(free recipe at the end) 👇
Picking the right foods begin with knowing what to avoid

It’s not all about the macronutrient breakdown

It’s really all about the ingredients

I’ll start with the biggest enemy of handsome men and beautiful women — vegetable oils
AVOID everything in this list

It’s toxic garbage (@drcateshanahan’s Deep Nutrition offers a comprehensive breakdown: see Chapters 4 & 8)

I would also add Palm oil to since most of it is refined

Ideally, organic unrefined palm oil is okay

The original ‘Tokyo’

It’s addictive & works together with vegetable oils to destroy your body

They obviously want you hooked

Here’s how you stay ahead of the curve
Brands often have a “no added sugar” label on the front, but when you look at the back its 60% sugar

Some even try to trick you by having a really small serving size — that way you tell yourself “hey, 6g of sugar isn’t THAT BAD”

Always look at the 100g column

Under carbs, there should be “carbs from added sugar”

My rule of thumb is to look at the number as a %

20g of sugar per 100g?

Look at the packet and mark out the 20% mark with your index finger. Everything below it is pure, granulated sugar.
Also, cross check the ingredients list

Some brands opt for natural sugar options like organic cane sugar etc. which is better

Still, limit overall sugar intake
Now that you know what to avoid, let’s look at what we should get


Always grass fed, not grain fed

Make sure to look for 100% grass fed or grass finished (homage @brutedeforce)

Nowadays, feeding a cow 1 blade of grass is enough to label it grass fed so be careful

Always wild caught, not farmed

Make sure it’s fresh af
– Clear eyeballs
– Should not be overwhelmingly fishy

Always pasture raised, not caged

I rarely eat chicken nowadays but have eggs every single day

Trust me, pasture raised is worth it

Even better if you have your own free roaming chickens 🥂
If you’re running low on $ ALWAYS get organic meats instead of vegetables


The benefits of eating an animal that was loved, taken care off and fed quality food is HUGE


The negatives of eating animal that was tortured, caged & fed pesticide infused grain
Bonus Tip – You can still enjoy desserts without having copious amounts of tokyo

Use a sugar substitute like erythritol

This Basque Cheesecake was made with ZERO SUGAR

And it tastes amazing
Will continue if there’s demand for more

And here’s your free recipe
If this has helped you

Retweet to manifest San Pellegrino rain shower

Stick to the following and you’ll never go wrong
- animal fat / tallow
- grass fed butter / ghee
- macadamia / avocado oil
- extra virgin olive / coconut oil

Only bread you should have is sourdough

Anything else is usually plagued with seed oils & sugar these days

Get a good quality sourdough from your local bakery

Mix it up, there’s so many varieties

From walnut, banana... even a baguette!

Avoid it at all costs

@MichaelPorfirio has said enough

Get organic coconut aminos instead

Here I have salmon with mushrooms and asparagus sautéed in a coconut aminos + dijon mustard + raw honey sauce

Was amazing 🥂

There’s no need for soy, ever
Bonus bonus tip 🌟

A list of names companies use to smuggle seed oils in their ingredients👇
- hydrogenated vegetable fat
- vegetable fat
- canola
- palm glycerides
- palm fruit oil
- rapeseed fat

Also don’t be fooled when they add “organic” in front

It’s still 💩
The one food that goes under the radar is GRANOLA

Marketed to be healthy

Always a potential yoghurt topping

#fitspo lifestyle


Almost 99% of granola in supermarkets are made with seed oils

(Usually about 50% of granola is vegetable oil lol)

Make your own ✅

• • •

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