How can an individual be arrested on a mere complaint with no prima facie case? How can the burden of proof be on the accused to prove his/her innocence? How can their be automatic arrest without any preliminary inquiry?

These obvious and glaring flaws with the SC/ST Act are
responsible for driving Forrest Officer Deepali Chavan to commit suicide. Time and again, data has shown that this Act is used by people to settle personal scores and obtain government incentives. The BJP-led Central Govt must be held answerable for its disgusting support for
this barbaric law.

*there be

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1 Apr
Too many people on the Right see any attempt at serious intellectual discussion or analysis which doesn't exactly meet their pre-conceived notions as some sort of conspiracy against Hinduism. The anti-intellectual malaise that is so strong in the Hindu Right is the very reason
why the movement is able to attract and retain so few smart people, and has become a cesspool of mediocrity and incompetence.

A lot of people today showed this ugly side when they tried to paint me questioning the specificity of the figures being put out about the genocide of
Bengali Hindus in '71 as an attempt to question the narrative or to altogether deny that such a genocide had indeed taken place. Apart from the fact that such people constitute an illiterate, uncouth class of emotional scum, it is also quite clear that they are dishonest
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1 Apr
6 million refugees fled from Bangladesh to India, out of which an estimated 60% or more were Hindus. The difference you're talking about is mostly explained by this flight of Bengali Hindus.

Assuming 3.6 million Hindus fled, and another 2.4 million were killed. That would put
the total number of "missing" Hindus from Bangaldesh's Hindu population at 7 million. The total number of Hindus in Bangladesh in 1961 were 9.4 million and in 1974 were 9.7 million, so a modest growth of 400K. Assuming the Hindu population would have naturally growing at the same
rate as the overall Bangladeshi population (which grew at around 40% between 1961 and 1974) there should have been 13.16 million Hindus in Bangladesh in 1974 instead of 9.7 million, a difference of 3.46 million rather than the 7 million we had assumed given the genocide number
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22 Mar
The thing is that this approach actually works out fairly well for many religions. You start off a sufi/barelvi where half the rituals from your previous religion are anyways incorporated so the change isn't as drastic, then you become a Tableeghi going about preaching the
word of God in a more "pure" way and finally you turn an ultra orthodox salafi trying to follow everything down to the T.

The issue with Hinduism being that even all the new agey hippie dippy sects/cults cant really help with the 'expansion' problem since there is no assembly
line to speak of. Sri Sri follower may tomorrow become a Sadhguru fanboy, who may then become an Agniveer who may finally just decide this is all pointless and go back to being am Atheist. There is very little to no transmission happening between these sects and mainstream or
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22 Mar
"Year 2035, Akhnoor Sector: The 7th Naari Shakti Battalion has been surrounded by Kashmiri militants and Pakistani regulars from 11 Baloch. PAF Jets has been bombing the Indian position to make matters much worse.

But the commander is not worried; she has been informed that
within two days infantry regulars from 5 Kinnar and paratroopers from 12 Bhim will reinforce her unit.

But the 2 days pass. No one comes. The commander receives the news that 5 Kinnar surrendered on the way when a Pakistani platoon they mistook to be a battalion ambushed them.
In another stroke of bad luck, the transport aircraft which 12 Bhim were coming on were being flown by some rookies, as the 2 main pilots were on pregnancy leave and another 2 pilots had menstrual cramps. The rookie pilots made some navigation errors and 12 Bhim were parachuted
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22 Mar
The funny thing is that somehow "fixing" the demographics of North-West UP should probably be the easiest among all such similar regions where the M population has grown to troubling limits. For one, it is not bordering a neighbouring Islamic country, so there is limited scope
for direct foreign interference. Secondly, it is located right next to the national capital, where much of our elites stay. So that itself should be another reason for the State to at least "look the other way" if a hypothetical demographic reversal was attempted by Hindus. Last
but not the least, the region is right next to some of the holiest Hindu shrines in Garhwal/Uttarakhand, so it should also be fairly easy to get RW Hindus to consolidate behind the idea.

The fact that even in such a region Hindus are essentially incapable of doing anything goes
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20 Mar
"The Year is 2040, I have finally decided to get my own driver's license after the government banned Savarnas from travelling on subsidised public transport. The move came after Prime Minister Tejasvi Surya said that we need to do more to make sure public resources were
spent for the oppressed and not the oppressors. Although now I would have to buy my own vehicle and pay full price for fuel, I agree that it was perhaps for the best that I atoned for my ancestors' sins. After all, "Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas" was the only way India could become a
Vishwaguru. Anyways, my first online application for the driver's license was rejected, and the application fees of 50,000 ModiCoins I paid was also not refunded to me. I was told that I had 'shown Manuwadi tendencies' after I had an argument with my Dalit gender-fluid boss at
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