Siddhivinayak is called Navasacha Ganapati or Navasala Pavanara Ganapati (meaning- Ganapati bestows whenever one humbly and genuinely prays) among Bhaktas.

@RatanSharda55 Image
The mandir was built by generous donations from Smt. Deubai Patil. She had the belief that Ganesha would answer the prayers of childless women.
Therefore it is a predominant belief that those without a child can get their prayers answered here.
@GunduHuDuGa Image
It is said that Ramakrishna Jambhekar Maharaj (follower of Akkalkot Swami Samarth) buried two murtis in front of Siddhivinayak as instructed by his guru.
As was foretold by Swami Samarth, 21 years later, a Mandar tree grew at the spot where these two murtis were buried. Image
The tree had an image of Svayambhu Ganesha on its branches.
Siddhivinayak Ganesha murti is chaturbhuj (with 4 hands) and carved out of a single black stone. Ganesha's trunk is to the right instead of left.
On his forehead, a third-eye is etched. Image
Siddhi and Riddhi, the two consorts of Ganesha are on either side of Ganapati.
It is believed that if anyone whispers their wish in the ears of the two huge silver mice installed within the mandir premises, the wish gets conveyed to Ganesha directly. Image

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5 Apr

One of the oldest and largest Shiva kshetram of Kerela and first among 108 Shiva Mandirs set up by Parashurama.

Adi Shankaracharya is said to have been born to Devi Aryamba and Shivaguru after years of prayer to Vadakunnathan. Image
It is believed that Shiva and Parvati came here at the request of Parashurama but disappeared suddenly.
Parashurama saw a radiant light emanating from a Lingam at the base of a huge banyan tree. This place is the Mula sthana where Shiva manifested himself in the form of a lingam Image
The daily Abhisheka of Shiva with Ghee covers the shivlingam making it invisible.
The ghee doesn't melt even in scorching summers. A portion of the ghee, after Abhisheka is given back to the devotees as it is believed to have miraculous power to kill all the diseases. Image
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4 Apr

Presided by Surya Dev and his consorts- Ushadevi and Pratyusha Devi.
It is one of the 9 revered Navagraha Kshetram in Tamil Nadu and the only one with separate shrines for all planetary Devas.
@GunduHuDuGa ImageImage
Once Rishi Kalava was suffering from leprosy. He prayed to Navagrahas. The planets were pleased by his devotion and granted his wish.
Brahma was furious because nobody had the right to change the destiny of a person. He cursed the nine planets to suffer from leprosy. Image
On being cursed, all the nine planets performed severe penance to please Shiva here. Shiva was pleased with their penance and appeared before them. He blessed the planets and told them to do good to all those who pray to them with full faith and devotion at this place. Image
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30 Mar

Here, on a hill near Tungabhadra River, the image of Sri Hanuman is enclosed in a hexagonal amulet in prayer mudra.
It is said that the shrine is built where Hanuman met Sri Ram for the 1st time.

Other belief is that Sri Vyasaraja used to pray to Hanuman in this place by drawing his image on the rocks. By the time he finished his prayers, the picture used to disappear. When this happened for 12 days in a row, he pleaded with Sri Hanuman to appear before him.
Hanuman appeared and asked Sri Vyasaraja to constrain him in a six-sided amulet and build a shrine.
12 monkeys are carved around this amulet. They represent the 12 days Sri Vyasaraja prayed to Hanuman. Each monkey holds the tail of the monkey in front of him but faces backward.
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28 Mar

Annapoorneshwari is the Devi of nutrition and food. The literal meaning of Annapoorneshwari is “Feeding one and all”. Anyone who comes here is offered meals and shelter within the premises.
@LostTemple7 ImageImage
Maharshi Agastya is believed to have done pratishtha here.

Once, Shiva and Parvati had an argument. Shiva declared everything in the world including food to be Maya or illusion. To prove him wrong, Devi Parvati disappeared resulting in entire Earth becoming still. Image
Taking pity, Devi appeared as Annapoorna and relieved everyone.
Another belief is that once Shiva beheaded Brahma and his skull got stuck in Shiva’s hand. He was cursed that till the skull is not full of food or grains, it will remain stuck to his hands. Image
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26 Mar
Milk and milk products are a vital part of our Dharma.
Sri Krishna’s association with butter and worship of Kamdhenu underline the importance attached to milk.
Dahi/ curd/ Yogurt is a form of milk and a wonder drug for body.
Curd aids digestion and acts as a natural laxative. It has many vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. It is easier to digest so those who have problem in having milk due to lactose intolerance can eat curd.
The tradition of giving curd-sugar (दही चीनी) to a student before going to give exams is because this combination cools the body and helps to check stress.

Curd is rich in calcium, which triggers less production of cortisol and helps in losing weight.
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26 Mar

Ma Kanakadurgeswari is the supreme Goddess of Andhra Pradesh, seated atop the Indrakilaparvatha at Vijayawada.
This area is called Bezawada as Shiva made a bejjam (hole) in the rocks so that Krishna river could flow freely.
Once, a Rishi Indra Keela prayed to Devi and asked her to reside on his head forever. Devi told him to wait in the form of a mountain in the holy plains of River Krishna.
Later, when Devi killed all demons, she settled on Keeladri as Mahishasura Mardini and fulfilled his wish.
In this place, Arjuna performed penance and fought with Shiva, who had appeared in the guise of Kiratha to win Pasupathastra, the most powerful weapon. So this place is also called phalguna theertha and Vijaywada on account of Arjun’s victory.
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