Live tweet of Raya and The Last Dragon rewatch, and discussion about cultural reference Raya vs real life Southeast Asia cultures

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#RayaAndTheLastDragon #Raya #Namaari #sisu #DisneyRaya #Rayaspoilers Image
disclaimer: I am an indonesian and my source in this thread is base on my cultural geek knowledge and text from disney website

all pictures are from the films, and source pictures are from internet or personal photos
first shot ever from the film is this broken water fountain. i think this fountain give overall image about how broken kumandra.

the fountain design really remind me with traditional Hinduism/Buddhism fountains. the ball in middle maybe symbolized the gem ImageImageImage
the next thing is establish shot s how broken kumandra. this shot really remind me with southeast asian temple ruins ImageImageImage
before going further, i want to talk about the statues. The statues' pose really remind me with prayer poses ImageImage
also those statues in middle of wasteland, somehow remind me with Lapindo Tragedy Statues in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia ImageImage
and then finally we saw a whole kumandra map, how this world have dragon-shaped river in center.

this river inspired from Mekong River, the trans-boundary river in East Asia and Southeast Asia, from China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam. ImageImageImage
It was believe inside Mekong River, there's Naga who lived on there.

Naga is water dragon-serpent like creatures that exists in almost every southeast asian ethnic group mythologies. The Dragon that appear in Raya was based on Lao Naga version, the Naga that live in Mekong river ImageImage
This is a thread that showing all various Naga (dragon) in Southeast Asian cultures.

So yes, Naga it's not exclusive to mainland SEA. Almost every cultures in SEA have Naga on it with different names.

The prologue of kumandra. I loveeee it so much. This prologue artstyle based on Wayang (shadow) puppet and with combination of Batik texture ImageImageImage
The tree really remind me with Gunungan, and the cloud is totally Batik Mega Mendung ImageImageImageImage
Finally, the main villain Druun, appear in story. It has ability to change people into stone.

I was heard there's story in Malaysia folklore about creature that can change people into stone, maybe it was inspired from it (cmiiw) ImageImageImage
And beside that, there's folklore from Minangkabau called Malin Kundang. In the story, Malin Kundang was cursed into a stone

There's stone that have human shape in Padang, that believe it is Malin Kundang who turned into a stone ImageImage
battle between naga (dragon) and druun!!!!

((sorry, i don't like calling them as dragon, i love the term Naga so much)) Image
It's interesting that in Raya, they use term Datu.

Datu/Datuk is a title used in various places in Southeast Asia, mostly in Borneo such as in East and South Kalimantan, Banjar, Brunei. And then in Philippines, Sumatra, and Peninsular Malaysia Image
Sisu-Datu with Dragon Gem in Wayang version ImageImageImage
I love how in this scene, the colored-wayang turned into literal wayang (shadow puppet) ImageImageImageImage
land of kumandra got separated, literally like how Southeast Asia was connected, but because Ring of Fire, we are all got separated ImageImageImageImage
And then end of prologue. Dragon Gem got hidden in Heart Land.

The building design in this shot, really remind me with Buddhist temple architecture design and philosophy ImageImageImage
Alright, before going further, i want to share a little bit about Wayang (shadow puppet) that used in this prologue. Wayang is important cultural element from southeast asia, especially in Indonesia ImageImageImage

ngl i was hate how it seems similar with korra at first sight bcs the blue color x"D

but actually this clothes seems like based on Cambodia's traditional clothes ImageImageImage
A little bit detail in costume. i love how they kept arm bracelet~ bcs it is very southeast asia ImageImageImage
The trisula weapon ImageImage
and then dual stick arnis ImageImage
cmiiw raya's hairstle in here probably base on khmer angkorian hair style ImageImageImage
simple shot, but this really show the iconic shape of thailand's interior ImageImage
Land of Heart!

This land is based on Vietnam's Ha Long Bay ImageImage
Let's zoom to the detail. The Heart Palace probably base on Malaysia's Istana Negara ImageImage
Hello Tuk Tuk!

