I think its hilarious that Bucky aka Winter Soldier/White Wolf has way more swag than Sam Wilson aka Falcon.

it's also wild to see Marvel go from #WandaVision to
#FalconAndWinterSoldier regarding its presentation of Mental health care (latter being trash).
So the new Cap is basically your typical white American patriot who believes he's entitled to whatever opportunities come his way, entitled to have anyone he wants work for/with him, & if they choose not to he turns cold towards them, but has a black side kick so he's not racist.
We can finish entire series in one more episode. Old man Steve shows up and slaps Falcon for giving the shield he gifted him to a museum/government instead of to Bucky or Wakanda. Old man Steve takes Shield back & gives it to Bucky. The End. #FalconAndTheWinterSoldier
oh wow... I've turned into @ThabitiAnyabwil. lol
I take that back, my takes STILL aren’t as bad and over critical as @ThabitiAnyabwil! 😁😁😁😁

• • •

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31 Mar
1. I feel most comfortable around those who have “weathered joy”. You know, the kind of joy that comes from persevering thru profound pain or despair. Comfort in genuine smiles & sounds of laughter that have cracks in them cuz they’re expressions of victory not just mere emoting.
2. When you have had to fight for joy, when every smile or sound of laughter tells a story of your life’s journey, moments of such joy are treasured more deeply.

The challenge?
To look in the mirror & see the beauty of your smile rather than just the scars that fashioned it.
3. My greatest hope is I’ll one day see Jesus in all his “weathered joy”. On that day, challenge will be removed fully as I behold the smile & laughter of my elder brother who has holes in his hands, hole in his side, & scars on his head where a crown of thorns was once placed.
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29 Mar
1. Okay, let’s talk about this. Just had a convo with someone in the SBC who was wondering why they were essentially forced out of their church over “CRT” when they just simply love justice & hate racism. Buckle in, let’s go ahead and lay it out.
2. It begins with @RobDownenChron. Yeah bro, your work is foundational to understanding the rise of CRT conspiracies in SBC. How? You brought light onto a massive scandal on the SBC that would devastate cooperative program giving & SBC membership if your report went unchallenged.
3. It wasn’t sexual abuse scandal alone, SBC & white evangelicalism in general also had to account for the massive exodus taking place in their churches due to racism & racial justice apathy. @campbellnyt dropped this bombshell article few months prior.
Read 14 tweets
28 Mar
1. Had 2 unplanned crisis counseling calls today, where I answer phone & person on other end is in emotional distress. Both times I was out running errands.

One primary reason I’m VERY careful about what I watch is b/c I never know when I need to use emotional energy reserves.
2. There are different kinds of energy & we all have a limited amount of each.

Ex: There’s relational energy which determines where one falls along spectrum of Introvert-Extrovert & there’s emotional energy that determines how deep one can *feel* B4 there’s emotional burnout.
3. When we lack self-awareness of our energy capacities; we often over extend ourselves in some fashion leading to some sort of burnout. For me, given my work, I don’t watch shows that spend excessive emotional capital b/c I may need to enter another’s despair w/ moment’s notice.
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25 Mar
1. Hey Kris. Sir, I’m 37 years old. The immaturity of this is beneath even my children. But yo, in all sincerity, I’m assuming you are very young. If you are a true believer, there is so much opportunity for God’s kingdom you will miss out on if you don’t mature. That grieves me.
2. I’ve seen a lot of life...and I’ve seen a lot of death. One day, you are going to grow in maturity & get to a point, I hope, where you will be utterly ashamed of the childishness you displayed to the world in Jesus’ name. You will be ashamed at what selling your soul cost you.
3. When that time comes, and I genuinely pray the mercy of God sees that it does, you will look around at all those who have used you and they won’t be there. Your usefulness will be tapped out. You will look for aid but you’ll have burned too many bridges. I’ll be here for you.
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24 Mar
It’s no coincidence that the black men who are used as tokens to promote & enable white supremacy are almost ALWAYS married to white women. That’s how exoticism works. They sacrifice their blackness to have white & the white receives them so long as blackness is merely their body
This ain’t me throwing shade at black & white marriage, I’m the product of it (paternal grandparents). I’m thankful that my white grandfather didn’t just desire my grandmother’s body; but he loved all of her & was willing to risk his life, march, & protest on behalf of all of her
I clearly poked a bear, thinking about doing a video on this; but again, I don’t think y’all are ready for this convo. Also, White Supremacists & their enablers do not like having their tactics exposed. They’ll do whatever they can to try & keep their playbook covered.
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24 Mar
1. This is a great opportunity to share how statements can be processed differently depending on faith tradition & perspective. All in ❤️.

Some questions:

Why do you think he was converted in 1748 rather than 1780?

Why do you think he wasn’t under God’s wrath since 1748?
2. What role does I John 4:20-21 play in addressing the faith of a captain of a slave ship, a man responsible for the deaths of hundreds on each voyage?
3. Would you affirm a man who was an unrepentant mass murderer, white supremacist, kidnapper, & trafficker into your church membership based upon a confession of faith found in a spiritual song they wrote?

Why do you not think his conversion more likely occurred in 1780?
Read 5 tweets

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