Gonna leave this right here.. @GISAID now at >1,000,000 SARS-CoV-2 sequences. This is the power of international collaboration among a community built on the trust needed to share data in real-time
GISAID is the envy of little would-be fiefdom makers who would seek to divide & conquer how We the People share genetic data on viruses that make us sick ...
These viruses and microbes are fascinating to study but can demolish our economies as much as they can rip apart the health and well being of an individual human being..
It is essential for humanity that we never allow a pandemic to catch us off guard again!
We know which models work to share virus sequence data across international borders. And we know which models to not work.
..@GISAID's model works because it is built upon the premise that virus sequence data belong to the communities that generate it..
Let's keep moving forward toward making viral sequencing and rapid sharing these data-- in real time-- a public utility; just like electricity, clean water, internet access..
and we should develop tools for the public to understand it the same way we do the daily weather report..
you don't need a meteorology or atmospheric physics degree to understand when a hurricane or storm is coming.. you can look at an app on your phone..
and you don't need to be a genetic whiz kid to understand a new viral outbreak is showing up in sequencing data from your city or town..
these same principles should apply to knowing what viruses and disease-causing germs are circulating in our communities..
and this needs to happen internationally. . in countries rich and poor.. it's a lot less expensive than a pandemic, and it will save huge amounts of $$ in health care costs and human lives, even when COVID-19 is long behind us..
One of the most important points: the ownership of the pathogen sequence data being shared must remain in the communities that produce it!
Otherwise it's a repeat of what happened when HeLa cells were obtained without the consent of Henrietta Lacks and her family..
we must be cognizant of the incentives and trust needed to get communities to share samples of the viruses and bacteria that are making them feel sick..
..for these reasons @CDCGov should NOT be funding @Labcorp Quest Helix @Illumina to snatch the sequence data from drug store + medical COVID-19 samples sent in for diagnostic testing. This is STEALING data from local communities technologyreview.com/2021/04/05/102…
By choosing to CENTRALIZE pathogen genomic surveillance, the @CDCgov is usurping localities of their ownership of the genetic data on viruses circulating in their communities..
this is a terrible policy and it needs to stop right now! Please complain to your Congress people! Obtaining viral genome sequences from people sick with COVID-19 or Influenza should not be done like HeLa cells.. @CDCdirector
Viral sequence data from human samples should be collected with informed patient consent WHENEVER POSSIBLE.. and the funds and the jobs that this sequencing work generates should be staying the communities that pay taxes into the federal coffers..
the money YOUR GOVERNMENT (@CDCGov) pays to protect YOUR HEALTH should not into the hands of for-profits to do viral genomic surveillance for you..
Each community should be in charge of how these funds are allocated!
Universities, colleges, public health labs, and small businesses across the 50 U.S. states and territories already know how to sequence SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses.. and can generate the data faster.. and keep the trust networks local..
we don't need to have our surveillance sequencing be handled for us by for-profits getting contracts handed out by an office in Atlanta, GA.. this work should be going on ino the states and cities where the samples are coming from! Period! Basta.. Fin!

• • •

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