It's funny how Tuk Tuk name was from Thailand's three wheel vehicle's name xD ImageImage
The details on the door and wall, really remind me with relief in temples~ ImageImageImage
I LOVE THIS DETAIL, how Raya put off her sandals when she go in to holy area~ like people of southeast asia usually do~ Image
The Heart Fortress

from Disney's website, it said the place was base on Angkor Wat and Borobudur Temple ImageImageImage
A little detail on the door, kinda remind me with Taman Sari, Yogyakarta, Indonesia ImageImage
And now we met the mysterious man with mask.

According to Disney website, the mask was based on Thailand and Indonesia (Balinese) mask ImageImage
Speaking about mask, there's so many variation of Southeast Asian masks ImageImageImage
The battle between young raya using dual stick and mysterious mask man with keris~

They use several southeast asian martial arts like Pencak Silat (Indonesia), Muay Thai (Thailand), and Arnis (Philippines) ImageImageImageImage
And well, it was revealed the mysterious man with mask is Chief Benja, Raya's father, who testing Raya.

and well, he's hot a daddy ;) ImageImage
"Ba" is the Vietnamese word for father Image
The gesture, it's totally fictional, but it's inspired from southeast asian getures to give greetings ImageImageImage
It seems like this inspired from Balinese Purification Ceremony

Now, Raya is officially a guardian of Dragon gem ImageImage
Morning in Heart Land!

There's several established shots after this that really really showing life of Southeast Asians Image
Architecture of Heart Land

It seems like Heart land mostly based on Thailand's temples ImageImage
The Fountain (that not broken like in opening xD)~

The flower is frangipani flower (bunga kamboja) ImageImage

Raya vs real life ImageImage

Raya vs real life ImageImageImageImage
Their clothes in here base on Thailand and Laos' traditional clothes ImageImageImageImage
Introduction of Tail Land

They live in desert land which is kinda weird bcs there's no desert in SEA.

But probably this base on real life conflict of Mekong River that have border with mainland China (cmiiw)

Their main weapon is Celurit ImageImageImageImage
Land of Talon

They totally based on SEA's Pasar Apung (Floating Market)

Their weapon seems like is Indonesian Acehnese Rencong ImageImageImageImage
Land of Spine

Actually i really can't call any SEA reference on them :/ except, they bring Elephants....

Also they live in place that have snow everywhere and SEA never have that, except peak of Mt. Jaya Wijaya, Papua, Indonesia ImageImageImageImage
And then Land of Fang

they obviously base on Indonesian ethnic groups.
Their architecture base on Minang's Gadang house and their clothes base on Balinese ImageImageImageImage
Now, we are back to Raya and her father again.
They went to kitchen and it's interior and props very traditional SEA kitchen ImageImageImageImage
It's Thai's Tom Yum soup :9

raya vs real life ImageImageImage
The Dragon Bridge

Film, Concept Art, and Real Life (Monkey Forest Bridge, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia) ImageImageImage
Raya meet Namaari ;)

actually i can't tell which original cultural design on namaari's hair style :/ seems like it's completely fictional Image
Details on clothes and props.
They put Naga (dragon) elements on it

Raya and Chief Benja's Naga Batik and Namaari's dragon necklace ImageImageImage
Heart Palace

The Interior of Heart Palace probably base on Thai Throne Hall ImageImageImage
Now details on food.
The fruit is Longan (Kelengkeng).
The green cake is Kue Lapis.
And last picture is Vietnamese Rice Cake (cmiiw) ImageImageImage
The Dragon Scroll

Seems like the script written in that scroll is fictional original script, that base on Southeast Asian scripts style ImageImageImageImage
well, it's already past midnight at my place 😂 i can't believe it took me hours to explain every details that i can found in first 15 MINUTES of the film.

I will continue writing this thread again later in morning~ and hopefully you can enjoy reading this thread 🙏

• • •

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Live tweet of Raya and The Last Dragon rewatch, and discussion about cultural reference Raya vs real life Southeast Asia cultures

A Thread
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#RayaAndTheLastDragon #Raya #Namaari #sisu #DisneyRaya #Rayaspoilers Image
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