The Worldometers league table:

deaths / million of population..

..has near neighbours (🇨🇿Czech Republic / 🇸🇰Slovakia / 🇭🇺Hungary), very near the top..

🇨🇿 are now 2nd in the 🌍 & 🇭🇺 are now 4th. So I then looked for 🇸🇰 who are 13th. Image
I wondered if there is anything in the shape or patterns of their ⚰️ tables that could help identify perhaps spread between them (from one to another perhaps) or seasonality or perhaps even a relationship between ⚰️ and cases. Image
Firstly the 🇨🇿 Republic.

There seem to be 3 waves of death which seem somehow different to the natural waves we saw in some parts of the world in the first half of 2020. Image
Next 🇭🇺 which despite being the only country in the world (according to reports) to have 8 (EIGHT) different💉 being deployed on the population has seen a rise in ⚰️

The shape of the 2 🇭🇺 waves of ⚰️ here look different (to me) to the 3 in 🇨🇿.

Could an expert spot something? Image
Slovakia 🇸🇰 is 13th in the 🌍 on th ⚰️ / million measure.

Despite the 💉 launch there (and coincidently), 73% of 🇸🇰 ⚰️ have been since the launch of the 💉 there. Image
Experts agree that💉are not causally connected with the↗️in⚰️

To assure ourselves of the data we can look at a thread on the 6 fastest💉 countries (the territory of 🇬🇮 is added).

They are:


• • •

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4 Apr
🇧🇩 Bangladesh 🇧🇩

🇧🇩 has one of the lowest ⚰️ rates with Covid-19 in the whole 🌏

🇧🇩's largest news publisher by reach, bdnews24, reported ' The government started the mass immunisation on Feb 7..' Image
In order to get the context of how low the 🇧🇩⚰️ rate has been it is useful to compare with 🇬🇧⚰️ with Covid.

This graph is population adjusted.

🇧🇩 has been country wide adoption of Ivermection according to IVM Status dot com.

🇬🇧 uses 🔒lockdowns🔒 & 💉, NOT Ivermectin.. Image
The Ivermectin Bangladesh🇧🇩 vs 🔒Lockdown &💉🇬🇧 reminds us all of...

Ivermectin India🇮🇳 vs 🔒Lockdown & 💉 🇬🇧

What's the score... is it close? Image
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20 Mar
On the day that 🇮🇱 Israel launched their💉they were averaging 14 ⚰️/ day.

Every day after that until 19th March 2021 the average number of ⚰️ was higher than on 💉launch day.

Before 💉: 11
After 💉: 33

Experts say the coincidence is NOT causal.
The first Covid ⚰️ in 🇮🇱 was 20th March 2020.

The 💉was launched on 20th December 2020.

At the time the cumulative ⚰️ was 3,099.

On 19th March 2021 the cumulative number of ⚰️is 6,073.
After the 🇮🇱 💉launch the number of 🇮🇱 ⚰️↗️ to a level higher than previous record high

While 🇮🇱⚰️were ↗️the number of 🇵🇸 Palestinian⚰️ was ↘️

The time that the 🇵🇸💉began coincided with an end to the ↘️of 🇵🇸⚰️& then 🇵🇸⚰️↗️

Experts🧑‍⚕️assure us that the timing is coincidental.
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17 Mar
The Isle of Man is the darling of the Cult Covidians as they have successfully kept their 'cases' so low that we can all have faith in 'Zero Covid'.

They are like a 'mini New Zealand' because they have closed off their island & been so successful.

Now, about their 💉
So strict have they been in enforcing the closure of their island that the greatest crime in all the history of the Isle of Man was when a flying Scotsman took a Jet Ski & travelled all the way from Bonnie Scotland to the Isle of Man to see his girlfriend.

But let's not get distracted by the great virtues of the free island & the free people of the 🇮🇲IOM.

Let us look at their even greater progress by looking at the rollout of their 🇮🇲💉

According to a 4th Jan BBC report it began then. How did progress go from there? (cont.)
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22 Feb
Who are the leaders in numbers of doses of
💉per 100 people?

The top 5 countries / territories that we looked at previously are:
Will look at their success & do it in order of who has jabbed
the most per head.

So that means we start with Fast Jab Gib 🇬🇮👇
Sadly Gibraltar is not only no. 1 in the world for 💉 doses / 100 people (source: Our World in Data).

Gibraltar is also No. 1 in the world for deaths / million (source: worldometers).

Presumably the 💉will have reduced the numbers of ⚰️after a lag? 👇
According to sources in Iberia the deaths in Gibraltar occurred as a result of infections that were present prior to the launch of the vaccine.

The words of the govt. of Gibraltar have been important as they have reassured people to continue with the jabs.

next up: 🇮🇱
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11 Feb
A quick thread on those places and territories with the highest percentages of their populations vaccinated.

Firstly, what are those counries?

Looking at this list tiny Seychelles makes it.
How is it going in the Seychelles.

Well, we have been told that the deaths in Gibraltar that followed the vaccine were not caused by the vaccine.

That's very reassuring and so how about another small population territory - Seychelles.
It's probably a coincidence that the majority of deaths from Covid have come after the vaccine rather than before.

I have not heard anything from there direct but I am sure that the news will be that those deaths are unconnected to the vaccine.

Like Gibraltar, bad luck.
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11 Feb
Anyone who is a lockdown sceptic and critical of the UK government needs to understand what is explained in this thread here.

You might understand these points anyway, but if you don't, please read. It will help us in the debate and reassure other sceptics. 👇🏻
If any of your followers are discouraged by public opinion on the UK government's response please retweets the tweet that the above tweet refers to... ☝🏻️

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