A THREAD on #MaoistTerror:
Blood boils every time our brave soldiers lost their lives. The threat from this violent imported ideology is real and must be dealt with an iron fist.
No terrorists or their sympathizers have a place in a peaceful democratic society.
In the last two decades @ShashiTharoor, more than 14,000 (reported) people have been killed as a result of #MaoistTerror alone. It is undoubtedly the biggest and most grievous terror network that is operating in India and a grave threat to domestic security.
NOT misguided youths.
This terror movement began in the late 1960s when communists across the world were in great turmoil following the Sino-Soviet split.
This #MaoistTerror idea was to convert the country into a “dictatorship” that needed a fitting narrative and a devoted army.
Not Naxals-Terrorists.
Phrases like “annihilation of class enemies” were falsely used to portray the uprising - due to the failure of the Govts in addressing the miserable lives of the tribals.
Fact: #MaoistTerror had nothing to do with tribal autonomy, but establish Communist loot & plunder by Force.
These #MaoistTerrorists only have affinity and lust for land. Land grabbing is the central ideology as these people have gained massive wealth and influence.
Encouraged by radicals, the landless peasants, for the forcible takeover, spark a spiral of killings and counter-killings.
Land and the lure of quick money have been key to this #MaoistTerror.
Initially, led by local radical communist terrorists of Bengal, a large number of enthusiastic youth from well-off families also joined the movement for quick money, which developed into the CPI (M-L) in 1969.
The leaders and ideologue of this terror outfit, Charu Mazumdar & Kanu Sanyal, both born in the family of landowners, knew the time was ripe for an armed #MaoistTerror
The irony - the intellectual traitors from all walks of life - from Calcutta to Kerala started frequenting them.
After Charu's death in police lockup, the movement collapsed. CPI (M-L) split into many factions.
One faction led by Dipankar Bhattacharya (still functional) is the CPI (M-L) Liberation. Kavita Krishnan is a member of the Politburo, and its student wing is (AISA).
Another faction, CPI (Maoist) - the #MaoistTerror or Red Corridor stretches from India's northeast through the states of Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Andhra, and Maharashtra in the west.
Their annual revenue estimates - 250-350 Cr, all through illegal, acts and methods.
In 2009, the UPA-2 Govt not only banned the #MaoistTerror: CPI-Maoists but also started an all-out offensive (Op GreenHunt) of CoBRA Commandoes.
Soon, Rahul Gandhi told the US, Hindu extremists are a bigger threat to India.
On 26th May 2013, #MaoistTerrorists struck a convoy of Congress leaders during an election rally in Chhattisgarh's Bastar region, killing at least 25, including state Congress chief Nand Kumar Patel, Sr party leaders Mahendra Karma & Vidya Charan Shukla.
The #MaoistTerror has slaughtered countless Congressmen. It is astonishing that today's Congress has forgotten all of them. Remember how @RahulGandhi rushed to give cover to the "Tukde-Tukde-Gang" in JNU... standing in solidarity with convicted Maoists?

What a shame!
The ideological and logistic support to these Maoist Terrorists comes from the same #UrbanNaxals which Congress and its ecosystem defend. The #MaoistTerrorists may have pulled the trigger, but it is their sympathizers who provide this menace the firepower.
The list is long...
The problem with @INCIndia is that they have tied themselves in many knots with the #UrbanNaxals & #MaoistTerror sympathizers right from NAC days!
They rely on these shameless parasites hoping they will help it get back to power has eventually pushed them to the left of the left.
Remember when the Maha Police arrested the suspects for providing a network to the #MaoistTerror in Jan 2018, all hell broke and the #UrbanNaxals were mobilized within hours across mainstream and social media, crying EMERGENCY?
Those crying foul over the arrests of these #MaoistTerror sympathizers will never mention they have been arrested earlier too for seeking foreign arms. Who uses 1000 M4 Carbine Rifles and 4 lakh rounds of ammunition except for barbaric terrorists?
But we must address the real problem. This lobby has been tolerated in India for a very long time. The time has come that these #MaoistTerror sympathizers are identified, investigated, and booked if guilty, ignoring every seditious victimhood narrative.
Enough is enough!

