The fact that some people are tweeting that it's okay in some circumstances to protest at a politician's home shows you exactly why many people won't run for political office. This is never okay, no matter who the politician or circumstance. Homes are off-limits.
I'm honestly appalled that some "progressives" are okay with this behaviour, yet the first to cry foul when a certain MLA appeared on a resident's doorstep to yell. How about we just not do any of this stalking and intimidation-like behaviour and just be better human beings?
The fact that someone felt it was okay to show up and do this to @DShepYEG is crossing a very big line. He has said his thoughts in a great thread and you can read them. As a female politician, who has had to put up with more than my share of inappropriate behaviour
including threats to me in my home (I've had texts sent to me from strangers describing my backyard in perfect detail), this is scary AF. No one should feel unsafe in their home and no politician should ever have to worry about a protest or some random stranger showing up and
ringing their bell to grill them, 24/7. I'm so angry that some of you who follow me think it's okay in some circumstances to do this! No. It's. Not. If you think that, you're no better than those you oft criticize and your hypocrisy is showing, and you best unfollow me.
This is dangerous behaviour & we should be calling it out at every time, regardless of who the politician is or their political stripe. Like I've told many people before, it takes just the one person hell bent on hurting me to do just that. Yes, I have those that come after me
on Twitter and email and other platforms, but most are simply expressing their anger or displeasure. But it is the ONE person who is willing to go further that I worry about. Coming to my home? This is over the line. We all deserve a safe home. Our families deserve a safe home.
I'm sorry that @DShepYEG had to experience this today and it should be a wake-up call to everyone just how quickly a situation can escalate and a potential risky situation arise, simply because someone felt it his right to come to his home. Imagine if someone did that to me?
I'm a short woman (5"3 and likely shrinking lol) and while I have defensive training, there's no guarantees. At home, my defences are down (aren't most peoples?) and it wouldn't take much to overtake me. That pains me to admit but it's true.
I already have enough situations to worry about as a female, let alone a female politician. I'm constantly hyper aware of my surroundings when out and about, and especially when I'm alone. Even when visiting residents (not lately) for their concerns, I'm aware that I'm alone.
But for some of you to think it's okay I should have to worry about this in my own home? Because I'm an elected official? No way. No freaking way. If you want women to run, if you want BIPOC and LGTBQ2S+ to run, then call this BS behaviour out.
Not just today's incident, but every incident if and when it occurs. Understand the limits. I know some of you have never been elected to office, and trust me, it's different than you think. So try to show a little empathy here for those that are elected. It's not an easy job.
But no one should ever have to feel unsafe because they're doing their job (good or bad). Not at home, not at the office, not when they're out in public. Let's be better caring human beings. For some of us, our safety depends on it.

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