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6 Apr, 35 tweets, 8 min read
this is definitely a normal cable
don't talk to us or our crying sons ever again
BTW the longest passive USB cables I can find on amazon are 26 feet/8m.
but you can get USB extension cables that are male to female, and 15 feet (4.5m) long.
And there's not really anything keeping you from like connecting 5 of these together
I hate when I have a terrible idea for a cable it doesn't appear anyone has been stupid enough to make it so I have to photoshop it together myself
hey have you ever wanted toslink for your phone?
yeah why not have optical audio

on your phone
ever wanted a USB to serial adapter but hate having to find a DB9 to DB25 adapter?
why not have both?
you know, in France, they call it a Le Frigerator
I know lots of people use those cigarette lighter to USB adapters but I'm pretty sure this isn't what they mean
I can't find any USB chargers that are designed to plug into the 4-prong dryer plug.
I did find some USB powered lighters, though.
and a USB powered pottery wheel
no one seems to be making USB Kilns yet
this adapter really has a potential for evil.
see it's a multivoltage adapter, but one of the connector ends is micro-USB
but there's nothing to stop you from making 3v usb
9v usb
12v usb
7v usb
The Council is in Session
someone heard the name "thumb drive" and really misunderstood

and then everyone in the office laughed way too hard about it
I bet @TubeTimeUS has one of these
I love this one because "the chess piece contains a flash drive" is some quality point-and-click adventure bullshit.

I think it happened in at least one of the Resident Evils, though
USB feet warmers.

why not
no, no, no, I'm not posting a picture, just no. nope.
I wonder if anyone ever buys this thinking it's a USB fan

it's not. it's a wind measurement device
300 watt usb hub

I love it
these are fun because they look like weird USB ethernet adapters at first look, and they kinda are, but these are not USB network cards.
They instead convert USB to work over cat5 cables, so you can extend it up to 100m (328 feet)
this is fun.
it's a PCI-e card with a fiber SFP connector, but it isn't a network card. instead it is connected to the other box over fiber (up to 250m/820 feet) and it's just a USB hub. but it's usb OVER FIBER!
I wonder if anyone has made a fiber optic mouse yet
obviously you don't need the bandwidth but you could probably build a fully passive (no electronics inside it!) mouse by using fiber optics
like you could supply light to the mouse from the PC over fiber, then that light could be used to illuminate the mousepad surface, then another set of fibers have the image focused into them.
for the buttons/wheel you'd just need to lower filters into an optical path, to be detected from the PC.
but the end result would be a mouse with no electronics inside it
it's not optical! well, of course it is, because fiber.
but it uses a mouse ball.
I guess it's time to set my sights higher.

fiber optic keyboard
some fucker already patented it…
ok I'm gonna stop now
because I doubt I'm gonna be able to beat PS/2 over fiber
check here for more threads full of Weird Cables And Adapters:…

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7 Apr
stupid idea: the c64 has two analog inputs, in the forms of the X/Y paddle ports. each one can read 256 analog values, so by hooking up a DAC to them you could communicate with the c64, 16 bits at a time
so apparently the SID (yes, it's hooked up to the sound chip. don't ask) updates the value every 512 cycles, so on a 1mhz c64 you can only get new values a bit under 2000 times a second.
So you'd maybe be able to manage ~2000 cps, or a bit over 9600 baud?
anyway the real reason this is a "stupid idea" is that the c64 has an expansion slot, a user port, a serial port, and a cassette port, all of which are easier to interface with (and probably faster)
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It's on ebay, if you want it…
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I updated SorryPunk! It now has a fallback for characters that aren't in the font, so if you want to use characters that aren't included, it'll use your browser's font fallback and you'll get something instead of nothing. Image
the generator is based on the one used by but using the font as used on, and it includes all the characters provided by it. This is basically just the western languages characters + Cyrillic
so I can't just add in missing characters, they don't exist in the right font. So instead I'm switching to rendering missing characters in "Verdana" (not really) using the browser's text rendering.
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I mean, no? but technically this is progress Image
weirdly no matter what size I tell it to you, it always renders at the same TINY TINY size
well that's technically better Image
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7 Apr
I've always wanted to make a game that's a prank on Sierra-era adventure gamers.
It'd have tons of items that could be picked up, but only like 5 of them would ever be useful.
no inventory limits. lots of inventory scrolling
you've got the scissors (sharp), scissors (safety), scissors (kitchen shears), scissors (fabric), scissors (dull), scissors (rusted)

but there's never anything to cut

"I can't use those things together"
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6 Apr
Fun fact: European colonization of North America hasn't even lasted the length of one John Cage song.
The Spanish founded St. Augustine in 1565, 465 years ago.
One version of his 1987 work "Organ2/ASLSP (As Slow as Possible)" is currently being played at a church in Germany and will last 639 years.
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