#YEMEN #UAE sends dozens of militants to #Socotra

April 04 (YPA) - The UAE transferred on Sunday dozens of Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militants to the archipelago of the occupied Socotra island.

According to local sources reported that the UAE-backed #STC
brought 50 recruits with their weapons to #Socotra province to carry out military tasks, explaining that a number of recruits were distributed to the tanks and artillery battalion on the island.

The sources pointed out that the #Emirati occupation forces imposed the ban on
entry of #Yemeni citizens to the island under the pretext of preventive measures against the spread of the Corona virus.

This comes within the framework of the #UAE’s continued implementation of its plans through the #STC militia, especially that the decision of the
prevention only affects the owners of the land, while the #UAE continues to transfer foreign tourists from its lands to #Socotra.

#6YearsOfWarOnYemen #YEMEN

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5 Apr
#Yemen war updates ;
#Marib front ; tens of coalition mercenaries have been killed . Top #alQaeda commanders were among those killed in the battles.
The coalition airforces continue to bomb its mercenaries by "mistake "
Reports that the fighters from two of the biggest
tribes fighting for the coalition have left the battlefield.
#Sana'a forces are closing in on the city . this has prompted the coalition mercenaries to declare a curfew on the residents of #MarIb fearing a revolt amongst them.

#Abian front ; heavy clashes between coalition #audi mercenaries and #UAE mercenaries. The clashes have left many casualties ..
#Shabwa ; #audi mercenaries have targeted the UAE controlled mercenaries controlling gas facilities .. This has resulted in the destruction of the
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5 Apr
Here in Albany, we should accept some responsibility for the 2 million #Yemeni children under the age of 5 who suffer from malnutrition and the 400,000 that may soon die from it. #Yemen (already the poorest country in the Middle East before this war)

relies on imports for 90 percent of its food yet #Saudi Arabia and the #UAE have blockaded air and sea access to #Yemen. More than 16 million #Yemenis are food insecure and 12 million lack access to water and sanitation.

No one is safe from bombs and most of their
living areas are in ruins. The United States should provide reparations (not charity) for the destruction caused by the U.S. drone bombing campaign as well as our military training and weapons fueling for the #Saudi/#UAE coalition.

The @JoeBiden administration should
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5 Apr
انسحاب جماعي لمجندي قبائل مراد وعبيدة من القتال في #مأرب
كشفت مصادر مطلعة في محافظة مأرب لـ”وكالة الصحافة اليمنية”، اليوم الإثنين، معلومات مؤكدة حول انسحاب كافة المخدوعين من أبناء قبائل مراد وعبيدة من القتال في صفوف قوات التحالف شمال غرب مدينة #مأرب.
المصادر أكدت، مجاميع قبلية من مراد وعبيدة انسحبت من مواقعها في جبهة “الطلعة الحمراء” شمال غرب مدينة #مأرب.

المصادر أشارت، إلى أن مجاميع قبلية من أبناء قبيلة مراد ضمن ما يسمى محور بيحان و”اللواء 26 ميكا” التابع لقوات التحالف، بقيادة اللواء الركن “مفرّح بحيبح المرادي
”، انسحبوا من مواقعهم غربي “الطلعة الحمراء”، وبالمقابل انسحبت مجاميع قبلية من أبناء قبيلة عبيدة من مواقعهم شرقي “الطلعة الحمراء”.

المصادر أوضحت، أن سبب الانسحابات جاءت لعدة أسباب تمثلت في رفض المخدوعين مواصلة القتال في صفوف التحالف، بسبب انخراط عناصر تنظيم #القاعدة بالقتال،
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4 Apr
Takfiri #terrorists in #Syria are being transferred to #Yemen to join the ranks of Saudi forces and mercenaries fighting #Yemeni forces in the strategic central province of #Marib, Lebanon's al-Akbar newspaper reports.
Citing Yemeni intelligence sources, the
paper said #alQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (#AQAP) militants are waiting for terrorists from #Syria to arrive in #Yemen's southern province of #Abyan.

The report said the #Saudi command center in Yemen's southern port city of #Aden has even instructed
the #alQaeda warlord in #Abyan to secure the entry points for #terrorists arriving from #Syria and other countries.

Security and intelligence sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said #AQAP terrorists have been tasked with transporting the incoming militants and
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4 Apr
مجلس #جنيف للحقوق:اعتقال الفلسطينيين في #السعودية تعسفي وغير قانوني
أكد “مجلس جنيف للحقوق والحريات” أن استمرار السلطات السعودية باعتقال عشرات الفلسطينيين، وفي مقدمتهم الدكتور محمد الخضري، إجراء “تعسفي” غير قانوني، ويستند إلى تهم مبهمة وغير واضحة.
وأضافت لمياء فضلة رئيس المجلس
، في تصريح لوكالة شهاب، اليوم الأحد ” لا يمكن أن يبرر أحد حالات اعتقال بدون تهم، وما صدر عن السلطات السعودية تهم مزعومة، تتعلق بدورهم في دعم فصائل فلسطينية، ولم تتوفر أي معطيات عن أي علاقة بالمساس بالأمن السعودي”.
وحذرت فضلة من الأوضاع التي يعاني منها المعتقلون في السجون
السعودية، وقالت” هناك تخوف من ظروف اعتقالهم التي تعتبر مهينه للكرامة، فهم يتعرضون للتعذيب وغالبيتهم حرم من الزيارة، كما يعانون من الإهمال الطبي وبخاصة، الدكتور محمد الخضري، الذي يعاني من تدهور في حالته الصحية، ولم يمنح إفراج مؤقت للعلاج”.
كما حذرت من الأحكام التي قد تصدر
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4 Apr
#YEMEN:Mine Action Centre: Humanitarian disaster caused by coalition bombs and munitions.

The Director of the Executive Mine Action Centrer Brigadier General Ali Safra confirmed that the suffering in #Yemen is great and the humanitarian catastrophe is indescribable at the
level of cities, farms, water wells, roads, and residential neighborhoods polluted with remnants of the US-Saudi aggression.

“The raids that were dropped in various areas of #Yemen have represented permanent suffering and are still reaping #Yemenis. They are considered to
be the death of dozens of children and women,” Safra said during an event held by the National Committee in corporation with Executive Mine Action Centre on Sunday.
#6YearsOfWarOnYemen #YemenCantWait
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