My personal opinion on the price of $Hot #Holochain.

What I think will happen in stages & how that will affect price.

Not financial advice.

I think that there is currently an awakening within the crypto space about #Holochain & that may seem like an obvious observation but
when I say that, judging by the tweets I see there many that still don't fully appreciate its scope.
The reason I say that is because so many talk about it as a coin/token in the traditional sense, & along with that comes the questions about "partnerships".

To me the word
partnership in cryptocurrency is just a sales tool that benefits both mentioned parties by feeding their investors with new hope, new news, new....something!

But still I am yet to see a #Blockchain partnership that actually lead to any external revenue which isn't surprising
because #Blockchain isn't asset backed, its backed by speculation.
You can try & create your own revenue by staking, but even that is speculative.
The only revenue in #Blockchain that is guaranteed to make people rich is the money paid to the miners & the exchanges.
The sooner people realize that with blockchain the only product is the coin/token itself, & you buying it is the revenue.
Say to yourself next time your buy a #Blockchain coin or token (I AM THE REVENUE).
The only way to make money in Blockchain is to buy something & hope
someone else buys at a higher price.
As people realize this over time #Holochain will just grow & grow.

I think although the industry doesn't want to change the status quo there are more & more who are starting to realize that they have choices now.

They can stay & keep
putting their hard earned money into new iterations of #Blockchain or they can move with the times to an entirely new type of cryptocurrency that is built without the mindset of feeding an entire mining industry billions of dollars per year.
May seem like I go on about this all of the time but it is very important & will have a massive impact on the price of $Hot & #HoloFuel.

The "awakening" within the crypto space is only just beginning.
And when you look at the numbers the current shift in price & new all time
highs for $Hot is comparatively small when you're talking about a near $2 Trillion market cap.

As more people make the change when they start seeing the first currencies built on #Holochain that's when you can
expect to see some impressive gains.

The ones benefiting now are looking to the future not the past or the present.

Prior to that though, given that there we are still in Alpha testing & even though things are going great I personally don't expect to see any figures higher
than $0.06 in the near term & I say this because its important to keep in mind the number of projects building on #Holochain initially.
There is going to be excess #HoloFuel during the initial swap period, at least for the first 1 or 2 months of it & that's why the team have made it a 6 month evolution.

After this I expect things to change as more & more hosting takes place & new ventures pop up like they did
when Holochain was first announced.
I'm still confident #HoloFuel will one day reach the $1 mark & beyond but it will take some time, and is not likely to be seen this year.

Doesn't mean it can't or won't happen but IMO it would take something big to cause that.
Because #Holochain itself is so complex & offers so many use cases beyond just cryptocurrencies (stares at blockchain👀) I think there will be a plethora of companies using Holochain for #IOT because it can do things to benefit it that nothing else can.

This alone will give
#Holochain global exposure & yes not all of those that use it for IOT will need Holo hosting, that doesn't matter because the ones that do will more than make up for it.

That plus the requirement that every application on Holochain is required to allow users to own their
data, the recent news of a #FacebookDataLeak is a perfect reason Holochain will grow around the world as more awareness of it is created.

This will take time though, unless there is a killer app right from the get go.
My predictions for $Hot are $0.03 ~ $0.06 before & during the first 2 months of the swap.

Keeping in mind that any $Hot that is swapped is also taken out of circulation & converted to #HoloFuel which can then ONLY be swapped back to Hot after it
has been first used to pay for Holo hosting.

Or the holder decides to sell it on an exchange.

Speaking of exchanges I think some exchanges will eventually bite the bullet & also build their own currencies on #Holochain because for them it will speed up their processes and
if there is public demand they will have no choice.

They make their money from trading fees, listing fees, being market makers, they have so many revenue streams its crazy.

With a Holochain currency they can have it set to free for sending & receiving or add a small
percentage for profits.

Even the exchanges would know by now that #Blockchain has not evolved, its growing now but its a saturated market with little to no revenue for the coin holders.

Sooner rather than later as people choose new technology exchanges will follow, they won't
have a choice if they want to retain customers.

So getting back to price.

