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26 Mar, 18 tweets, 4 min read
Black people really need to get real about America and what it is.

Nobody is hiding anything anymore.

Nobody = White people and non-Black POC in power.

If you can't see it's because you don't want to see. It's the same blindness and love for White optimism that's killing us.
All you need to do is open any history book on what happened after the Emancipation Proclamation to the Reconstruction Era through Jim Crow.

Every time we make tiny steps, White America puts you back in our place or lets us stay stuck in a place so long it gives racists time.
to plan their next moves.

Just like White folks retaliated when Obama won office, they're going to retaliate because folks outvoted them in 2020, and Americans put another Black/Biracial person w/proximity to Whiteness again, we are going to pay.

Black folks are going to pay.
The only rights consistently attacked are Black folks.

Neither political party is willing to do what it takes to protect Black people, because it means White people must lose something, and they ain't NEVER sacrificing shit for anyone, especially not their favorite group to hate
If America ain't fixed this in 250 years, they aren't going to fix it. Name a colonized country in the world where they have and life is good.

No place. Nowhere on earth.

White folks don't fix stuff ya'll. They destroy, stand by at watch themselves destroy, and do nothing,
America is NOT getting ready to go as hard for Black people as Black people go for White people because White people in power have little to lose if they do nothing.

We believe if WE do something we're saving America and making things better.

You are. Just for White people/POC.
America is the hard-headed child that has Black folks saving it like we're its babysitter/Mammie/housekeeper.

Ya'll need to let this country fail.

It's never done anything for you but give you crumbs and made you fight their other preferred minority groups for them.
We have to fight for every damned thing.

For Jobs
Nice things
Our kids

To Own

We have to fight for everything! Everything! We even have to explain to the oppressor why we fight.
In any event, America is a wrap. The slow-moving coup is successful, although the media will tell you it was thwarted.

We're destabilized. We're steadily being destabilized. The courts are stacked against us.
The governments are stacked against us.
The systems are too.
Foreign nations in collaboration with American White Supremacy have done to America what America has done to so many nations around the globe.

Nobody is helping us. No one is going to save us, Black people. We are on our own.

So stop having optimism in America and White people.
They are not going to save us. They never have, and they never will. I hope you all hurry up and get that message so you can begin preparing.

The coup is happening. Slowly.

The repealing of our voting rights and opportunities to vote means the end of this tattered shithole.
We made this country decent.
We've tried to hold America accountable.
We built this nation. African Americans made this nation for others to enjoy.

We don't even get to reap the fruits of our labor. We toil, others benefit.

Wake up!
Be ready for Jim Crow 2.0. They are already flaunting it in our faces.

This is not a drill loves.

So, instead of answering the call of White people to help save them from the messes they've made, ya'll better be saving ya damned selves, because hard times are coming.
If they can OPENLY discriminate, legally continuing to make laws to exclude and devalue Black rights LEGALLY, why do you believe things will get any better for Black people?

Remember, Trump and McConnell, stacked the courts with racists.

It's a wrap. This is the final call.
Nothing has been undone. Biden hasn't gotten rid of any judges or undone any of thing that will harm us in the short or long term because they don't impact White people.

There is no urgency. The dude doesn't care. America is showing us who and what their priorities are daily.
Go about your business like you know something bad is getting ready to happen because it is.

Black comfort is getting disrupted real soon, and too many of ya'll are not paying attention. Find you some old Black people and talk to them.

They'll tell you a storm is a coming.
It's above us now Black people.

This is White people's shit. Let them handle it.

Save yourselves.

Advocate for yourselves and the interests of Blacks

And when the time comes, you need to fight for yourselves.

Nobody is saving Black people but local Black people.
Politicians are saving us. At least not national ones anyway.

Find your tribe, save yourselves. We have nearly 3 years to prepare.

Be ready.

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24 Mar
Please stop excusing POC anti-Blackness and racism!

If POC who are able to exist in America as White, enjoy White benefits from their proximity to Whiteness and engage in oppressing and ignoring other groups, they deserve to be called out.

POC engage in White Supremacy too.
There are a lot of rifts, wedges, and discrimination between other ethnic groups and Black people because White people have taught immigrants to hate/oppress Blacks.

We're tired of being everybody's punching bag. We're tired of being exploited. We're tired of being silenced.
America has a lot of issues with racism, but let's stop pretending as if White people are the only ones who are problematic, exploitative, and oppressive.

And stop acting like Black people are not supposed to react to racism.

Just like we know our Whites, we know Otherness too.
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11 Jan
Please stop comparing last Wednesday's insurrection to Hitler's attempted coup.

Doing so minimizes White America's history of terrorizing Black people via state and local insurrections, and ignores the victimization of African American descendants of those insurrections.
Before the Holocaust, there was the Wilmington, NC insurrection in during the Reconstruction Era in 1898.

The Holocaust happened in Germany between 1933-45.

Hitler learned how to kill Jews from White people in America via Jim Crow/racial discrimination.…
Please don't follow up White people looking for a way to deflect from how terrible White people in America have been to Black people, minorities.
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11 Jan
When White people say the FBI only monitors international terrorism, but not domestic terrorism, it's a LIE.

The FBI/DOJ/CIA has always monitored Black and Brown folks, just not White people.…

A thread
As soon as Mr. Magoo (Jeff Sessions) became the Attorney General) the first thing he did was make Black Lives Matter an "Identity Extremist Group," a new excuse to keep watching Black people fighting their oppression, racism, and police violence.…
Homeland Security produced a report in coordination with the FBI detailing 24 violent sovereign citizen-related attacks across the U.S. since 2010.

President Obama warned White people in 2010 and 2015. They did nothing.…
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10 Jan
Black people in America have NEVER had due process when it comes to White mobs.

White mobs began in the 1870s and we're still dealing with White mobs today in 2021.

White mob Insurrection in Wilmington, NC 1898…
White mobs insurrection- Tulsa, OK, aka Black Wall Street (1921)…
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30 Dec 20
Black people,

If you haven't been planning for chaos all this year, you're behind the power curve.

If we've learned anything in 2020, it's that state and federal governments will leave and forsake you, and they lie.

You need to be prepared for chaos beginning January 2021

2/ I realize times are tough, but understand when things go down, nobody is coming. We're all gonna be in the same predicament. On our own.

You should be getting your houses ready. Here are some tips that can help you prepare for 2021 emergencies.
3/ Prepare like you live in a hurricane zone, and prep for your geographical area's weather patterns. I live in FL so I can be outside in Jan. Northern fam may not have that luxury. Be prepared to survive a few days/weeks solo.

Hurricane prep guide:…
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11 Dec 20
I have been listening to Biden's recording with Civil Rights leaders and his tone and bs was a trip I wasn't ready for.

The disrespect was absolutely unacceptable. No self-respecting African-American should be allowing old White dudes to talk to them this way. (THREAD)
The other thing that irritated me was his demand that we work with White Hispanics. We GOTTA do it.

Nobody is else is told they have to work with other racial groups except African-Americans. No other racial groups are ridin for us!

I'll show you. 2/
The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) advocates for all people of colors. It was founded by Blacks, but looked out for all the Brown immigrants that came here AFTER us.

Black folks fought for and protected the rights of all non-White people.
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