Literally the only good thing about the weather I would describe as "on-ramp to hell"

The sundresses are coming back out.

And God Almighty, does she have the legs for them.

(Shared with permission)
It hit 81 degrees today, and I'm /almost/ okay with that.
Legs to make any skirt look "mini."
She make a train take a dirt road
Make it stop on a dime
Make you wonder which way to go to
Make a man change his mind
I really like this lady, y'all.

• • •

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5 Apr
Starting again from here, I guess. Trying to pick back up, watching the #StarTrekDiscovery Episode...

"Unification III?"


As in continuing the Unification I and II from TNG?


(Brief explanation here. I'm going to try to get as much done as I can, then I'll break, and finish this evening.)

Trek, with sex in it. Not titillation, just... sex. As a natural part of what people do.

I love it.

Also, Booker baring himself first, and then being the one to help her take off the uniform?

His being open to her, but having to help her do the same?

aaaaaah visual language💗 Book taking off Burnham's uniform.
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5 Apr
"Populists," who are definitely interested in restricting access to the vote. Populists. Definitely.
If only there was a word for a far-right political ideology which tries to define sections of the population as being worthy or unworthy members of the state,

Which wraps itself in tradition, makes supporting the military a religious act, and praises Nationalism as patriotism.
Who work closely with the business community, and are willing to shit all over civil and property rights for business,

But only so long as those businesses support the power of the Party and the State.

Who view "critique" as an attack to be parried.

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5 Apr
I'm reminded of a moment where my (NASA Engineer) Grandfather leaned over to me during thanksgiving and went,

"Just to let you know how odd this is getting. You're Mark's son, right?"

After I nodded,

"I only knew that because you're too old to be Ben or Eric."
He was simply aware of the state of his mind. He lived with family, was taken care of, and was able to simply exist.

He'd work on projects. Genealogy, mainly. Things he could pick up and familiarize himself with as he was present with them.

Too much fox news, too, regrettably.
I hope to be able to exist in my own twilight with the same grace, and comfort.
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5 Apr
Was talking to a Real Estate dude during an apartment tour. He mentioned they were doing Denver's first "Micro-apartments," pretty much the Japanese 1LDK style. 200 sqft.

I go "Oh, cool, yeah there's definitely a place for those in the rental market."

Then he told me the price.
We, by the way, are touring one- and two-bedroom apartments, with 500-900 square feet, and we're looking at between $1200 and $1600 per month.

These motherfuckers are selling walk-in closets for $1300.

The price of a two-bedroom.
Can you miss the point any goddamn harder.
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4 Apr
What jargon from your field gets used wrong in a way that bothers you, or pulls you out of something you're reading/watching?

For instance: Circa means "approximately." It's a good guess. It doesn't just mean "I'm about to say a date in the past."
Oh, here's one. Not my field, but


A quantum leap is very, very, very small.

That's the point of it.

Stop using it to mean a huge and swift advance, ESPECIALLY politically, you're accidentally being more accurate than you mean to be.
Like... we know where the cases came from. We warned you they would happen. This is not a small change happening suddenly, this is a huge and obvious change happening while being continuously commented upon.

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1 Apr
That's an awful nice lap desk you've got.

Probably were going to get some drawing done.

It'd sure be a shame if someone sat down here right before you set it up and started purring, wouldn't it?
A right shame.
Yeah, that's right, fork over the good shit.
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