Nawawi agrees with Takfīr being made against Atharis.
He quotes Al Mutawalli in Rawdat Al Tālibin 10/64 who said that:

أو أثبت له الاتصال والانفصال، كان كافرا

Atharis say that Allah is separate & distinct from his creation, essentially بائن من خلقه meaning, based on this quote, they are kuffar.
And many Ash’ari figures today use this quote to make Takfīr on Atharis

So it seems crazy how Salafis test other “Salafis” with Nawawi and claim him as an athari when Nawawi himself was an Ashari and agrees with quotes that render Atharis as being Kuffar

• • •

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5 Mar
What did the Ash’ari scholars say about Abu Hanifa?
Abul Hassan Al-ashari

The 9th group from the Murjia, Abu Hanifa and his companions, they claim faith is knowing and affirming Allah, knowing and affirming the prophet, with what came to him from Allah in general without explanation.

Page 138
Al-juwayni Al-ashari said:

And as for Abu Hanifa, he was not from the Mujtahideen to begin with, because he didn't know Arabic, and he didn't know Ahadith to the point he accepted all weak narrations and opposed all authentic narrations, and he didn't know usool.......
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Are the Mutashabihat [unclear] verses in the Quran unknown to us in meaning?

In this thread I will discuss

1. What Taweel means

2. What is the correct understanding of verse 7 in Surah Aal-Imran relating to the meanings of Taweel

3. How point 1 and 2 applies to Allah.
1) We will look at two meanings of Taweel.

The first meaning is Tafseer, to explain the words by stating the intended meaning

An example of this in the Quran is when the man saw a vision and asked Yusuf AS to do tafseer if it

نبئنا بتأويله

"inform us of its interpretation"
The second meaning is to return the word to it's reality.

If it is information, then it's interpretation will be the reality of the informed thing. This meaning of Taweel is used for Allah's being, essence and attributes, which no one knows it's true reality except Allah.
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24 Feb
Yes we differ, and that's because we stick to the true teachings of the early Hanabila

Apparently Al-khallal and Abdalla Ibn Ahmad don't represent the Madhab but he will reference to you a 10th century hanbali Sufi muqallid who somehow knows better than the early Hanabila.
Al-khallal and Abdallah Ibn Ahmad are two of the biggest transmitters of the Hanbali madhab and look at the way in which he id ignorant of them and dismisses them like nothing.
Khallaal is the sole reason as to why the Hanbali madhab exists and did not die out.

He was the one who collected and recorded the statements of Imam Ahmed which he took from his major students like Abdullah, Saalih (his two sons), al Marrudhi, al Kirmaani, Al Maymuni etc
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Did Ibn Taymiyyah make Takfīr of Al-bakri and his sect?

Let’s take a deep dive:

All quotes are from: Al-istighatha fi radd ala Al-bakri
There isn’t in the book express statements like “Bakri is a Kafir or Bakri is A Mushrik” but also note that there is no express statement Bakri is a Muslim, the statements of Ibn Taymiyyah indicate that he considered them to be mushrikiin and nowhere did he give them an excuse.
فليتدبر العاقل فعل من بدل دين الله ، وسلك سبيل المرتدين والمنافقين الذين جعلوا الإيمان كفراً

Here Ibn Taymiyyah asserts that Bakri and his group have taken the path of the apostates and the Munafiqeen
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