After the first couple of months I think #HoloFuel could see a price explosion.
This causal factors for this would be any of the below occurring alone or simultaneously.
~ IOT use starts to get big
~ A killer hApp is created
~ Word gets out to the hosting industry & Holochain sees worldwide attention
~#Blockchain projects start building on
Holochain to improve their public image & integrate both technologies
~Retail, FInance, Defense etc industries makes use of #Holochain's off-line & mesh-networking capabilities.
~ More people become tired with the stagnation of #Blockhcain

Could go on but as you can see it would
only take one of, or a combination of those things to happen for the price to go parabolic.

So will it happen?

IMO, absolutely, but the unknown factor is when (wen)?

#Holochain isn't a tribal movement, its a technological innovation waiting to be discovered. 😎
Authors note: I am traditionally terrible when it comes to price predictions. ☺️


#Holochain Image

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7 Apr
No doubt some out there are thinking that if #Holochain is free & open source & is used for #IOT how will that affect the price of #HoloFuel in a positive way?

The answer is "Network effect"

Network effect happens when a product or service gains value as more people use it.
Even if they are not directly paying for it. The name becomes synonymous with particular technology.

I think when it comes to #IOT that industry will know the word #Holochain, & when it comes to Peer-to-Peer apps that advertise this fact, it will have the same network affect.
The same can probably be said for Holo hosting in the #CloudComputing industry.

That's the irony of #Holochain, at the moment it lacks world wide exposure but in reality it can & will work with so many different industries & social groups probably hundreds if not thousands of
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This is an older article, maybe many have seen it but first time for me.

It compares #Holochain to #Blockchain for #IOT.

No surprises how it ends. Image
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"Conversely, #Holochain preserves a lot of storage space and network bandwidth that make the system more scalable than Blockchain. "

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7 Apr
To give you a brief comparison of the capabilities of #Holochain to #Blockchain, I just noticed a #Polkadot project for #IOT named Nodle.

This thread will really highlight the weakness of old technology vs new tech.

Firstly because it is blockchain, it needs to be tokenized Image
because that is the working parameters of blockchain, it is forever stuck in an uncomfortable place of having to tokenize most evolutions.

The other problem is in its very design, needing humans to act as mobile nodes.

The company behind this created a great hardware device Image
for tracking #Coronavirus which saw people wear the device & be alerted for social distancing & contact tracing.

But the #Polkadot blockchain-ization of it really does highlight the weaknesses of #blockchain.

Because blockchain needs to have a global consensus to validate
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18 Feb
Anyone out there who doesn't "get" #Holochain, what it is, what it will do, who will use it etc.

Firstly Holofuel supply is dynamic, it expands & contracts.

There isn't one big Holochain its a purpose built architecture for building distributed applications.
Applications built on #Holochain can collectively do things nothing else can;

1. Be hosted peer to peer, no data centers
2. Able to fully function without Internet access (Mesh-Networking)
3. Ensures all users own their data & can remove it & deny access to any app they choose
4. Scaling is unlimited with torrent like membrane
5. DNA contains high level of security through DHT functions, peer validation, gossip & cryptographic signatures.
6. Ability to have 100% peer to peer hosted application accessed via regular web browsers; this is a world first!
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18 Feb
Ever noticed that nearly every #Blockchain project boasts about its cross-chain, cross platform, #smartcontracts interoperability?

They do this because this is their "product" talking to other blockchains has become their asset to sell to the public.

So if talking to another
#Blockchain is an asset & ppl spend money because of these "features', what is the end-game?

Do the holders of these coins/tokens realize that "growth" in a siloed industry requires new buyers in perpetuity for it to be still growing.

When something can't grow anymore what
usually happens is it becomes stagnant & ppl leave it to find something that is still able to grow.

In siloed industry with external adoption being the gauge of the growth ceiling height there will soon be many that just stop growing.

As an analogy what the exchanges & miners
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17 Feb
Some of you may have heard about the the recent exploit of #SignalApp that has been exposed involving the FBI and an Israel firm.

Their ability to crack the code on the device appears to have likely been caused because the key that supposed to keep the
messages encrypted "at rest" is itself using an unencrypted key.

When a live secure messenger is built on #Holochain its already will enable the Devs to add encryption at rest for both keys & messages.
This means a secure peer-to-peer end-to-end
encryption messaging application built on #Holochain will have a higher level of security than any available messenger on the market today.

The keys used to encrypt the messages will be encrypted with a password as well which will give the user a choice of how high their
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