"Vacc card" became "Covid passport". "Covid passport" will become "health passport/health score".
What is your health score? To them it means how well do you obey their legal unconstitutional commands. What can they force on you. What kind of "health issue" do they consider unacceptable?
Patriotism? Conservatism? They are already rooting those out.
Christianity? Already working on that one too. Anything that you believe that they don't like will be "unhealthy" and therefore "illegal". You can do nothing right and they can do nothing wrong. Want to protect yourself? Then you are a violent scumbag.
Someone attacks you, they are misunderstood and it was due to outside forces. It's already here. The next planned outbreak will be to attack open States and force everyone to have a health score.
How far can they go? They have no limits, when logic and decency do not apply there are no limits and it will change daily. Reproductive permits, if you are unhealthy, or think unhealthy according to them, you can't get a reproductive permit.
Any child you produce would be subject to confiscation and proper education or you would just be spreading your unhealthy ideas.
You want to work, vote, travel? The government's not going to let you spread your unhealthy thoughts you have a sick mind.
Family members, predominantly children, will be removed from "unhealthy households" and "unhealthy situations". To be placed in an absolute nightmare of what they consider "normal".
Denial of government services, healthcare, educational opportunities, employment, you'll be at the end of the line for everything if you're allowed to participate at all. All because you think differently than what they want.
If it sounds extreme it is, but it doesn't mean it's impossible you can already see it. And history has shown it multiple times. There are already calls publicly to deny healthcare, jobs, services, government funds, to certain people because they believe differently.
Look how fast the world is changed in just a few weeks. Pictures in a few years. Every day is a new outrage. Designed to distance any argument about the stolen fraud. Keep people outraged on something fresh daily and they don't have time to look back a few months.
Fight everyday! Don't shy away from it. Stay informed, stay healthy and sane, allow your spiritual health to grow, it is a shield that they cannot penetrate. And stay strong in the Lord, and HE will show us a path out of this evil darkness🙏🙏🙏🙏

• • •

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3 Apr
The "criteria" to house a Foster Child, is being DRAMATICALLY lowered. No experience, no home check/supervision, no background check. Making room for the new illegals. Do a basic search for "hosting immigrant child from the border". They require I.D. but you can basically
Sign up, pick the age/sex/group of your "sponsored child" and drive off🙏🙏🙏
There are reports of children wondering the streets or gathering in small groups in california, arizona, texas. Turned loose, dumped, once their job of pretending to be a family to get across the border, was done.
Easy prey🙏
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2 Apr
Twi-t has "put a notice" on my original thread and it can't be liked or retw-eeted. So here we go!👍
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1 Apr
I have been told by more than one person at a major research hospital, confirmed at another location. That there was such a high incidence of "negative reactions" to the covid vaccines, that "vaccine shots" have been ALTERED.
A percentage of placebo/saline have been included in shipments. These are completely neutral basically water and will do nothing. This was done by the pharmaceutical companies and the "Bi-den admin" together. This was done to lessen the reports of negative reactions
Make this administration look more competent. It was done to lessen the impact of these negative reactions on the pharmaceutical company. And it was done for profit, as the vaccines are becoming useless due to "mutations".
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31 Mar
You know, this sounds an awful lot like the DOJ/FB-i engage in illegal surveillance, planting/altering "evidence" and try to control compromise elected officials, judges, reporters, rivals, etc.🤔

Now where have I heard that before?🤔🤔
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27 Mar
The next big "Covid shutdown" is underway. Infected illegal aliens being shipped all over the country. After summer, the "Biden admin" will breathlessly report increased covid cases across the US, blaming them on some activities and people not wearing masks.
They need the fear to stay in control. Without the fear people will stand up and say enough. It's all about control.
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