So when are we going to discuss the ’Highly Sensitive Person’ / Actually You’re Autistic problem... ?
FWIW I called myself this for years, then I found out it was actually ‘Female’ Autism.
Most of the things they use to distinguish are based on a very poor understanding of masking. Make false assumptions about Autistic people, or use a binary to describe us.
It seems even the author of the book has changed a lot about her distinctions... now it just says Autism is complex lol.
This is the damage stigma is doing btw... it’s stopping people from understanding themselves. Autism explained way more stuff about me than being an HSP ever did, but I believed that Autistic people didn’t like socialising, I didn’t know what Autism was or that I had been masking
This unofficial test is the most discriminate test I’ve seen of my ‘female’ variant Autism... If you consider yourself a HSP, you might be Autistic. You don’t want to discover it like I did. Trust me.…
Things you need to know:
* Some Autistic people love socialising, it’s stressful
* often can make eye contact (by cheating in some cases looking at the bridge of the nose or eyebrows)
* we didn’t show any obvious social deficits
* we’re often hyperverbal (talked a lot)
Estimates show between 90-97% of Adult Autistics in the US do not have the correct diagnosis.
If the figure of 20% of HSP ends up just being ‘Female’ Autism with high unconscious masking... it may be way more prevalent than people think.

Some might make it through life without a “breakdown”.
I did not.…
A lot of us who were masking didn’t realise how we were doing it, and still can’t fully take it off - taking off the mask is not easy.
Getting an Autism diagnosis is difficult, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network sees self-diagnosis as valid. It was liberating, I feel that on the whole. It can come with a raft of other emotions associated with grief also. Autistic life: it’s complicated.
For those who do not know what ‘Masking’ is... it’s an adaptation of Autistic people trying to survive in a world not made for them. @DrAmyPearson and @KieranRose7 published this amazing paper on it.…
The only test on the website below that is okish is the CAT-Q. [Twitter is not the perfect place to describe everything wrong with Autism research and testing right now]. These will give you a rough idea if you are Autistic.
I wrote about the most current issue in Autistic research.…

• • •

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7 Apr
We desperately need Autistic diagnostic tests written by Autistic people. It’s really obvious all the current ones were not developed with wide enough input and it’s leading tons of people to believe they are not Autistic.
Nearly all of them are based on theory of mind. The false belief that Autistic people cannot think about what other people think correctly. It’s been absolutely rubbished due to the double empathy problem.
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7 Apr
Dysgraphia is a poorly understood specific learning disability. It’s not just handwriting. It’s whenever you write. It causes a lot of issues, certain grammatical rules take a long time to learn. I often make “careless errors” that are due to dysgraphia. 1/2
For example:
“Autistic person”
“person with autism”

These are exactly the same in my mind. I know the reasoning for using identity-first but I took a long time to actually use this, as my brain still sees these exactly the same.
Sentence structure is the other issue. 2/2
My tweets are usually carefully edited multiple times for this. It was hell doing essay exams with this undiagnosed. It’s often not detected.
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7 Apr
A story here, a few years ago my wife and I were in a car accident, the guy left the scene, we both had massive whiplash, she also injured her knees. I didn’t react properly. I felt awful but I have been gaslight so much over pain. I am hyper aware of her pain now.
I broke my arm and was told to have a cup of soup and a bath. I broke my collarbone and it just reset in the wrong place. My doctor and my work denied my Crohns pain for a year as hypochondria.
Ever get ABA’d out of feeling pain? I have. I burn myself all the time without noticing now.
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7 Apr
Because a lot of neurodivergent people like to consider every possibility when designing a system, the best thing you can do is give them specific requirements. I personally short circuit when the scope of design is too large. Give explicit instructions, answer all questions.
If you don’t know say: “I don’t know”
Don’t patronise us and change your voice like we don’t understand language. Assume competence always.
The worst responses I received:
“Just make it good”
“You figure it out”
“Why are you asking this question? It’s clear what I meant”
“Now you’re just being difficult”
“I’ll do it myself”
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7 Apr
Time =/= effort.
I achieve more in 4 hours than I do in 8 due to the constant worry about the consistency I need to keep up. I also need to recharge a ton, but I work with the passion of 1000 suns when I work.
Programming wasn't a good career for me, due to the fact I have dyscalculia - I would often make off by 1 errors.

I spent more time bug fixing a lot of awful things I did due to this.

I was incredible at finding others bugs.
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6 Apr
ADHD and Autism are the same thing with different dimensions.
My hypothesised dimensions:
Need for Routine
Emotional Sensitivity
Social Difficulty
Logic Processing
There are more... but that's a start.
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