I am back with Divorced Joongdok :)

YJH and KDJ have been married for a good 3 years before their split and KDJ thought it would be easy to move on from all the lawyers, nosey public and finalizing it all because the two never really had something that grounded them both.
They had a main home but YJH and KDJ both had busy schedules (actors) so would end up crashing either at their managers' or separate places a lot. They never had the time to pick out their own furniture, barely shared meals, occasionally had couple interviews for publicity
and had once considered adopting a child but agreed that it would be cruel of them to bring up a child when neither of them could properly care for them.

KDJ sometimes wondered if they should have just dated a bit moreใ…ก he remembered the sneaky dates that would get his
heart beating fast, the quick yet hot kisses YJH would initiate during their breaks, sharing food, spending nights together at hotels in overseas schedules.. KDJ missed that. Why did marriage kill their relationship?

At first he wanted to blame YJH. To blame his schedule,
his lack of 'trying', his too good looking face that attracted anyone.. But KDJ knew a relationship was something that needed BOTH their time and efforts. KDJ too had been so busy when he promised YJH he would greet him home with kisses when he could.. to share their Saturdays
Together at least.

KDJ now was alone at his apartment in Seoul, finished with the divorce papers but still wanted to stay low for a few months just so that the public could overcome the shock. YJH and he had agreed to do so.

The next day, YJH was spotted filming
for a new upcoming movie with other stars in the cast list. KDJ felt betrayedใ…ก he had cancelled and turned down offers for rest of the year just as YJH had also agreed to do.. so why was he out there? Acting as if he didn't JUST get divorced?! Now it looked like KDJ
just got dumped and YJH was happily acting. He knew some medias were going to say that.

He gripped his phone, calling his manager, Han Sooyoung who was also his best friend.

"Why is that bastard filming already? We agreed to take the rest of the year off!"

Han Sooyoung
sighed quietly. She knew YJH was going to be filming since he was close with his stylist; Yoo Sangah.

"Have you seen the cast? There's no way ambitious YJH would have turned it down."

"Don't say his name!.."

"Then 'ex-husband'?"

".... you're no help."

KDJ hung up.
KDJ was brooding, he didn't want to stay low now either. Why should he?! But he knew there were no current filmings he could jump into so suddenly..


He suddenly got an idea, grabbing one of his boxes of stuff and diving into itใ…ก he rummaged around for a while before
pulling out a file of documents, eyes scanning side to side for their... yes! He knew YJH and himself had been put on the waiting list for a child adoption and they had both forgotten to take their names off. He closed his eyes for a bit, knowing a child would be a huge
change and responsibility. He needed to be sure, and he was. KDJ was tired of the flashy life he had experienced since 17 years old after being scouted. He was 31 now, he needed a break.

KDJ called Han Sooyoung again, this time to tell her that he was retiring. She immediately
shouted at him a string of curses and if he was crazy. Maybe? But KDJ knew he wanted this change.

Han Sooyoung pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. Her best friend was probably tired of all the publicity and wanted to settle. It was one of the reasons why he and YJH
had discussed marriage. It was just a shame that their marriage got them huge offers.

She said their company would release this announcement of his retirement in the morning of the next day so KDJ needs to stay quiet till then and not do anything stupid.
He nodded as he found the number of the child adoption and began to dial after hanging up on his friend.

Fast forward a few weeks;

KDJ's retirement shocked everyone especially since the divorce hadn't been ugly. They thought he would take a few months off then return in
a hit filmใ…ก YJH himself was shocked too. Why was KDJ doing this? Retirement was something they had both discussed and agreed to do after a while..

KDJ was dressed to cover his identity, sunglasses, mask, simple clothing, and was standing in the waiting room of the adoption
building. A lady comes in to escort him to a private room as requested, KDJ had managed to be picked by their system for a young child who had been in the system for yearsใ…ก a lot of other parents wanting a baby instead.

Her name was Biyoo. KDJ thought she was the cutest
child ever, his heart swelling at the sight of her warm smile. He cautiously gave her a hug and she melted into it, hugging her new father tight.

"Biyoo-ya, shall we go home?" He said gently and she nodded.
For the next 3 months KDJ made sure to spend quality time with his daughter, choosing to move to a quieter neighborhood and making sure they weren't caught by any paparazzis. Biyoo immediately settled into her new family, wowing KDJ with her cooking skills despite being
8 years oldใ…ก well, any cooking skills would have wowed the actor who could not cook for his life.

KDJ had told her that he used to be an actor so their life was going to be different from 'normal' lives for a while. Until they get over the second shock of him adopting a child.
And a big shock it was.

KDJ and Biyoo took a vacation to the beach, dressed well and clearly enjoying their time. And pictures of them together quickly spread around, headlines asking if KDJ had already moved on and had a child? KDJ quickly cleared it up in an interview
that he had chosen to be a single parent and Biyoo was the perfect sweet child.

YJH stared at the photo. YSA glanced at him anxiously.

What was this feeling? Betrayal? Sadness? Anger? YJH didn't know. He had always hoped to have a family with KDJ and they had only
discussed it once but.. the two of them having fun on the beach, sharing an ice cream, swimming in the cool water... YJH wondered if they would have been able to do that together if they hadn't divorcedใ…ก

No. Their divorce was the inevitable end to their months of pain and

YJH grabbed his phone, sending a message to his ex-husband:

'Kim Dokja. I want to see my daughter'

KDJ stared at the message and swore outloud

"What the fuck?"

Luckily Biyoo was sleeping in their shared bedroom and he was in the living room, enjoying
a glass of wine and cheeseboard.

KDJ called YJH, a light flush on his cheeks from the alcohol.

"Your daughter? YOUR DAUGHTER? Yoo Joonghyuk you are the most ignorant and selfish good looking divorced man ever-"

"Kim Dokja. We're not divorced."

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