In 1963, the Dan Smoot Report identified this list of civil rights demands ("more equal than equal") as part of the Communist Party's long game to subvert America. You'll probably note that by Smoot's definition, we have achieved full Communism, at least in a de jure sense.
These are stories Smoot juxtaposed to point out just how coddled black Americans supposedly were by the federal government while white people were the ones REALLY being persecuted in America. Just in case you thought Breitbart's "black crime" schtick was new.
"Black people protesting against Jim Crow are making white people be racist!"
"Because I, Dan Smoot, am totally not a racist! I'm just a great lover and defender of Western Civilization."
"Until these civil rights agitators came along, we white Southerners treated black people incredibly kindly. It's a shame that black people are forcing us to be violent now." Dan Smoot, 1963
"This so-called civil rights movement is about reverse racism, and using the federal government to oppress white people!" --Smoot, 1963
Anyway, Dan Smoot used to be a punchline amongst US historians for what a right wing buffoon he was. Now he looks like a founding father of the modern GOP.
1963--White Americans who value liberty should storm the capitol.
"Because white people outnumber black people and we should vote accordingly." --Smoot, 1963
"And look, democracy is overrated anyway. Even the Founders thought that. Democracy is just a means through which lazy people vote themselves a chunk of money the feds stole from hard working people like you!" -Smoot, 1963
Dan Smoot had what we might call an unorthodox take on black history. Some might use more strongly negative adjectives to describe it, and they would not be wrong.
Note the obligatory, conservative opening gambit, however. "Slavery was terrible, but....." There's always a "but." And what follows the but almost always entirely negates what came before it.
Wouldn't be a conservative newsletter without a comment about how the "Democrat Party" is engaging in a "Communist program of racial agitation," while the RINO's in the GOP gamely play along.
"The only 'hate groups' we should worry about, are haters like the NAACP and other liberals who are stirring up contented black people against the kind and generous white people of the south." --Dan Smoot, 1961
"If Republicans try to win the black vote, then they are just playing into the Communist's game to destroy America that the Democrat Party has already fully committed to." --Smoot, 1957
The idea that "black people are really the ones wielding the most power in America and the two parties are letting them get away with it" is a very old, and cherished myth on the American right.
This thread helps explain why anyone with a basic understanding of the history of the American right finds contemporary conservative discourse about race to be so boring, derivative, and predictable.

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