Wow. It's astonishing to see the extent to which scientists who have repeatedly promoted narratives that have turned out to be false & damaging to COVID pandemic control will go to try and salvage their reputations, by targeting academics who have challenged false claims.
The paper concludes an IFR of 0.15% for SARS-CoV-2. So essentially a 100 million people would have needed to be infected in the UK to have deaths of ~150,000, as we do now. Bizarre, given the UK population is 67 million... How did this get past peer review?
Even Brazil which has a much younger population would need their entire population to have been infected by now to explain their death rates.... hard to think of how anyone can consider this a valid estimate at this point.

• • •

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26 Mar
ONS data just out- as expected, clear rises in SARS-CoV-2 prevalence in Scotland. Levelling off in all other regions, and rises in several regions in England. Positivity highest among primary & secondary school children across all age groups & trending upwards. Thread.
Rises in overall infection prevalence in Scotland earlier than other regions are in line with earlier openings of primaries, and rises in confirmed cases in the 0-14 yr age group, as discussed earlier on this thread.

This means R has crept above 1 in Scotland, is likely at 1 in other regions, as declines are no longer being seen. In fact, we're seeing increases in some parts of England as well.
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26 Mar
A thread on the general nationalisation of pandemic control, and rhetoric around pandemic control in the UK- by our govt, some advisors, and media - which is misinformed, unfair, politicises science, and is putting pandemic control in other regions at risk. Thread.
Over the past week, I've been asked to comment repeatedly on summer vacations and how it is dangerous to travel because of the 'third wave in Europe', and bringing back new variants back into the UK. Our PM has talked about 'Europe's third wave washing up at our shores'.
Let's look at what's actually happening. Europe is in a 3rd wave that is linked closely to the spread of the B117 variant that has spread across Europe from the UK.

Regarding variants- all 4 major variants of concern across the world are now in the UK - 2 likely originated here
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25 Mar
This is very concerning- & shows how it's hard to get a handle on controlling community transmission of variants once they've entered the country. Our border restrictions and quarantine policy have been woefully inadequate. We're seeing rapid rises in frequencies of several VOCs
The so-called SA variant (B.1.351) is among these, as are other variants whose properties we don't even understand yet. Given vaccination is what our entire policy seems to hinge on - one would think we'd do more to be protecting our vaccine resources.
Novavax & J&J both show lower efficacy against symptomatic disease with B.1.351, although efficacy against severe disease seems higher for Novavax. Efficacy for Astra also seems low at least against symptomatic disease- not known against severe disease.

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24 Mar
An update on where we are with cases in the UK, and regionally, and the impact of school openings which is now observable across the UK. Confirmed cases rising in primary & secondary school age groups in England & Scotland- cannot be explained by rapid tests alone. Thread.
Below is the confirmed case by age distribution in the UK - 5-9 yrs olds (blue) and 10-14 year olds (red), with other age groups shown in grey. While cases in most age groups are declining, we see clear rises in *confirmed cases* among primary & secondary age children.
This pattern is even clearer when we look at how these groups behave as a proportion of all cases - it's very clear that we're seeing primary, secondary school age children rapidly rising as a proportion of all cases, as well as 15-19 yr olds. Almost all other groups show decline
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23 Mar
I find this piece by @apsmunro quite interesting, given his conduct toward several researchers, particularly women, when they've tried to challenge him on the evidence he's presented. Short thread on my experiences & what I've observed of others' experiences with him.
I've generally tried to engage people on the evidence behind their claims, although this is consistently been interpreted by some as 'personal attacks'. In this piece, Munro writes: 'unkind, mocking or aggressive commentary' is wrong.
I wrote a long thread on schools a while ago, summarising the evidence on childhood transmission at the time. Munro was critical of the thread, as expected, as it critiqued some of his claims, and here was a response to the thread from @MugeCevik that was RTed by him.
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22 Mar
@educationgovuk is planning to review mask policy in schools which is in place only up to Easter.

The review must consider overwhelming evidence for the need for mitigations in both primaries & 2ndaries rather than stripping these back further which would be beyond negligent🧵
The review appears to ask unions/staff questions leading questions about adherence to mask use, difficulties faced by children, harms etc. and benefits. It looks like unions/staff are being given under a day to respond to these questions.
Key concerns here: Given the importance of this key issue, why are staff/unions only being given a day to respond to the review? Given our govt has repeatedly stated education is a priority, this seems somewhat rushed and last minute.
Read 20 tweets

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