“The clear message from the data is that the mass testing is haphazard, fragmented, disjointed, and absolutely the antithesis of public health... why we need this programme to go to the [national] screening committee and to be properly evaluated before any more rollouts of tests”
“Two tests a week are recommended, followed by a PCR confirmatory test after a positive result. Government guidance says that twice weekly testing should continue indefinitely”
“government spent roughly £3000 per positive test result yielded. But experts said that this was likely to be a vast underestimate of the full cost, because it did not take into account factors such as staffing of testing sites.”
“each lateral flow test was £20 when all costs were factored in...asymptomatic testing in schools was taking nearly 6000 tests to find one true positive result. “At £20 a test, that is £120 000 per case found,”
“I know staff at some universities have tried to find out, and they’ve been told, ‘We’re not allowed to tell you.’ The confidentiality around it has been very strict, and I think there is a big control of information at DHSC. Why on earth would they not publish this?”
“The fact that they’re not routinely collecting data by person rather than by test, that you need an FOI in order to get any oversight of what’s happening, that they’re not all contributing data into a central, scientifically sound means of knowing what the outcomes are..”
‘... from doing this testing—all this says to me is that the whole thing is a desperate exercise in trying to get favourable publicity for Number 10”

• • •

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1 Apr
Well-informed people make better decisions.
Sharing information with your loved ones is the greatest act of love you can do today.

@NickHudsonCT tells the story of the century.

Please share @PanData19's presentation.
@BizNewsCOM @alechogg
The MSM and motivated groups have spread a false narrative about #COVID19. This narrative has filled people's hearts with fear.
You need to know the truth and everyone you love needs to know the truth so you can act in your own best interest.
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1 Apr
"we are getting columboed. bigly." by el gato malo 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛
follow the black cat...
"did you not see what just happened over the last year as “2 weeks to flatten the curve” became a year of lockdown, how “sparing hospitals” became the ludicrous “zero covid,” and how “just until we get a vaccine” became “not even once you’re vaccinated”?" 🐈‍⬛
"a digital ID/vaccine passport will touch nearly everyone and nearly every aspect of your life"
"what it is is a requirement for you, now and forever, to acquire affirmative permission to engage in the basic actions of living your life, going to work, traveling, eating" 🐈‍⬛
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31 Mar
“Non-vulnerable people isolating are therefore being selfish, not noble.” @NickHudsonCT
If you are healthy and young, the noble thing to do is to take the virus to protect the vulnerable. 1/n

Consider this...
People have been kept in fear to ensure that everyone stands in line blindly to take the vaccine.
Vaccinating 7.8 Billion people including fetuses, infants, children and young people brings in a lot more profit than vaccinating a tiny minority of people at risk. 2/n
Big Pharma make money by selling medication to the sick, those diagnosed with a disease.
How can they increase their market share?
They diversify into products that can be sold to the healthy.
That’s fine if those who are healthy are at risk from a disease. 3/n
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30 Mar
COVID-19 deaths are inflated in all the countries that are obsessing about COVID-19.
=>MISATTRIBUTION of deaths to COVID-19
"A "confirmed case" was dependent solely upon a positive test result" disregarding the absence of symptoms or false positive tests. 1/7
Good to know:
"The Coronavirus Act indemnified all NHS doctors against any claims of malpractice or negligence."
"Any medical practitioner with GMC registration can sign the MCCD, even if they did not attend the deceased during their last illness." 2/7
"COVID-19 could be recorded wherever:
A medical practitioner has attended the deceased (including visual/video consultation) within 28 days before death, or viewed the body in person after death". 3/7
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30 Mar
I started out by pulling the data out of this article to share it. They do quote a @UniofOxford professor!
Here's what I pulled out.... 1/5
"40 per cent of those who die from Covid are over 85, and a further 33 per cent are between 75 and 84"
"Barely 1 per cent of those who die are under 44"
"giving an average age of death from Covid-19 at 80.9 years, and from all other causes at 78.7 years." 2/5
But then I noticed this...
Here's the comment that I wasn't able to post.
@MailOnline @DailyMailUK
John Ioannidis paper median IFR=0.23%
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26 Mar
FYI: @freddiesayers, The 6000 comments of your viewers have been blocked by @YouTube.
Should we opt for other platforms that don't censor content or should governments prevent such public service corporations from exercising discrimination and censorship?
If we are going to follow the "libertarian principle of the freedom of businesses to act as they please" and accept or deny services to people based on the vaccination status then we must also remember the libertarian principle of 'vote with your pound/ dollar'.
We need to allow the free market to weed out businesses that don't respect human dignity and support those that do.
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