◆If you see a loud laugh or someone dancing in your dreams then be sure that some calamity is round the corner.
◆If you see someone's tooth being broken then definitely there is a loss of wealth and physical discomfort.
◆If you see someone bathing in oil, or riding Southside on a donkey, camel or a buffalo his death is nearby.
◆You may face difficulties if you see someone carrying salt or oil in your dreams.
◆You may face sorrow if you see a tree laden with flowers and leaves .
◆A woman wearing a black attire and singing also is a bad sign.
◆If you see devtas shouting loudly, your death is nearby.
◆If you see a Garland of black flowers, calf with its head cut or a garland of bones,that too is a bad sign.
◆If your havi offering is mixed with butter milk in your dreams that will bring bad luck.
◆If you see red flowers in your dream you may fall sick.
◆All these things will bring bad luck if you see them in your dreams- a corpse, cemetery, bhasm, dead fire, dry grass,
black ink, black horse, shoes, wounds, army, forehead, crow, bear, puss, broken vessels, pig, bull or darkness.
◆If you see your broken teeth or falling hair, a physical pain awaits you.
◆Falling tree, bhasm or stone raining, knife, red hot fire, ashes are indication of bad luck.
◆Falling stars, meteors or comets, man with a broken arm, chariot, cow, elephant or horse falling from the sky points out to future sorrow.
◆If you see someone pulling the umbrella forcefully from your head then your father, guru or King will be surrounded by difficulties.
◆If you see a dream where a calf runs away from your home in fright then Laxmi too will be leaving your home.
◆A yamdut in your dream is a call of death.
◆If a Guru or a Brahmin curses you in the dream then be ready for bad times.
◆If you see animals charging at you in anger then you will be facing a disease.

So what is the remedy to get out of these calamities.
So whoever dips the wood of red sandalwood in ghee and performs one thousand gayatri mantra yagya can get rid of consequences of bad dreams. One thousand Jap of Madhusudan will turn your bad dreams into good one's. Even reciting ten names of Narayan has good results.
Hundred times jap of the names of Narayan will make you healthy. One crore jap of these names will give you Moksha. Even chanting ॐनमः along with the names of all dieties is good.
ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं दुर्गतिनशिन्यै माहामायायै स्वाहा this mantra is like Kalp vruksh.
The more you chant, the more sidhi you attain and get rid of worldly pain.

ॐ नमो मृत्युञ्ञयाय स्वाहा chanting this mantra will get you a life of hundred years if you are facing an imminent death.

Whenever you narrate your dream you should face north east direction.
But NEVER tell about your dreams to drunkard or unsuitable person.

Also check Part 1 too👉(… )

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Source - Brahma Vaivartva puran & #InspiredBySwamiAnjaninandanDass
SS of Brahma Vaivrva puran
Just in case if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel, please do subscribe, I have already posted 6 Videos till now on different subjects. Do watch them and give your feedback in comments section.…

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4 Apr

As per Ganesh ji the five Panch devi's on whom this prakriti depends are Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Gayatri and Radha. So once Narad ji questioned Narayan Bhagwan about their origin. Image
Bhagwan replied that while creating Shrishti, Parmatma acquired two forms Purush and Prakriti. Prakriti is nothing else but his maya. So on the wish of Parmatma Prakriti divided itself into five parts thus creating these five or Panch devi's who performed
various functions of running this Shrishti.

1) Durga:-

The mother of Ganesh is Bhagwati Durga who is also the wife of Shiva therefore she is Shivswarupa. All the devtas worship her. She is the one who supervises and guides in the running of this Shrishti.
Read 9 tweets
4 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.3

Pushadev here means Nurturer/Parmatma/Narayan/Atma. Here jeev requests Parmatma to protect us from the looters on the way. Here the looter is no one else but our mind that diverts to morbid thoughts. Parmatma is requested to not only keep us away from them

1/5 Image
but also to destroy them.

अप॒ त्यं प॑रिपं॒थिनं॑ मुषी॒वाणं॑ हुर॒श्चितं॑ ।
दू॒रमधि॑ स्रु॒तेर॑ज ॥


त्वम् - That.

परिपन्थिनम् - One stopping your path.

मुषीवाणम् - Smuggler.

हुरिश्चितम् - Cheat.

स्त्रुतेः - On the path.

अधि - very much.

दूरम् - Far.

अप अज - To make one run.

Explanation: Oh Pushadev! We request you to keep us away from the looters and dacoits that we face on the way and and also destroy them.

Deep meaning: Pushadev referes to Nurturer/Parmatma/Narayan/Shiva/Aatma. Here jeev requests Parmatma to

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3 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.2

Pushadev means one who nurtures or takes care of us. He is the one who will protect us from all difficulties and impediments. He is requested to take us in his shelter and help us know our true self.

यो नः॑ पूषन्न॒घो वृको॑ दुः॒शेव॑ आ॒दिदे॑शति ।
अप॑ स्म॒ तं प॒थो ज॑हि ॥


पूषन् - Pushadev!

यः - Which.

अघः - Attacker.

वृकः - The one grabbing our wealth.

दुःशेवः - Not conducive for service.

नः - We.

आदिदेशति - To order.

तम् - To him.

पथः - O n the path.

अप जहि स्म - To remove.

Explanation:Oh Pushadev! You keep us away from those people who want to rule over us and are Violent, those who gamble or those who rob.

Deep meaning: Pushadev means one who nurtures or takes care of us.

Read 7 tweets
2 Apr


There are three stories associated with this name.

1)In the time of Satyug there lived a King named Kedar who ruled a vast Kingdom. He loved his subjects as his children. He followed the path of Dharma along with his family.
Although he performed hundred Ashwamedha Yagya but he did not aspire to become Indra. At an appropriate time he handed over his duties of Kingdom to his sons and left to meditate towards Shri Hari. He spent a long time praying and meditating and ultimately left for Golok.
He had a daughter named Vrinda who was well versed in Yogshastra. Rishi Durvasa had given her a Shri Hari mantra. She left her home and performed tapasya for sixty thousand years in a forest. When Shri Hari appeared before her and told her to ask for a boon,
Read 9 tweets
1 Apr

Every Kartik Purnima all the Snakes on the order of Bhagwan Shesh would worship Garud by
offering him Dhoop, Deep and Naivedya.
But this time Kaliya Naag egoistically decided that he would not worship Garud although the other Snakes tried to reason out with him. When Garud came down there was chaos and war like situation. The Snakes tried to defend themselves but they were not able to do so
and eventually ran here and there. Even Kaliya Naag escaped. He escaped to that part of river which was cursed by Rishi Saubhri. This area was totally prohibited for Garud. There is a story as to why this area was avoided by Garud.
Read 8 tweets
31 Mar

Once Narad ji inquired about the importance of Kalavati(Mother of Radha) to Shri Hari as Vishvakarma had come to build a new house for Radha's Parents. So Shri Hari informed him that Kalvati was the Maanas kanya of Pittra's
who was now married to Vrishbhanu. Radha was their daughter. Then again Narad was eager to know that how a ordinary mortal of Brij had the opportunity to marry such divine person. So Shrihari narrated the entire history.
Previously Pittra's had three daughters i.e Kalavati, Ratnamala and Menka. Ratnamala(in Many text she is known as Sunaina) married Janak and was mother to Sita. Menka(In Many text she is known as Maina)was the mother to Parvati. Kalavati married King Suchandra.
Read 12 tweets

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