1. “Why Does Economist David McWilliams Claim He Isn’t In The World Economic Forum Whilst They Think He Is?”

David McWilliams is probably 🇮🇪 most well known economist frequently appearing on TV, radio & in the press. He has also written numerous bestseller books.

🧵 1/25
2. This confusion of whether he is or isn't a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is all a little bit perplexing. Last week I wrote a 🧵 on the Beacon Hospital. A lady who commented on one of the tweets said that David McWilliams denied being a member of the WEF to her.
3. I contacted Sylvia, the lady in question, to see if she had a copy of the communication between herself and McWilliams (you can see our correspondence here)

4. Sylvia got back to me with a screen grab of their communication. As far as McWilliams is concerned he is not a member of the World Economic Forum but he was a member of Dalkey United in the 1980s. He also doesn’t consider himself a clubbable person.
5. Funny that because the WEF seems to think that he is a member yet David doesn't seem to think so. The WEF even have a nice bio on him and everything he has achieved.

6. David does admit on his own web site to being one of the world’s Young Global Leaders (YGL) which is a site run by the WEF. You could say the YGL site is kindergarten before the members graduate to big boy school in the WEF.

7. He has been a YGL member since 2008. In 2020 he was still on the site but now seems to have disappeared. I did however manage to screen grab this image that I took last year. Maybe his graduation is now complete and it slipped the World Economic Forum’s mind to tell him
8. I wonder if Leo “The Leak” Varadkar who is also a Young Global Leader would deny his membership of the WEF as he seems to be in both as well.

Maybe David is just a lot smarter than Leo and that's why he has graduated and Leo hasn't.

9. We do know that David certainly admires The WEF and holds them in high esteem. In his bio on the World Economic Forum site it says

“He was the brains behind the conference at Farmleigh House in Dublin in 2009”
10. This is referring to the Irish version of the World Economic Forum which was in 2009. This was the year after he was made a Young Global Leader in 2008.
11. As the IT said "It was developed from an idea by economist David McWilliams, who proposed that the Government should hold an economic conference similar to the one held every January in Davos, Switzerland"

12. There are some very interesting names who attended the Global Irish Economic Forum (GIEF) who are now WEF members. Names such as Bob Geldof, Denis O Brien, Alan Joyce, Peter Sutherland (RIP) and many more

13. In an interview that Ryan Tubridy did with McWilliams just before the GIEF he said

"With the economic crisis in Ireland, he said, it would be useful to re-imagine and re-invent the country but also to have a look at the industrial strategy of the country"
14. That all sounds remarkably similar to what Klaus Schwab said of "The Great Reset" in 2020

"The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world"

15. All the Rs. Reimagine, Reinvent, Represent, Rare, Reflect, Reset

Klaus shouldn't be stealing David's work, he's not very original as David came up with that 11 years earlier.
16. Klaus however is thinking bigger picture as he is thinking on a global scale. David was only thinking nationally.

Both of them do like to use similar lingo. David even took a leaf out of Klaus' book by "Building Back Better".
17. In his own podcast on March 2nd 2021 the name of the podcast was "Building Back Better"

Surely just another coincidence

18. David and the WEF also seem to share a lot of the same ideas. At the outset of the pandemic on Mar 17th McWilliams was looking for helicopter money. Well, he got his wish in the form of PUP (Pandemic Unemployment Payment)

19. 2 weeks later on April 1st the WEF put out an article called

Coronavirus: What does 'furlough' mean and how will it affect workers worldwide?

Great sense of humour the WEF have releasing this on April Fools.

McWilliams & WEF singing the same tune

20. The natural transition from furlough is to Universal Benefits Income (UBI). David seems quite fond of this idea as he mentioned it as far back as 2017

21. Also in 2017 the WEF published an article called "We should let the robots take our jobs and then pay us all a basic income"

Even more recently, in actual fact, from the very start of the pandemic they have been pushing UBI claiming it is the answer

22. The similarities between McWilliams and WEF don't end there.
On Mar 20, 2021 McWilliams wrote an article called

"No one seems to have noticed there’s a monetary revolution under way"

23. The one thing you can be certain of is that the WEF know there is a monetary revolution. They are absolutely banking on it in the form of a digital currency.

Wasn't it handy that there was a "pandemic" to usher this in over the next few years.

24. Is someone telling a "porky pie" ? Maybe the WEF just forgot to tell him that after 12 years as a YGL member he is now in the WEF. 12 years is a long time to graduate. Must have had to repeat a few years.
I wonder if Leo will do it in the normal 4 yrs that undergraduates take
25. You know the drill 😀 I write these 🧵 in my spare time and would really appreciate if you could retweet the very 1st tweet. Likes are great but retweets are required to reach as large an audience as possible to expose what is really going on behind the scenes. Many thanks.

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Here's a collection of all the 🧵 I've done to date. Any time I do one I will also add it in here. Hope you enjoy.

Would really appreciate it if you could retweet this 🧵 or the individual ones within it so we can get the word out far and wide.

Many Thanks.
Want to know when Klaus Schwab first appeared in 🇮🇪 ?

Which Irish Companies Are Trying To “Build Back Better ?

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