• • •

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Yes. This dreaded Gangster #MukhtarAnsari is the nephew of Ex VP Hamid Ansari and the grandson of Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, an early president of both the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress and an outspoken supporter of the Khilafat Movement. Image
Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari was the leader of both the Muslim League and INC and along with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, played a key role in the negotiation of the 1916 Lucknow Pact which sowed the seeds of separate electorates for Muslims and one-third representation for Muslims Govt.
When Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari moved to Hyderabad where his two brothers were in the service of the Nizam.
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@brakoo Though I speak Bhojpuri, I i'll try some examples:
Braj Bhasha: तू कब आवेगो, का हो रयो है? कहाँ जाए रयो हे

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These are more than dialects with sufficiently rich literature. I'll try to elaborate.
@brakoo Braj & Awadhi are part of the Apabhramsa, a stage of Indic Language post-Prakrit. The stages are known as Sanskrit > Pali > Prakrit >Apabhrasmsha > Hindi

Both were heavily used as a vehicle for poetry from approx the 6th to 12th centuries, the Bhakti Kaal of the Indic literature
@brakoo The Brajbhasha, in literature, was mostly used to praise Krishna, originated from western UP, Mathura and near about and is practiced up till Rajasthan. The lead poets were Soorrdas, Raskhaan, Bhartendu, etc.
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A THREAD on Saint #AmartyaSen.
A comprehensive story of how the Nobel Laureate in economics (a committed communist klutz to be precise) thoroughly botched up the revival of the Nalanda University using a mix of nepotism, incompetency, and ad hoc functioning.

Please read & share:
First, the appointment of #AmartyaSen, who throughout his career has heaped scorn on everything that is rooted in the Indian tradition, was outrageous for Nalanda University, that had once symbolized Indian culture and the world’s best traditions of excellence in learning.
Indeed, it is open knowledge that the sole qualification of #AmartyaSen to head the Nalanda University was his proximity with Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.
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A THREAD on #AhmedPatel as Congress Chairperson’s chief Political adviser since he became the Congress’s central piece, post-Rajiv-era.
Here my focus is how Modern Congress's (established by Sonia and Ahmed Bhai) conduct marks a distinct break from the party’s past.
It was #AhmedPatel who executed a dramatic coup by locking Sitaram Kesri in the bathroom in Congress's Akbar Road headquarters.
Sonia entered the Congress headquarters triumphant. The permanent change in Congress leadership was scandalous but swift.
When former PM PVN Rao’s mortal remains were flown to Hyderabad, he was insulted even in death as his body was not allowed to enter Congress headquarters. Once again it was #AhmedPatel entrusted by Sonia Gandhi to do the dirty job. And he did, swiftly.
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26 Nov 20
Remembering 26/11...!!
10 Pakistani "misguided youth' of Lashkar-e-Taiba, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks, lasting four days of mayhem across Mumbai killing 164 people and wounding many hundreds.
Immediately, the Congress establishment was busy running a narrative- "26/11- RSS Ki Sajish."
Party VP Rahul Gandhi remarked to US Ambassador Timothy Roemer, at a lunch hosted by PM Dr. Singh in 2009, that RSS was a "bigger threat" to India than LeT.
From the Anti-Godhra campaign to Samjhauta Blast, from Col Purohit to Sadhvi Pragya, Congress had a cloaked dagger.
Never in the history of India did anyone drive the Communal wedge as deep and in such a conspiratorial manner, as Sonia-led Congress.
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To answer why no representation of the Minority Community (MC), inherently lies in the question "in which constituency, MC voted BJP's candidate to victory?"
A THREAD on why this bigotry of left-liberal-jihadi cabal is the worst damage they’ve inflicted on their community.
In this Bihar Election (especially Seemanchal, where demography favors the Minority Community) they preferred the Razakar Owaisi over JDU as an alternative of the MGB.
Nitish was secular until he allied with BJP. But the onus of their representation lies with BJP. Wow!
In 2014, BJP fielded Shahnawaz Hussein (youngest Cabinet Minister in Vajpayee Govt) from Bhagalpur (with a sizeable MC pop). But even during the Modi tsunami, he lost. Because MC voted en block in favor of a non-Muslim candidate - Bulo Mandal of RJD only to defeat BJP.
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