🚨 Ya know, looking back at Who the Dems have put on a Pedestal as the Next Shining Stars of their Party, you can't help but Laugh, Shake your head & then Cringe... Here's a few of their Presidential Picks & others to be Next in Line:
Cuomo - Seri*l Killer
Avanatti- Stole $ from
2)his Stripper & Disabled clients
Beto- Admitted he ate dirt in his backyard after he lost
Kamala- Got where she is by doing Willie Brown & others
Petey-Transportation Sec who just got caught having his bicycle in his armored vehicle & rode it 1 block to show his Environmentalism
3)Liarwatha- Compulsive Liar
Klobuchar- All she could talk about was her alcoholic father. She constantly threw things at her staff. Oh, & the eating egg salad with her comb & demanding her aide wash her comb!
Stacey Abrams- Ahhh, a pic is worth a thousand words
Whitmer- Power
4) Hungry Despot & Seri*l Killer
Tulsi- Always uses her," Brothers & Sisters in Uniform", to preface her Bernie Agenda. She Did annihilate Kamala temporarily
Bloomberg- 5' tall Napolean/ Hitl*r Hybrid
Then there's the Winner- Joey! The Definition of Old Wh*te Man Swampcreature.
5)The kind of person the Left was 100% Against! Wh*te, Patriarchy,Wall Street Owned, Old, Demented, Senile.But,like Clinton & others he loves to touch, grope, sniff, fondle, ra*e all ages of females.That's just fine.The Dems have no problems with sexu*l deviants

• • •

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3 Apr
@GOPLeader What are you going to do about this? Do Not say," We're taking The House & Senate back in 2022 & the WH in 2024".That is Not an answer. We won't Be here by then. Have you seen Russia, Ukraine, Crimea heating up? Joey & Kerry bowing to Iran, Kim & his psychotic sister
2)acting up again? Pelosi is totally Delusional & Drunk on Power, AOC is literally losing touch with Reality, Bernie& Liarwatha's Communist Budget is being rammed down our throats, HR1, Daily Attacks on our 2A in Congress etc etc. You Better have a Game Plan! I haven't heard
3)Anything from you that is a Concrete Plan.Just Rhetoric. Joey, Kamala, Pelosi, Leahy are All Mentally Unfit to Serve. They All need Drug testing plus Alcohol Testing on Pelosi & Harris. America is a Laughingstock & our Enemies will All move swiftly to take Advantage. This is so
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3 Apr
🚨 You have to be a, Special Kind Of Stupid, to not see that the Globalists are waging a Full Blown Assault on our Sovereignty by Invading our Country w/Illegal Aliens. CBP Reports 171,000+ Illegal Aliens were caught/turned themselves into CBP. Over 1,000 per day are Not caught &
2)entered our Country. So, in the month of March, 200,000+ Illegal Aliens entered our Nation! There is not ONE Tweet about this on Joey's or the WH Official twtr sites! We are Literally being invaded & not a word from Biden! That is DERELICTION of Duty, Not Protecting Our Borders
3) & US CITIZENS! Many are sick w/CV19 & being sent into our cities Nationwide.That is Treason- Giving Aid & Comfort to Enemies of America. It is Child Abuse, Child Endangerment, Human Slave Trafficking, Drug Running, Illegal Gun Running.The Entire Biden Administration including
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2 Apr
🚨 What I'm going to say is Blunt, Graphic & you may need nausea meds. But, it is the Truth & must be told. You Have to," Know Your Enemies", if you stand a chance of winning the War. And, We Are At War! This is a Reality Check & 100% Facts.
Sen.Cruz, in an interview on NewsMax
2) last week said this:' Mexican Drug Cartel members will put a gun to an illegal alien child's head that they are smuggling to
the U.S. They will then Force that child to cut off the fingers or ears of other children. They send the fingers & ears back to their parents demanding
3)more $$ to smuggle their kids'.
Lara Logan,renowned Reporter, stated in an interview last night on Fox News that:
'Drug Cartel Members will torture a person, cut their heart out while the person is still alive & eat their heart in front of them laughing at them'.
Mexican Human
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1 Apr
🚨 Dem Communists, like AOC, throw around terms like Nationalism & Tribalism & define them as disparaging terms. Nationalism means a group of people protecting their culture & believing in a Nation's Sovereignty & Self Determination. Tribalism, in Anthropological terms means the
2) same. Tribalism is How mankind has survived this long. A group of people with love for their kindred & their group who will fight to the death to protect their group's survival. Animals do the very same. A stallion's 2 duties are to protect his herd & procreate. The Head
3)Broodmare takes care of Everything else!We teach our children," Don't talk to strangers. Stranger Danger". It's an important lesson planted into our psyche for survival. When you live in a Nation that is ruled by Law & Order, has defined social norms & respect for your fellow
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31 Mar
@SenJohnKennedy Educate Yourself! Go to Dr. Bossche's website, read his exemplary Bio, scroll down to March 6, read Why You Never Vaccinate During A Pandemic! He's a World Renowned Virologist & Expert Vacc R; D. Worked for Gates, GAVI etc.Putting is reputation on the line to tell
2) Truth about these CV Vaccs! Watch the interviews w/ another MD on his website!..geertvandenbossche.org
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28 Feb
🚨 Everyone is confused about Fauci's Flip Flopping on CV protocol. Dr. Birx, too. If I may, as an RN that worked ICU/Infectious Diseases, let me explain what's happened. Fauci & Birx told the Truth on several occasions. Here's what is True:
Fauci said we,'don't need to go around
2) wearing a mask. It might make people Feel better & it Might catch a droplet, but it won't stop a virus'. As an Immunopathologist, he Knows 100% that masks Do Not prevent you from getting or spreading a virus or Any Infectious Disease.Most people can't comprehend how incredibly
3)Tiny viruses are.They are airborne & Freely pass in & out of masks.If in a droplet, it dries on the mask,you touch the mask, you then spread it everywhere. You need a respirator w/disposable filters to try & stop a virus. Next Truth:
You need to wear goggles/wraparound glasses.
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