It's mind-boggling that out of all the stimulus spending Democrats didn't think getting everyone in America an ID should be an essential #Equity objective. Perhaps both Dems and GOP are too reliant on illegal immigration to make this a priority. #GeorgiaOnMyMind
Georgia, like many states with Big Ag, created massive carveouts for Agriculture. Contrary to the chest-thumping of the GOP, Red States with massive farm lobbies often ensure agriculture is exempted from E-Verify compliance.…
Remember this? The only #JimCrow in America is relying on illegal workers. The dysfunction is not partisan. Many industries depend on illegal immigration, including #PublicSectorUnions…
Big Ag is dependent on illegal immigrants, they aren't served well by educating them. Ca educated them and now they can't even keep any in agriculture. The anti-black racism canard is subterfuge from institutional discrimination against illegal workers.…
And on the left...public sector unions all benefit from illegal immigration.

@TuckerCarlson on point. So long as the numbers remain hidden we will never know the true scope of the problem. If anything illegal immigration increases the need for all legal citizens to have ID.

• • •

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3 Apr
“We will have dozens of vaccines and some will match better against certain variants.”
Effectively matching the right vaccine to the right strain “will become more and more important”…
As of March 13, the variant accounted for about 27 percent of new cases nationwide, up from just 1 percent in early February.…?
"B.1.1.7, the first to come to widespread attention, is about 60 percent more contagious and 67 percent more deadly than the original form of the virus, according to the most recent estimates."
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2 Apr
Abrogation dictates Muslims follow Mecca Mo

An abrogated text or ruling is called mansūkh; and a text or ruling which abrogates, nāsikh.

Most scholars divide the Qur'an into verses revealed by Muhammad in Mecca when his community of followers was weak.… Image
The difference between Mecca Muslims and Medina Muslims explained. The more religious one becomes in Islam, the more people lean towards the later stages of Mohommad's life when he was a pedophile warlord.…
Because slavery is enshrined in the life of Mohammad, Muslim countries were the last ones to officially ban slavery. Mauritania did not ban slavery until 1986.…
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19 Mar
The #EditorialFlight continues with both Editor and Executive Editor of Teen Vogue leaving in abeyance to the woke mob.

The link below describes a much larger pattern of editors voluntarily leaving the biggest legacy papers in America. There is a cultural revolution afoot.
This is connected to the mass firings of prominent writers/journalists in media, the reemergence of blog culture, the creation of substack and clubhouse, cancel culture, podcasts, etc. Glenn Greenwald leaving The Intercept, Matthew Yglesias leaving Vox, papers they cofounded.
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19 Mar
As both China and Russia come out of the gate sounding like Ibram X Kendi, essentially declaring the US a racist genocidal regime, the left and Biden's state department will basically capitulate and take the insults, checking their "American Privilege". #IntersectionalWeakness
There is no ideological backbone the US can muster to counter totalitarianism when we have capitulated to the false notion that white supremacy dominates US politics. The left is ok with these precepts.

If you read MSM reports of what happened in Alaska, they downplay the extent to which China specifically used the narrative of communist Howard Zinn, outlining US crimes by the number.…
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18 Mar
The idea here is that vaccines are nothing more than a woke signal to an alternate reality. This dude is a fucking moron. Vaccines will allow international travel and commerce to open up. It goes beyond a local woke trend. Refuse and vaccine and conservative countries deny you.
Portugal is not a conservative country. Anyways. You people will see the vaccines are not the same as a cult belief in gender derp. If anything the post-modern, all organic food woo left will take YOUR position against vaccines. Blacks in particular are anti-vaccine
Portugal is the furthest thing from a Conservative Country. On Gender, they are left of center. They were the most successful country to decriminalize drug use and mandate rehab, forming a partnership with the private sector to put addicts to work.
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18 Mar
The war on merit is a war on Asians led by white liberal elites. It is the clearest example of systemic white supremacy that exists in the USA. #Equity is an anti-merit virus.
The liberal white elite is overwhelmingly responsible for covering up the reality that blacks are physically attacking Asians. 27% of all attacks in 2019 were black on Asian. Can’t fix the problem if you don’t acknowledge the source.
Asian on Asian violence is lower than any ethnic group. In order of attacks on Asians by race the order is. 1. Blacks 2. Whites 3 Latinos. 4 Asians.

The disproportionate violence against Asians by blacks goes back decades. The left will do anything to allow this to continue
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