Joongdok AU where mafia boss kdj x normal civilian yjh. They're dating but kdj is still keeping his status a secret since he doesn't want to scare yjhㅡ if anyone saw the two together they wouldve assumed that yjh was the mafia boss and kdj the baker.

Kdj always wears a
soft sweater and casual clothing when he meets yjh but a suit for whenever he does his mafia jobㅡ always needed his change of clothes in the hands of a subordinate or right hand woman HSY because yjh has the tendency to call or video call after his work.

One time kdj has
a small blood stain on the sleeve of his shirt and yjh mistakes it for ketchup to which kdj is thankful but wonders if his bf has ever seen real bloodㅡ

Kdj finds yjh adorable and sweet, his baked goods one of the reasons how they met in the first place. All of kdj's
subordinates thought yjh was a boss of a neighbouring mafia but kdj keeps calling him nicknames like 'my cutie' or 'Joong-ie/Joong-ah'

Everyone knows kdj has a civilian boyfriend and kdj ALWAYS makes sure that there are at least 5 of his people protecting him and hidden.
Its normal for kdj to be snuggling into yjh's arm and being pampered by him, as if he didn't just shut someone up a few hours agoㅡ

Yjh, thinks kdj is a person who just works in a corporate office and treasures him as if hes the most fragile gem in the world.

• • •

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4 May
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4 May
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2 May
Joongdok manifested!!

Kim Dokja felt the same tingle he felt everytime he was given a business trip with fellow office worker Yoo Joonghyuk. The well known charismatic man who was good at his jobㅡ but better in bed.

They weren't dating, they didn't even talk to each other
during office hours, but one day on their 3rd trip together on a particularly hot day where kdj's white dress shirt had clung onto his skin, sweat lightly trickling down his smooth skin and constantly loosening his tie to relieve himself, yjh had just pushed up against the wall
that night and the rest became history. Kdj doesn't remember much since he had blacked out half way but he knew the aftermath was him aching all over, a raw throat and having to wear more layers to cover any bites or red marks.

Yjh had never talked to him other than work
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28 Apr
Joongdok Royalty AU:

A world where princesses, witches, dragons and magic exists, KDJ wonders why he was fated to be a mere librarian with the lowest magic rate (3%, just enough to dust his books daily).

He had been left with his local bookshop after his father passed
away and mother ran off in the middle of the night when he was just 10 years old. He worked at the royal library during the day and at night he worked for the villagers in lending them books.

Kdj stared up high at the castle walls that always loomed over him with
intimidation. For over 15 years he had come and gone through these walls yet he never met the royal family. Not even a glimpse, only an oil painting in the middle of the fancy library to see them. He knew the prince was around his age and rumours made him glad he never met the
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I am back with Divorced Joongdok :)

YJH and KDJ have been married for a good 3 years before their split and KDJ thought it would be easy to move on from all the lawyers, nosey public and finalizing it all because the two never really had something that grounded them both.
They had a main home but YJH and KDJ both had busy schedules (actors) so would end up crashing either at their managers' or separate places a lot. They never had the time to pick out their own furniture, barely shared meals, occasionally had couple interviews for publicity
and had once considered adopting a child but agreed that it would be cruel of them to bring up a child when neither of them could properly care for them.

KDJ sometimes wondered if they should have just dated a bit moreㅡ he remembered the sneaky dates that would get his
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