No one can even defend @AOC right now or else you get shamed, personally attacked, hated & raged on, maligned, called a “centrist,” lied about, smeared, slandered, bullied, unfollowed or blocked.
But this all constructive criticism, right guys.
You’re the victims, right?
All Dems have to donate to the party. That’s it. It’s not like she can not give them money and tell everyone to “fuck off.”

And it goes way beyond just the donations to Dem seats to beat the GOP. No one likes it.
I don’t like it either. I want money out of politics, but let’s be real. If you’re personally attacking someone defending AOC or posting an AOC tweet then what are you really doing? You’re not politicking. You’re trolling. Hating. Bullying. Playing elitism.
You can check to see all the members AOC donated to.

• • •

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More from @PaulDeCristofo4

7 Apr
Ok, so...let’s see...

Hyper focus all attacks on progs & Dems but especially AOC, & trash any mf who defends her in any way as “cult members.” Act like they’re beneath you.

& then if anyone attacks the GOP play it down, ignore it or call them a “centrist.”
Then sheep dog everyone to communism while ignoring or shitting on electoralism, and looking down your nose at others like “I’m more left than you,” 👀 which is an ego trip & does nothing for the left but get people hating on each other for an imaginary clique.
This is the dysfunctional left.
Read 4 tweets
6 Apr
Imagine being this hate filled and obsessive about one account always defaming, lying about and hating @GeoffMiami.

I’m sorry but this is abusive. ImageImageImageImage
Imagine being a total #Antisemite and smearing a Jewish man with “he’s a zionist” trying to get leftists to hate Geoff just because he’s jewish. ImageImageImageImage
But she defends Maga though. No problem and hates on antifascists. Image
Read 11 tweets
6 Apr
Talk about bad faith & trashing allies. Talk about assigning bad intention and magical thinking as they play the one true Scotsman of “truth” telling like they can read @daviddoel’s mind.
This is an example of why the left is trash now.

Notice how Joy is always in the middle of the purity left hate train?

It’s all she does is gossip and hate on people and AOC. It’s her hobby.

“Buy her book!” 🙄
The vanguard is all over the place. One day they’ll do good, the next day it’s trash. Very inconsistent. It’s almost as if they play to a certain crowd for validation for their “creds.”
Read 6 tweets
5 Apr
The State of The Left and The History of Our Present.



Side note: No matter how many people call Ben names or unfollow him because of JD, I respect Ben’s opinions & I think he’s is a genuine voice that should not be dismissed.
Read 5 tweets
5 Apr
I find it hypocritical that Fiorella talks about how women of color are being treated so badly, (and she’s is right), but then she is also in one of the main online cliques who trash AOC (who’s also a WOC) constantly in bad faith.

Respect for me, not for thee.
Here’s one example.

What’s more bad faith than telling people that “AOC is controlled opposition.”

That’s a conspiratorial smear.

But that’s how Fiorella treats women of color, with disrespect and conspiratorial lies
So is someone said Fiorella was a paid Saudi Arabian op and did sex work with MBS himself while being paid to divide the left and get people to not vote for the squad or to hate on AOC would that be fair?

Or would it be a conspiracy attack on a WOC?
Read 4 tweets
5 Apr
How many times do you eat meat a week?
Eating less meat helps lower methane gas.

Eating less fish helps save the oceans and sea life which is connected to whales who give off phytoplankton to capture carbon in the oceans at 4x’s more than the Amazon rainforest.
People say they want to help fight against climate change, and we can all participate right now.

no one can make you do it. It's a choice that you have to commit to and follow yourself.
Read 7 tweets

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