Below are mentioned the respective spouses of Ansh(अंश) of Prakriti devi.

●Devi Swaha is married to Agni. Devtas will remain hungry if this devi does not provide them food through havi.
●Devi Swadha is married to Pittra's. If one forgets to chant her name while offering food to Pittra's, the whole exercise is fruitless.

●Devi Swasti is married to Vayu. Any type of exchange is useless without her.
●Devi Tushti is married to Anant. No one can be satisfied without her grace.

●Devi Sampati is married to Ishaan. If she is not there everyone will live in the state of poverty.

●Dhruti is married to Kapil Muni. In her absence we will loose patience.
●Kshama is married to Yum. In her absence everyone will remain angry.

●Rati is married to Kamdev. She is necessary for fulfilling Love.

●Mukti is married to Satya. Without her there will be no brotherhood amongst us.
●Daya is married to Moha. We would all become cruel in her absence.

●Pratishtha is married to Punya. Without her world would be lifeless.

●Kirti is married to Sukarma. Without her we cannot achieve fame.

●Kriya is married to Udyog. We would all be idle without her.
●Mithya is married to Adharma. All sinners worship her. Her brother is Kapat.

●Shanti and Lajja are married to Sushil. We will become wild in her absence.

●Budhhi, Medha and Smriti are married to Gyan. We would be crooks in their absence.
●Dharma is married to Murti. Without her we would never have known as to what the dieties look like.

●Rudra is married to Kalagni. She is known as Yognidra as she is the one responsible for our sleep.

●Sandhya, Ratri and Din are married to Kaal.
We follow the time because of them.

●Kshudha and Pipaasa are married to Lobh. They are the cause of worry for us.

●Prabha and Daahika are married to Tej. They make the work of Brahma easy.

●Jara and Mrityu are married to Jwar. They are daughters of Kaal. They are necessary
to maintain the system.

●Nidra is married to Tandra. They too are necessary.

●Shradha and Bhakti are married to Vairagya. We experience Mukti because of them.

●Rohini is married to Chandrama.

●Sangya is married to Surya.

●Shatrupa is married to Manu.
●Sachi is married to Indra.

●Tara is married to Brahanaspati.

●Arundhati is married to Vashishtha.

●Ahilya is married to Gautam.

●Devhuti to Kardam, Prasuti is married to Daksh.

●Anusuya is married to Atri.
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Source - Brahma Vaivartva puran
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8 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.6

This body is like a chariot, our indriyas or senses are its horses, mind is its bridle and Atma is its rider. So here the Atma which is sorrounded by ignorance, needs a body which can think away from the ignorance. In this whole Praani jagat, man is the

1/3 Image
only one who can think from his mind. This is visible in the physical development of this world. So here we request Parmatma to keep our mind and body healthy so that by this thought process we are able to do good work for entire mankind.

अधा॑ नो विश्वसौभग॒ हिर॑ण्यवाशीमत्तम ।
धना॑नि सु॒षणा॑ कृधि ॥


विश्वसौभग - Oh the lucky one.

हिरण्यवा - With gold.

शीमत्तम - Pushadev.

अध - Next.

नः - Ours.

घनानि - Of Wealth.

सुषणा - Charity.

कृधि - To do.

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7 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.5

Here forefathers are mentioned to whom we owe our existence. Our first forefather was Brahma whom spiritually we acknowledge as Intelligence. When this Intelligence is in Sushupti stage that time too Praan does not sleep. But when intelligence awakens

1/6 Image
it carries along all those inherent Sanskaars. So here we pray to keep our intellect in right direction so that we traverse the right path. Here the mention of forefathers is to stress the element of birth and death and the progress towards good deeds.

आ तत्ते॑ दस्र मंतुमः॒ पूष॒न्नवो॑ वृणीमहे ।
येन॑ पि॒तॄनचो॑दयः ॥


मन्तुमः - Knowledgeable.

दस्त्र - Worth seeing.

पूषन् - Pushadev.

ते - Yours.

तत् - That.

अवः - Security.

आ वृणीमहे - All around.

येन - Which.

पितृन् - Of Pittra's.

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6 Apr



all stories are interlinked hence please read all Image
This thread is for those ppl who missed my PANCH DEVI series. All the chapters are included in the below thread.

So lets start...

Panch Devi amd their Swaroop👇
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5 Apr

The five devi's are complete by themselves but there are certain level of degrees where they manifest themselves in various forms.

1)Ganga:- The most important of them is Ganga. She has her origin in Shri Vishnu, She is purity incarnate
and she holds an important place in Golok. She is free from impurities and ego and is like a Sadhvi.

2)Tulsi:- First read this link before going ahead👉( facebook.com/10110915847072… )
Next Tulsi is known as Vishnu Priya. Her natural habit is to adorn Vishnu.
She is a compulsory part of any puja or tapasya. The tirtha's wait to get her blessings. She is Kalpvriksh swarup.

3)Mansa Devi:-Next devi is Jagatkaru or else is known as Mansa devi. She is the Maanasputri of Kashyap and wife of muni Jagatkaru.
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5 Apr
Rig Ved 1.42.4

Here to suppress means that if for some reason our vices are not destroyed then Parmatma is requested to suppress them so that there is no stoppage on the road towards Parmatma & all the difficulties are stopped. If not stopped these will create difficulties

for our mind that is ready to receive the radiance of knowledge. These may create darkness in our Chitta(चित्त) which is ready to receive the ultimate bhaav(भाव). Parmatma is requested to pave for us that path which will grant us purity and clarity.

त्वं तस्य॑ द्वया॒विनो॒ऽघशं॑सस्य॒ कस्य॑ चित् ।
प॒दाभि ति॑ष्ठ॒ तपु॑षिं ॥


त्वम् - Yours.

कस्य चित्त - Anyone.

द्वयाविनः - One who steals and takes away.

अधशंसस्य - One who thinks ill of others.

तस्य - Them.

तपुषिम् - One who inflicts pain.

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4 Apr

As per Ganesh ji the five Panch devi's on whom this prakriti depends are Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Gayatri and Radha. So once Narad ji questioned Narayan Bhagwan about their origin.
Bhagwan replied that while creating Shrishti, Parmatma acquired two forms Purush and Prakriti. Prakriti is nothing else but his maya. So on the wish of Parmatma Prakriti divided itself into five parts thus creating these five or Panch devi's who performed
various functions of running this Shrishti.

1) Durga:-

The mother of Ganesh is Bhagwati Durga who is also the wife of Shiva therefore she is Shivswarupa. All the devtas worship her. She is the one who supervises and guides in the running of this Shrishti.
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