The Pakistani built JF-17 fighter/air to ground/air superiority/Interceptor is designed to destroy enemy aircraft that enter Nigerian air space. They are fast, highly manoeuvrable and have very high climb rate. An essential feature of an air superiority fighter.
How did Pakistan crack the jet fighter code?

As they say necessity is the mother of invention. Nothing brings out the best in you faster than adversity.

Its 1980 and Pakistan is a staunch ally of the United States against the Soviet Union in A-STAN.
As a close ally the US had no qualms selling F-16 fighters to Pakistan. This was the early 80s when the F-16 was arguably the best fighter jet in the world. It quickly became the most important aircraft in the Pakistani air force.
It was Pakistan's only nuclear weapon delivery vehicle. Nothing beats having the richest and most powerful nation in the world as a friend. Pakistan enjoyed $3.5 billion in military aid from the US. America also had no problem with Pakistans nuclear weapons program.
The US frankly did not care. Washington had its hands full worrying about 28,000 Soviet nuclear warheads pointed at American cities , and the Soviets just invaded A-STAN.

Pakistan could as well have enjoyed it while it lasted, because by 1990 everything will come tumbling down.
The US slammed crippling sanctions on Pakistan under some new amendment U.S Congress enacted. Before Islamabad could recover from the shock, Washington blocked and cancelled deliveries of F-16 fighter jets, which Pakistan had already paid hundreds of millions of dollars for.
Sounds eerily familiar? Put yourself in the shoes of Pakistan. Their powerful neighbour India has nuclear weapons targeted at Islamabad. Orders for badly-needed F-16 fighter jets, Pakistan only nuclear weapons delivery platform has just been cancelled by the US.
Crippling economic sanctions made finding suitable replacements a very tasking ordeal. Pakistani's felt aggrieved that they were unfairly punished for their nuclear weapons program. It was clear to Pakistan that they could no longer rely on the U.S to meet their defence needs
5 years later Pakistan reached out to India's arch rival China for assistance. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It was a beautiful relationship. Pakistan signed a deal with China to jointly design and develop a new fighter jet.
The JF-17 Thunder, an all weather multi-role fighter was born. The Thunder has some similarities with the F-16, but comes with more advanced avionics
It's a new aircraft hence no surprise it features more advanced avionics compared to the F-16 an aircraft that was built in the late 70s. Pakistan has over 150 JF-17 multi-role fighters spread across three Squadrons. It is now the backbone of the Pakistani airforce.
It didn't take long for Pakistan to come up with a new two-seater variant, the JF-17 Block 3. Not only has Pakistan ended its dependency on foreign aircraft, they now make a ton of money in the export market.
Through local investments and partnerships they carved out a new technology sector in the economy, with billions of dollars to be made in government revenue. They now also have strategic partnership with Turkey, which no doubt will lead to technology transfer.
The situation in Nigeria mirrors that of Pakistan in the 1980s Nigeria and the United States had good relations and Washington have no qualms assisting Nigeria with procurement in the defence sector if requested.
But this time Nigeria has a fiscal advantage. It has an economy that is nearly twice as large and an abundance of natural resources. The security imperative is there. If the political will is there it can be done.

• • •

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A hypothetical but plausible scenario.

NAF A-29 Super Tucanos and JF-17 Thunder droll 16,000 kg of bombs on an Island ISWAP fighters had been using as a transit hub to move men and material into Nigeria.
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