First, they enslaved us
When we revolted
Citing all men are created equal
They removed the chains
But segregated us
With separate but equal
It was separate
but never equal
The playing field
Was always slanted
When we protested
Token changes were made
MLM had a dream
Rosa sat in front, on a bus
They “gave” us the vote
Little Ruby went to school
Each time we thought
We gained some ground
Each time we though
We won the fight
But each and every single time
They only found new ways
To block our way
To block our path
Slavery, lynchings
Segregation, beatings
Voting rights, crosses burning
Jim crow era, bloody massacres
School to prison pipeline
Every generation has seen a hero emerge
To lead us into one more battle
One last fight for our rights
It’s been hundreds of years
Of inequity of inequality
It’s been hundreds of years
of frustration and of anger
It’s been hundreds of years
of fighting for our rights
to be Americans
To be full citizens
And you’re tired of our fight?
You want us to let it go?
To settle for partial rights?
You’re tired of our struggle?
We should just get over it?
Be grateful for thrown crumbs?
You’re tired? Tough luck!
But we will NEVER give up!
We will never rest!
Until we enjoy every single right
Until we are afforded every single privilege
Until we are given the respect deserved
Until we are treated with inequity and equality
Until we are considered fully...
If you are tired of us
Imagine how tired we are of you
Your excuses
Your platitudes
Your blindness
Your cruelty
Your attitudes
We are tired of YOU!

Muriel Vieux
April 5th, 2021
©All rights reserved

• • •

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7 Apr
1- I am not a transgender,
I could never, no matter how emphatic I think I am, ever understand what a transgender person goes through, the same goes for homosexuals or any other type of gender or sexual orientation that is not mine.
2- That being said, I’ve seen, heard, and read stories about those topics and as has been pointed countless times, people start developing or manifesting those feelings as children, before puberty, some even as young as toddlers.
3- Am I to believe that children are choosing to be different? To be something that society rejects? That causes them emotional trauma? Drives them into depression? Causes them to be ostracized. Have people lost all sense of perspective?
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7 Apr
What it is to be Woke!

To be aware of social injustice and inequities
To care for the plight of your fellow humans
to sympathize with what others are going through
What it’s not? an insult
To be concerned about the changes in climate
That already endangers countless of lives
That’s causing displacement of people
What it’s not? a put-down
To be disturbed by the disparity of wealth
That in year 2021 people are still dying for lack of food
While food waste has increased in the 100%’s
What it’s not? Offensive
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6 Apr
We’ve marched in silence
We’ve marched in protest
We’ve sung our sorrows
Our voices raised in anger
Always in the face of danger Image
The tears streaming down our faces
Never enough to wash away the pain
The list of names streaming from our lips
Ever-growing and never-ending
Each name a soul that breaks down barriers
We’ve taken a knee and been rebuked
We’ve taken to the streets and been arrested
We’ve taken the beatings and felt the hate
We’ve taken the abuses and forged ahead
Always in the face of injustice
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6 Apr
If every child could get an education
Without debt into the future
To pursue their choice of dreams

If every citizen could find food
Without begging on street corners
Depending on the kindness of strangers Image
If all the sick could find healthcare
Without the fear of bankruptcy
Of losing all their life savings

If every minority could find destiny
without the threat of deportation
Becoming functioning members of society
If petty criminals could be reformed
Instead of prison having a rotating door
Harden criminals would disappear

If everyone could lay down their heads
On a bed, in a house, every night
And not worry about the weather
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6 Apr
@FoxNews hosts had a good laugh on voting laws in #georgia
3 Whites, fell over themselves laughing as to how they never had to have water while waiting in line, Think about that, let that sink in.…
If you’ve ever wondered what privileged sounded and looked like, all you have to do is watch that segment of 3 white people, having fun at the expense of minorities fighting to be heard, fighting for their rights.
They were oblivious to the fact that their “argument” was the very reason why the new #georgia laws were abhorrent. That their experience was proof that not all voting is handled equally. Because you see “they” never had to stand in line for 5 much less 11 hours to vote!
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2 Apr
There are two main reasons, in my opinion, as to why racism is both still rampant in the US and still misunderstood by the ones that are racists whether consciously or unconsciously.
One reason of course is the whitewashing of history and historical facts. This may be the subject of another thread, but that reason has been detailed by writers much more weight and knowledge than I.
The other is more subtle and ingrained, it’s the one that has people scratching their heads over the removal of a few Dr. Seuss books, it’s that puzzled look from friends and foe alike saying aren’t we nitpicking now?
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