“Don’t you want to get back to normal?”

Yes, you fuck, but the same people who destroyed “normal” are coercing you into biometric IDs.
I will take their year of no concerts and clubs and raise them a fucking lifetime of no (registered) concerts and clubs. I will sever the umbilical cord of normal and never look back.

If the price of normal is slavery, I have no fucking interest and I’ll create a new normal.
I wanted to travel the world. If the price is to submit, then oh well, my life will go differently than I thought. No looking back. I will play this game of chicken and I have no intention of veering away.
You know what fuckers? I’ll gladly live every single year of the rest of my life like I lived the last year. I hung out with people regardless of so-called restrictions, I got creative, my mindframe evolved, I built skills, and I resolved to flip the bird at agents of coercion.
I no longer long for an end to the madness. That’s leverage against me. Be lunatics all you want. I long to live, I’ve been doing it, and I will continue doing it in spite of lunatics.
Obviously, I’d prefer it if people stopped being lunatics. But if they don’t, I’m going to keep laughing with my mates and there isn’t a fucking thing anyone can do about it.

• • •

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3 Apr
If you support the requirement of medical disclosure for basic life functions, you may be breaking the law, cunts.
Called HIPAA. Called the Bill of Fucking Rights. Called self fucking sovereignty. I can forward you the links if you’d like.
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2 Apr
Fleshing our my theory of creating a “Freedom Cell” of 8 or so people. Something like

1. Matrix interface person — maintains an outwardly mundane relationship to the fake society, business structures run through him.

2. Agriculture person

3. Engineer person
4. First Aid person

5. Gray Market business person

6. Education person, for homeschooling group’s children

7. Defense person

8. Jack of All Trades person

And they obviously enlist others when needed.
Each role becomes an expert in his role, and the rest are broadly schooled in each function. It would create a very agile silo.
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2 Apr
Every April 1st, the masses experience a heightened awareness of potential psy-ops.
And every April 2nd they go back to sleep
It’s like the purge. For discernment and logical reasoning.
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30 Mar
Ancillary, or even primary, effect of inflation is rising asset prices, notably land and homes. Pricing so that only the rich can afford.

Don’t sell. The currency is destined to be worthless. Don’t be wooed by large numbers.
*Not financial advice and whatever the fuck
The “elite” view the US as a dead carcass. Stimulus flowing is a land grab (all assets) for the meat. They don’t care about the currency.

Defend your assets. Build your community. Fuck the agendas.
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30 Mar
Few in this community talk about the assets we have. Only the advantages of the enemy. “Oh they’ve been planning it for years and they’re powerful and stuff”.

We have some of the brightest minds on Earth. We have resources. We have the knowledge of how to use those resources.
Stop venerating the enemy. They have strong points and weak points. We do as well. This is a war — we must amplify our strengths and exploit their weaknesses.
Our weakness right now? Paralyzation. An extreme inefficiency in the use of our resources, skills, and raw numbers. This is the point of propaganda against those who consider themselves awake. To nullify their leadership potential.

We must rectify this imbalance.
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30 Mar
Red line approacheth. I am optimistic of our course, but it requires our metal to be forged.
Accept discomfort now. Whether it be relying more on unofficial markets or being prepared to move to another state. Stand in defiance and tell their fear and threats to suck cock.
Meet people. Network with your community. Take a leadership role in your little corner of the world. Start encrypted group conversations. Embrace the extra discomfort now.
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