This is not a judgement but an observation/appreciation post: I realized that I know a lot more bi, femme she/theys than I do lesbian she/theys (regardless of presentation).
And I think this dynamic is fucking rad because it is instructive of the differences among gender, presentation, and attraction in ways that are so marvellously untethered from binaried gender and cisheteronormative expectations.
So I just want to give a shout out to the bi femme she/theys. You're holding it down for all of the queers, and I love you.
(And no I don't think my sample is skewed by TERFy lesbians because I don't fuck around with TERFs. I just think the bi femme she/theys are quietly exploding everything the cis straights think they know about these categories. 🤷‍♂️)

• • •

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31 Mar
One issue that I have with the current approach to vaccinating chronically ill and disabled folks is the simplistic understanding of both specific conditions and possible COVID-related impacts. 🧵
Some of us may not necessarily be more likely to die but may be much more likely to experience serious, longterm disability-compounding complications.

As usual, #EDS provides a great example of why the current approach is flawed.
Doctors hear EDS and think "just joints". Those of us with EDS know we also experience dysautonomia, mast cell dysfunction, immune irregularities, cardiovascular issues, and CFS/ME/longstanding fatigue -- among other things.
Read 14 tweets
28 Mar
To anyone pointing out to trans men how damaging dominant masculinities are: we know.

Why do you think it has taken me three and a half decades to embrace my identity if not due to the trauma inflicted by men?!
CW: gendered and sexual violence of various types
I've been raped, assaulted, groped, harassed, stalked, gaslit, talked over, dismissed, objectified, and mansplained by men -- and harmed in ways I don't have words to describe other than knowing they felt bad and unsafe.
Oh and some dude wrote fanfic about me and asked me to read it, which was just 😬😬😬... Please don't do that.
Read 4 tweets
24 Mar
My chronically ill, disabled self won't be vaccinated until summer. My family, however, has been vaccinated. They're celebrating with a vacation.

This is callous.
This is dangerous.
This is ableism.
I love my family, and I have made it clear to them why this is NOT something to do if you love someone who is chronically ill or disabled.

They're doing it anyway.
I'm not tweeting this to air my family's dirty laundry. I'm tweeting this because I don't think it's unique to my family. I think this is how a lot of nondisabled ppl feel and act.
Read 7 tweets
24 Mar
So BC is starting to vaccinate "clinically extremely vulnerable" ppl, but most of us with complicated health profiles won't find our conditions on the list. We continue to be invisible and the realities of living with chronic illness and disability ignored.
I maintain: if triage protocols frame your death as a foregone conclusion, you belong on the vaccine priority list.
If you're one minor complication away from losing your tenuous toehold on survivable disability in this capitalist, eugenicist nightmare of a society, you belong on the priority list.
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22 Mar
Me: *gets out my wallet to pay for my haircut*

My stylist: no, no, it's on me!

Me: *radiating confusion*

Him: coming out haircut!

Me: is that a thing?!

Him: it should be.

Me: 🥺🥺🥺

Him: congratulations! And thanks for sharing that with me.
Same cut again -- but with feeling. Photo shows Corin, a masc-presenting white person with short
(Obviously the tip on my next cut is going to be the price of this "free" one but still.)
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17 Mar
I'd like to propose an end to the phrases "people of all abilities" and "regardless of ability" in lieu of disability. If you're talking about disability, say disability or disability status.

Here's why:
First, institutions and nondisabled ppl go out of their way to avoid saying the word "disability". Look, the Voldemort treatment doesn't do disabled ppl any favours; on the contrary, it means that we have to put up with a never-ending stream of patronizing euphemisms.
Second, it's just more accurate and direct. With respect to including disability in JEDI, we're not really talking about people of all abilities; we're talking about disability as a social construct and category of social difference like race or gender.
Read 7 tweets

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