It was actually the shakti form of devi which took birth as Sati in Daksh's house who acquired this name due to her satya swarup.

Everyone is aware of the story as to why Sati jumped into the Yagya fire.
But there is a story behind the reason for the negative behaviour of Daksh.

It so happened that once Rishi Durvasa went to Devi Jambunadeshwari and after her darshan recited the Mayabeej mantra. The devi happily gave him a divine Garland. Durvasa happily accepted it and left.
On his way he met Daksh who was eager to get the divine Garland. He requested the Rishi to give him that Garland. Knowing that Daksh was a good person, Durvasa gave the garland to him.
But Daksh casually kept the garland on his bed and went about doing his earthly instinctive work. Due to this insulting behaviour of Daksh for the divine garland, he developed a negative feeling for Shiva and Sati(Aadi Shakti).

Source - Devi puran

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28 Mar
Rig Ved 1.41.9

If we aspire the best results then our behaviour and conduct should be truthful. If we want to be the one with best results then keep your habits and behaviour at your best and pure. To attain eternal happiness and peace then never use bad words

1/5 Image
or bad behavior for anyone.

च॒तुर॑श्चि॒द्दद॑मानाद्बिभी॒यादा निधा॑तोः ।
न दु॑रु॒क्ताय॑ स्पृहयेत् ॥


दुरूक्ताय - Bad words.

न - No.

स्पृहयेत् - To wish.

चतुरः - Four.

ददमानात् - In the hand.

चित् - That way

आ निधातो - To throw dice.

बिभीयात् - To be afraid.

Explanation: While gambling until the four dices don't fall down, there is fear of loosing or winning similarly we should be afraid of using bad language. You should not love it.

Deep meaning: If we aspire the best results then our

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27 Mar
Rig Ved 1.41.8

This mantra is a type of armour or Kavach. Parmatma will protect us in all the possible ways if we surrender to him. Nothing is impossible for him. He is complete in every way. When the protective hand of Parmatma is with you there will be no difficulty

1/5 Image
or scarcity of any kind.

मा वो॒ घ्नंतं॒ मा शपं॑तं॒ प्रति॑ वोचे देव॒यंतं॑ ।
सु॒म्नैरिद्व॒ आ वि॑वासे ॥


देवयन्तम् - Yajmans who desire devtas.

ध्नन्तम् - For enemy.

वः - Yours.

मा - No.

प्रति वोचे - To say.

शपन्तम् - Using bad words for enemy.

सुम्नैः - Of wealth.

इत् - This.

आ विवासे - To serve.

Explanation:: Oh devtas! The Yajmans desiring the state of devtas should not be spoken by using bad words and should not be insulted in anger. We are singing your praises to make you happy.

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26 Mar
Rig Ved 1.41.7

Here the glory of Parmatma is described. He is above description as we can never really describe him. Words cannot speak, mind cannot think about it, it is not possible to ponder or think about it. He is Anant or infinite, He is complete,

1/5 Image
He has no end and is present in entirety. In other words he is beyond description.

क॒था रा॑धाम सखायः॒ स्तोमं॑ मि॒त्रस्या॑र्य॒म्णः ।
महि॒ प्सरो॒ वरु॑णस्य ॥


सखायः - Oh my friend Ritwiks!

मित्रस्य - Mitra.

अर्यम्णः - Aryama.

वरूणस्य - Varun.

महि - Importance.

प्सर - Compatible.

स्तोतमम् - Strotra.

कथा - How.

राधाम - To get.

Explanation:: Oh friendly Ritwiks!I have no words to describe the glory of Mitra, Varun and Aryama. Their glory is endless.

Deep meaning:Here the glory of Parmatma is described.

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25 Mar

Once Suutji in his discourse with King Janmajeya repeated the words of Vyasji regarding the pronounciation of the word ऐ. Vyasji had heard the importance of this word in a meeting of all important saints at Naimisharanya.
There this story was discussed.

In that gathering of such great sages, Rishi Jamdagni asked a question to all the eminent luminaries. He wanted to know which diety is the most revered and gets satisfied easily with our prayers. So Lomash rishi replied that Devi
Bhagwati was one such diety. She will be satisfied and is ready to grant you a boon even if you just say the first letter of her beej mantra. In this context he narrated the story of Satyavrat. The story is as follows.

There lived a Brahmin named Devdutt in Kosal.
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25 Mar
Rig Ved 1.41.6

Whoever takes shelter in Parmatma, becomes fearless. Just by surrendering one's self in Parmatma we acquire that fearless status. When the hand of Parmatma is laid on you, then you can never be an orphan. Therefore Parmatma is requested here to take us in his

स रत्नं॒ मर्त्यो॒ वसु॒ विश्वं॑ तो॒कमु॒त त्मना॑ ।
अच्छा॑ गच्छ॒त्यस्तृ॑तः ॥


सः - They.

मर्त्यः - People.

अस्तृतः - Whoever.

रत्नम् - Beautiful.

विश्वम् - All.

वसु - Wealth.

अच्छ - From front.

गच्छति - To get.

उत - And

त्मना - Like us.

तोकम् - Son.

Explanation:-Oh Aditya's! Your Yajmans do not face defeat anytime. In fact they prosper and acquire wealth in the form of children and precious stones.

Deep meaning:Whoever takes shelter in Parmatma, becomes fearless. Just by surrendering one's self in

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24 Mar

Once Narad observed that while performing Ganesh puja, Parshuram ji avoided the tulsi leaves. He put forth his query to Shri Narayan. It was then that Narayan ji apprised him the reason for this.
During the Brahmakalp, Tulsi was visiting all the tirtha's in her quest for Narayan bhakti. The young Tulsi reached the banks of river Ganga. There she noticed Shri Ganesh sitting in meditation towards Narayan. The whole demeanour of Ganesh was very attractive.
His body was adorned with chandan applied on his body. He was wearing Beautiful ornaments. He was looking so attractive that Tulsi too was intrigued towards him. But she started making fun of his elephant head and big stomach.
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