➡️D614G (Asp 614→Gly) as a replacement in S1, increased the ACE2 affinity, leading to 👉more infectivity and transmissibility.

➡️ There are non-synonymous nucleotide modifications, including 👉E484K, 👉N501Y and / or 👉K417N (Lys 417 → Asn) in the ACE2 interface of the RBD.
➡️ There are also various deletions in the amino (N) -terminal (NTD) domain of S1 in 👉B.1.1.7 and 👉B.1.351.

➡️ Although most mutations in these variants were observed in a smaller fraction of the SARS-CoV-2 sequences during the first year of the pandemic,
including 👉K417N, 👉E484K and 👉N501Y, there is no evidence to suggest that these variants have been created by adding sequences of each substitution during transmission between hosts.

➡️ As only a few SARS-CoV-2 mutations were in circulation during most of 2020, it is likely
that 🛑🛑🛑👉 the three main variants are the 👉 result of selective pressures and adaptation of the virus during prolonged individual infections and subsequent transmission.

➡️ All case reports of individuals with extensive in-host SARS-CoV-2 evolution indicated that they had
been 👉treated with neutralizing antibodies 👉not optimal (i.e., CP treatment had not neutralized the entire viral population).👇

• • •

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1 Apr
➡️➡️➡️ Confirmed high level of identity of the FIPV, and with the SARS COV 2.👇

➡️1) FeCV-FIPV / HCoV-229E ratio; the non-random and non-natural interaction between these two coronaviruses has allowed the development of the SARS CoV 2 Chimera.
➡️ 2) The percentage of identity between FeCV-FIPV, and SARS CoV 2, is 👉44.0-44.5%, but if you use👉 NSP16 as a mediator, things change and you get to an identity percentage of 👉99.6-99 , 9%, between FeCV nsp16, and SARS CoV 2 nsp16.
➡️ 3) Human coronavirus👉 229E is a species of coronavirus that infects humans and 👉bats Alphacoronavirus, of the subgenus Duvinacovirus.
It is a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA virus that enters its host cell by binding to the 👉APN receptor.👇 Image
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➡️1) (INSACOG) The Virologist 👉Shahid Jameel explained that a double mutation 👉in key areas of the virus's spike protein can increase these risks and allow the virus to escape the immune system; making the virus 👉more contagious and in some cases.
2) Is more probable that what emerged from my research 👉SARS COV 2 ORF 8 created a double mutation in the initial lineage.
👉The ORF8 protein has the characteristic of potentiating the virus and thus making it more virulent and infectious.
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23 Mar
@gerdosi @gadboit @SunshineLife_21 @FatEmperor ➡️ 1) The relationship of the "bacteriophage nature" in SARS COV 2 is the following. Let's start from the meaning of a bacteriophage; they are obligate intracellular parasites, that is, they can ONLY survive using the resources of a host cell.
@gerdosi @gadboit @SunshineLife_21 @FatEmperor 2) They are capable of infecting all types of cells including 👉bacteria. When at the end of February 2019 I saw the photos of SARS COV 2, taken by the Marx Plank Institute, I was amazed. In this photo you could see how a tissue, affected by SARS COV 2, changed its shape creating
@gerdosi @gadboit @SunshineLife_21 @FatEmperor 3) sprawling filaments that responded to I don't know what genetic code of the virus. This photo always remained in my head until, after endless reading of papers dedicated to the topic in question, I came across this
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1) ➡️ The application detected four highly specific signature sequence regions that hit all 25 (available at the time of analysis) 👉Wuhan genomes.
➡️The detected signatures were found to occur in disparate locations on the genome. 👇 Image
2) ➡️ All four signatures were found to target all current 👉Wuhan genomes, and three out of four of these signature regions did 👉NOT sufficiently align to any known coronavirus or other organism in 👉NCBI BLAST databases.👇 Image
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22 Mar
➡️➡️➡️ SARS COV 2 👉Bacterial co-infection or Bacterial mutation?

➡️1) It is surprising is the limited reference to non‐viral co‐infections and super‐infections in COVID‐19.
This knowledge gap is puzzling considering the extensive clinical evidence, supported by
2) mechanistic studies in animal models, demonstrating that respiratory viral infections predispose patients to bacterial co‐infections and super‐infections.
Thus, most fatalities in the 1918 influenza pandemic were indeed due to subsequent bacterial
3) infection and similar observations were made during the later three 20th‐century influenza pandemics: the 1957 H2N2, the 1968–1969 H3N2 and the 2009–2010 H1N1 pandemics.

The New 👉COPD patients are colonised by bacterial pathogens even at the stable phase of the
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21 Mar
➡️The secrect of Ivermectin👇

1) Ivermectin belongs to the avermectin family, a group of macrocyclic lactones produced by the bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis.

Ivermectin is conventionally administered in the dermatological treatment of endoparasitic manifestations to
2) reduce and eliminate the Demodex folliculorum parasite present on the skin of patients.

the treatment of autoimmune disease by topical, oral or intravenous administration of an active agent, such as a compound of the avermectin family, such as ivermectin; one or more
3) organophosphate compounds, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors including an ethyl carbamate or a naturally occurring acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

methods provided herein are compatible with a number of diseases implied by the presence of mites, in particular diseases in
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