practitioner based in Dublin and is a GP at the National HSE Reception Centre for Refugees / Asylum seekers. He is a member of the IMO Council Committee, GP Committee and the IMO International Affairs Committee.
3. Dr Walley is also a Board member and Head of Delegation to CPME since 2016 and is a member of the Irish Delegation to UEMO (European Union of General Practitioners). Dr Walley is quite a busy man between being a GP and all his other activities.

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1. What Was Gerry "The Hurley" Killeen Doing in Tanzania Before Returning To University College Cork In April 2020 ?

Prof Killeen had spent the previous 18 yrs till 2020 working in Tanzania in the Ifakara Health Institute in the area of malaria and mosquitoes 🦟

🐇 🕳 🧵 1/26
2. Upon returning to Ireland in April 2020 the AXA-UCC Chair to fight malaria was created. This was funding for 1 million euro which is headed up by Killeen. AXA is also a partner in the World Economic Forum. Partners of this chair are UCC and Ifakara

3. According to an Irish Times article from 2003 he moved abroad to work on the molecular biology of mosquitoes, where he imbibed the conventional view that new drugs, genetically-modified mosquitoes and vaccines were needed to control malaria.

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Here's a collection of all the 🧵 I've done to date. Any time I do one I will also add it in here. Hope you enjoy.

Would really appreciate it if you could retweet this 🧵 or the individual ones within it so we can get the word out far and wide.

Many Thanks.
Want to know when Klaus Schwab first appeared in 🇮🇪 ?

Which Irish Companies Are Trying To “Build Back Better ?

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1. Fancy A Peek Into The Life & Times Of Ireland's Most Powerful Man, Dr Tony Holohan ? 🧵 1/35
2. Dr Tony Holohan is an Irish public health physician who has served as Chief Medical Officer of Ireland since May 2008. Holohan graduated from medical school at UCD in 1991 and got a Masters in Public Health (MPH) in 1996.
3. Controversy does seem to follow Dr Holohan wherever he goes. Back in 2009 he was at the helm for the Swine Flu "Pandemic".

"Swine flu vaccines were tested and safe" insisted the HSE on Sat Nov 14 2009
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