My grandfather was the healthiest and one of the smartest men I ever met. At the age of 85, he was still able to ride a bike. He would stretch and go on long walks daily. He was extremely well read and held high positions in Pakistan.

He had never left Pakistan until his late 70's, but he was more proficient in English than his Urdu. Even in his 80s he had all his teeth

All in all, he was one of the healthiest and smartest individuals most people knew.
Last year, I met him after 15 years. He is over a hundred now. One of the smartest men I knew, cannot recognize me. He has almost lost all sense of reality. He also needs a helper at all times.

This is the reality for us all.
We live our lives thinking we're intellectuals and we are strong. We even blaspheme the name of God in our arrogance

At the end of the day, its like Allah has said

"And to whom We grant long life We reverse in creation (like a child); so will they not understand?(Qur'an 36:68)

• • •

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7 Apr
The Qur'an mentions two leaders of Egypt; the king at the time of Yusuf (upon him be peace) and the Pharoah at the time of Musa (upon him be peace). The Bible calls them both Pharoah. The Qur'an calls the former a king and the latter a Pharoah.
This is explained in the book, "The Man In The Red Underpants"

"It is interesting how Joseph (son of Israel or Jacob) also mentioned in the Quran, never refers to the ruler of Egypt as Pharaoh but rather calls him King, whereas Moses is clearly dealing with a Pharaoh.
The Bible calls both Pharaoh. Not such a problem one might think, except that when we try to locate Joseph in history we find that the dynasty ruling Egypt at the time were in fact the Hykos, who were Semites and didn't use the term Pharaoh,
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6 Apr
The Hanafi school does not like it for a free-flowing cloth to be hung over the shoulders during prayer. This is because they cause distraction. ImageImageImage
1) The First picture shows a handsome young man who has tied his scarf. Therefore, those pesky sides will not be dangling over his shoulders and will not distract him during ruku'.
2) Picture two and three show that the cloth is not tied, which will result in distraction during Ruku' for this oh so handsome man.

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6 Apr
Salam folks!
Ramadan is a gold mine. Every year, Allah Almighty gives us a small window of time to haul out mountains of blessings.

Shaykha @sadiyahrawat is offering a really creative course this Ramadan. She'll be coaching people to Maximize their Ramadan!

(details in thread) Image
@sadiyahrawat Sign up link:…

Each session will be divided into three portions:
1)Discourse about reforming the heart.

This section will tackle spiritual challenges of the heart like trusting in God, patience, Loving Allah and the mercy of Allah
@sadiyahrawat 2)Readind the text “A Ramadan With The Prophet (peace on him)".

The Prophet (peace on him) is our role model. Students will read and discuss the way that the Prophet would spend his Ramadan with evidence and try to emulate it. The virtues of Ramadan will also be discussed.
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6 Apr
If you've been feeling stressed lately, just know that you are not alone. We need to understand that our bodies are better at handling short term stresses (like running from being attacked). When it comes to long term stresses, it really hurts us.

( continue)
When we stress for a long time, our body thinks we are in danger and starts putting all its efforts towards the stress system. It stops focusing on digesting food, sleep, fighting diseases etc. I mean, if you were running from an attacker, you really would not care about these.
However, long term these things can really effect us. If you are going through stress right now, please take care of yourselves. You are not alone. Many people are struggling right now:…
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5 Apr
When we look at historical figures of the past we note their big accomplishments. The amazing thing about the Prophet (peace be upon him) is that not only are his big accomplishments notable, but the smaller aspects of his life are also perfect.
(a thread)
He was such a great individual that everything he did was great.

Just by his eating, he showed us:
1) Don’t waste food

2) Eat with people on the same plate! When you talk to someone turn your whole body towards them, and do not turn away from them until they draw back first.
3)Wipe yourself in the washroom and eat with different hands

4)Wash your hands before you eat

5)Brush your teeth multiple times in a day and when you eat

6)Don’t eat till you are full

7)Don’t complain or criticize the food
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5 Apr
On solitude vs. loneliness:

"Paul Tillich has a beautiful formulation: "Language ... has created the word 'loneliness' to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude' to express the glory of being alone."

Loneliness is painful, emotionally and even physically, born from a "want of intimacy" when we need it most, in early childhood. Solitude the capacity to be contentedly and constructively alone-is built from successful human connection at just that time.
But if we don't have experience with solitude-and this is often the case today-we start to equate loneliness and solitude. This reflects the impoverishment of our experience. If we don't know the satisfactions of solitude, we only know the panic of loneliness."
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