This is the absolute end of the line for human liberty in the West and if you don’t understand why, ask a techie. Once you agree to this platform any functionality can be loaded into it turning off and on access to society, goods, information, movement, based on your behavior.
2/ Wake up world, for love of God. As I’ve been screaming for a year, it’s not about virus, or even vaccine; it’s the data. The vaccine is an excuse, a Trojan Horse, to get you to agree to a platform that is ALREADY 360 degree surveillance, geolocation, turns society off and on.
3/Once this platform is ‘mandated’ you can no longer opt in or out of out as you do when you sign ‘I agree’ to terms and conditions on a website. You’ll be FORCED to ‘agree’ in order to work, socialize, travel. Then any functionality - social credit system that turns PayPal off..
4/ and on based on your social media behavior, or restricts you to your home based on whether you saw ‘dissidents’, which it will know, or a forbidden play the night before, can be loaded onto it with NO PROBLEM, w/o any additional consent from you which you can’t revoke anyway.
5/ Lastly and as the granddaughter of a woman who lost brothers and sisters to the Holocaust, I don’t say this lightly: IBM is producing the NYS version. IBM’s German subsidiary in Nazi Germany built the forerunner of a digitized system like this, using punch cards, that ...
6/ first did exactly what ‘Vaccine Passport’ proposes - it separated Nazi Germany into a two tier society, Jew and Aryan, using the technology of the day. Then IBM created the mechanized lists that allowed Jews to be rounded up swiftly, efficiently. Exactly same system, updated.
8/ But before that, Nazis created exactly what ‘Vaccine Passports’ explicitly promise: separation of society into two tiers: the ‘clean’ (privileged, with access) and ‘unclean (restricted, stigmatized, marginalized). There is no going back once this platform unrolls; no escape.

• • •

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13 Apr
Repinning this warning from last night, when I was called a "conspiracy theorist"'for warning that COVID vaccines are causing blood clotting, stillbirths and bizarre menses in women. Today FDA halt J and J vaccine for blood clots.
2/ EVERY journalist, leader, who uncritically pushed these experimental vaccines, every university professor or employer who coerced people to get them, my Gov. and his "vaccine passport," is implicated in the severe harms, esp against women, revealed last night, confirmed today.
3/ We broke this story: severe bleeding, untimely menstrual bleeding, bizarre postmenopausal bleeding, blood clots in women. Not "extremely rare", @nbc; here alone on I retweeted 100s of firsthand reports. "Of these six have experienced the clot" is a lie.…
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1/ My husband @BrianOSheaSPI has a birthday this week. I want to share why I believe in karma. Some people know this story. In 2015, I was horrified by IDF attacks on civilians in Gaza. I spoke up for the rule of law to be obeyed on all sides. It was my first experience with...
2/ being pushed from the category of "media elite" to the category of hated commentator. I was attacked and attacked by smear articles, I was told that the Board of the university where I was a fellow had complained about me and I was hidden away for the rest of the year, I got
3/ dropped from my global column at Project Syndicate -- I was told that even using the word "genocide" even in a quote by a diplomat, was not ok, when it came to Palestine...I lost speaking engagements that were almost half of my income....but all that was nothing compared to
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11 Apr
12/ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Under any other circumstance, spotting or bleeding when you are not supposed to, is a serious red flag, must be checked. But with a vaccine for which NO STUDIES SHOW SAFETY for menstrual/fertility issues, it's "fine, fine" that all these women are bleeding?
14/If you are pregnant and you spot or bleed, that is a serious red flag that you are in danger of miscarrying. How can a vaccine that triggers bleeding between cycles, bleeding in MENOPAUSAL WOMEN, be safe for pregnancy, fertility? It's not physiologically possible for it to be.
15/ Vaginal bleeding during pregnancy can be extremely serious. It can be a sign of miscarriage, or placenta previa, or of blood between the placenta and uterus. Vaginal bleeding dangers can relate to blood clots. WHICH ARE NOW BEING REPORTED W VACCINES.…
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11 Apr
9/ This is a very, very big deal, and one of many such stories. Thank you for sharing it. If a woman is bleeding 13 days after a last period-- 9 days after a last period - upon vaccination, it means the LINING OF THE UTERUS HAS BEEN disturbed or affected in an abnormal way.
10/ "Changes in menstruation are not listed as side effects for the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. As of right now, doctors don't believe there's a biological connection between the vaccine and menstrual abnormalities people are reporting." THEY DIDN'T ASK THE Q
10/ UK women report that the vaccine has messed up their menstrual cycles. Younger ladies, please consider: when you are one day perhaps trying to get pregnant, you will need a non-messed-up menstrual…
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11 Apr
Every single feminist health practitioner in America knows that if an experimental vaccine causes menopausal women who haven't menstruated in more than two years, immediately to menstruate, something is very wrong with it.
2/ "No published studies have examined the effects of vaccines on menstrual cycles"…
3/ Multiple reports of menopausal women menstruating again upon getting vaccinated. Which would mean the vaccine sloughs off the uterine lining, correct?…
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11 Apr
‘It’s not a side effect that clinical trials checked for, and it’s not included on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine health check-in.’ No trials (not done anyway) cheched: menstrual effects, fertility, pregnancy, lactation. Disaster.…
2/ People please think. Warn young women who haven’t had kids yet. If nanoparticles cause problems w/blood clots, and women are reporting heavy periods right after being vaccinated when they are not due to menstruate, it means the vaccines are affecting the lining of the uterus
3/which is sloughed off as blood. If blood flow and circulation are being affected by nanoparticles (or other aspects of the vaccine) it means an embryo can’t necessarily attach well to the uterine wall. If nanoparticles cross the blood brain barrier (which they do) they also
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