So tired. So caffeine.

I’ll be in the place shortly, I just need to mainline some mocha first and then I’ll get a mocha first.

I’m guessing today is gonna go in waves. It’s gonna require some stamina from everyone.
Well, this is deeply funny. Anti fascists occupy both sides of the street. I see NO far right protesters.
Goodbye, Ara.

For now.
Like I said, today is gonna come in waves. Right now is low tide: anemones and star fish.

Nary a Proud Boy. Threepers are sleepers. I am literally reclining on a pile of shields.
Whoops. Spontaneous window combustion
State Capitol belong to anti fascists
Another “mind your manners” warning from SPD
QAnon guy decides another lap is a good idea. I’ve seen him at multiple rallies. He did one lap, found it was a bad idea, did ANOTHER ONE, and then reversed. Cops had enough of him.
We can’t have nice things. Riot line.
I’ve seen them make treaties with the far right so they could stay when I was in chud bloc. Nah.
As it rains we see less and less far right. It seems we can indeed continue to make fun of their cowardice
Hoo boy sudden bull rush
Another rush unprompted. @PDocumentarians gets a shove
On the way out we spotted another arrest of someone walking out. Police blocked my camera. I had feedback.
I’m a good way out now, signing off.

Didn’t even get stalked out. What a sad day for the far right. Y’all are embarrassing.

• • •

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29 Mar
Ok, friends.

Since #antifa is trending we are going to do an early drop for the story I have been telling you about.

This is a story about how @marriot, @aloft hotel, and the @USMarshalsHQ have been collaborating in Portland, Oregon.
This is a story about how @Marriott, specially @AloftHotels, is using deception to facilitate snatches in Portland, Oregon.

On March 12th, 2021 Marc Hewitt was nearly kidnapped from his hotel by @USMarshalsHQ. I say “kidnapped” because they had the wrong man.
The @USMarshalsHQ refused to identify themselves or show a warrant. They even refused basic ID. Just used an excuse the HOTEL made up to get into Marc’s room.

When Marc insisted on more info, they assaulted him again.
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2 Mar
Christopher Wray, the FBI director, is currently giving a statement to the senate. They are discussing the insurrection on January 6th.

Director Wray is referring to J6 was domestic terrorism, that’s a big one. Jim Jordan just shit all the way through his slacks.
Senator Durbin looks cranky. He asks about what the FBI knew, and how they failed.

Wray explains that their intel didn’t come in until that afternoon, and even that was from the low key inter webs. HOW WERE THEY TO KNOW
Durbin wants to know why so many violent people were flying back and forth for these events, and Wray absolutely dodged the question. Went on a rambling answer about how No Fly Lists work, but that was not the question asked.
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28 Feb
CW: gun shots, tear gas
Solidarity with Myanmar. Protests turned lethal again, at least three dead. Police fired tear gas, flash bangs, and bullets into a daytime protest crowd.
CW: gunshots and terror
Protesters make barriers and take cover behind a vehicle from police fire. This footage is war footage.
In a moment recognizable to protesters regardless of language, protesters begin to run but then realize their mistake. They use handle signals to make everyone stop, regroup, and tighten up.
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28 Feb
I’m in the Pearl District for tonight’s action. I see folks in black bloc and designer dogs.
Getting ready to roll. We have drums, there was a mutual aid table, and strong chanting game tonight. Strong summer 2020 vibes.
Some photos of the art leftover from the DHS building

If someone could ID for me I would appreciate it, the crowd has been forced to move already.
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28 Feb
Are you going to punish Craig Lehman finally? His favorite book IS The Art of Killing, perhaps you should start with how you train cops PPB.
He was ID’d ages ago, it’s not mystery. And he’s assaulted nearly everyone. He’s really good with a strobe and his kitty paws.
If you recall, Craig “Kitty Paws” Lehman everyone...
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27 Feb
I’m at Elizabeth Caruthers for a daytime ICE action. There are pretty heart shaped balloons (historically something DHS has found balloons very threatening).

I may or may not be shoveling a Little Big Burger into my mouth. You don’t know me.
People are making red paper heart signs for the event. It’s looking a lot like Valentine’s Day here, but every time I feel cheery for a second I remember why I’m here and I get said again. The paper hearts read, “Kids belong in homes not cages”. There is even heart shaped candy.
@anitanoelleg is streaming speeches as is Dustin on Insta. Please give them a watch 😊
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