I look forward to bad faith legal threats by Kaiser Permanente’s attorneys when they realize that I speak inconvenient truth. It’s what I do.
The best part? Kaiser Permanente tried to justify their illegal kidnapping of me by claiming I am incapable of feeding & clothing myself.
Therefore, in order to assert that I have somehow defamed or libeled Kaiser Permanente, they would have to first admit that I am indeed capable of typing in a computer and navigating the internet.
“Gravely Disabled” people are not capable of defaming Kaiser Permanente on Twitter.
Which means the very fact that I am fully capable of telling the world about Kaiser Permanente’s criminal acts, proves that I am not “Gravely Disabled” and Kaiser staff lied to a court when they said so.

Kaiser Permanente kidnapped the wrong guy x9999999.

• • •

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6 Apr
Adversaries of democracy have figured out how to efficiently sow divisive social toxicity among a population.
It is easy to recognize once you realize it. The concept can be summed up as “contrarianism”. It involves targeting comments with quick statements of opposition.
The content, accuracy, and quality of response is not as important as doing it quickly and in a way which seeks to “sting” the person making the statement.
When this is done on a wide enough scale across a large population there is a measurable “monkey see, monkey do” effect on that target population.
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5 Apr
In the US it’s easy to get away with financial crimes if you claim the purpose of your criminal enterprise is to “facilitate” donations to political campaigns.
You become immune to prosecution because all levels of law enforcement and regulators are terrified of ever risking an accusation of political bias in enforcing law...
Most will simply shrug and say it’s a matter for the Federal Elections Commission. However, the FEC has been toothless, deadlocked, and unwilling to do anything for about a decade.
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4 Apr
What do you suppose would happen if a depiction of Putin slapping around Allah was to appear at صلىاللهعليهوسلم.com?

I mean, I would never do such a thing. That would be a terrible thing to do. Just a random thought.
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4 Apr
The extremely depraved criminality of the trump campaign opting-in donors for recurring payments is not merely withdrawing weekly or monthly sums from people’s bank accounts without informed consent...
That’s prong #1.
Prong #2 was continuing to hold mass gatherings and rallies in order to get the older donors sick (the ones who tend to have bank accounts worth draining).
A person ill with covid-19 is unlikely to be watch their bank account for unintended perpetual “donations”.
If someone is default-opted-in for recurring payments and then happens to be hospitalized for an extended period of time before dying of covid-19, they certainly won’t be stopping those payments or demanding a refund. Those payments will continue for a long time.
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3 Apr
Assigning delivery routes so grueling that drivers have to pee in bottles just to stay on schedule is gender discrimination.
Amazon’s unconscionable work quotas inherently advantage male drivers whom are better equipped for bottle peeing.
Whole thing is clusterf**k levels of bad.
I’d think Amazon also risks liability from inherently soliciting and incentivizing its drivers to commit acts of indecent exposure while in public.
Sounds dangerously close to forcing employees into committing crimes of a somewhat sexual nature.
Are there surveillance cams in Amazon delivery vans? Is Amazon recording video of delivery drivers while those drivers are forced to pee in bottles by Amazon’s unreasonable work conditions?
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3 Apr
Do negligent data breaches cause physical harm? Do they shorten lives? In the past- maybe. I the current day and near future, they absolutely do.
I can explain with firsthand knowledge and experience.
Due to a fairly common underlying health condition, my body is not very good at processing sugar.

I also really really do not like pricking my fingers multiple times a day- so I don’t. It’s not a conscious and intentional decision. I just don’t like it. Result? I rarely do it.
In a very feasible way, some sort of small blood sugar monitoring stick-on device could easily keep me well informed of blood sugar levels and would likely add several good years to my life. In fact, more than one doctor has suggested that I could use such a device.
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