Article links to a review. Well, if you can call it that—it reads more like propaganda, with questionable statistics and what seems to be cherry-picked studies.
Even Japan where this comes from has not authorised ivermectin—they are trying to speed up R&D, but not yet approving it for use.

I really do not think journalists should be wantonly citing reviews or papers that they do not sufficiently understand.
And i really hope the media people covering this debacle would be responsible enough to at least paint an honest picture. There isn’t a “debate” so much as there is a very loud small group people insisting they are right in the face of all evidence to the contrary.
What do I mean, cherry-picked? Here’s the “meta-analysis” in the paper (no details of a real statistical meta-analysis to be found).

When did you ever see such a perfect set of trials? Almost everything’s significant. I guess the other trials showing no benefit are all fake? 🙄 Image
Glance at the references reveals a bibliographic circle-jerk of sketchy ivermectin lobbyists, citing materials like manifestos and webpages. Sila-sila lang din ang source nila. Now, if these people were doing real science, why post online and not publish? 🙄
The original review is here: By all means, please, judge it for yourselves, especially for those of you familiar with reviews & meta-analyses. I won’t call myself an expert on this, but my day job is in drug discovery so there’s that 😬
And if you won’t take my word for it, at least take
@NIH’s… Image
Some other things that should be enough to give pause
🚩 "Japanese Journal of Antibiotics" is discontinued in Scopus as of 2017
🚩 This "review article", received March 10 and already made available, does not even have a DOI
Your guess as to what's going on there is as good as mine, but what's clear enough for me is that it's hardly a reputable source. Doesn't matter if it has a Nobel laureate's name on it (if he even really is involved...)

Pls vet what you share online @iamkarendavila

• • •

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More from @josh_danac

8 Apr
It's worth pointing out that other countries chose to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca for lower-risk (younger) groups because they have the choice of other available vaccines to give instead. We don't have that here thanks to the bungled vaccine procurement.
These decisions are made by weighing risk vs benefit. In that calculus, the group that benefits more can take on more risk, so you reallocate. But here? With barely any other vaccines available, and in the middle of a bad surge, how’s that risk-benefit equation looking?
Not to mention it should be a bit of a moot discussion when, given the utter lack of vaccine supply in the country right now, only the high priority—ie high risk—groups should be getting vaccinated anyway
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4 Jan
sadly it’s not just a question of credit/reputation but also of access and equity. we’ve seen the same thing happen with how the national gov’t has dismally failed at providing accessible and equitable testing.
No, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have LGUs be procuring their own vaccine supplies individually. it’s more suffering under a broken system. just that damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
imagine the cold chain and vaccination center infra that would have to be put up to successfully pull off a mass immunisation campaign. Kaya ba nang mas mahihirap na LGUs yon?
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30 Jul 20
again, actually OK yung time-based definition ng recovery kasi in line siya sa scientific evidence and it saves on tests and helps clear mild/asymptomatic patients faster.

However, di rin naman pwedeng basta-basta i-reclassify ang mild/asymptomatic cases given that (c)
DOH has not been very good at handling the data (e.g., daming tagged as mild/asymptomatic then biglang namatay). Kailangan pa rin dapat ng on-the-ground follow up ng patients na yan para ma-clear sila.
again we see just how badly DOH has failed to gain public trust. we need clear and transparent communication with the public and obviously they have failed at that, completely undermining their credibility when it comes to major announcements like these.
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23 Apr 20
Unpopular opinion: this expert is SHORTSIGHTED. Yes, it’s difficult. But god damn we owe it to the Filipino people to do everything we can to INCREASE OUR CAPACITY #MassTestingNowPH
TESTING AND ISOLATION GO HAND IN HAND. How do you know whom to isolate without testing?? Why is Dr. Salvana hellbent on his misplaced counterproductive rage against mass testing??? Why not rage against this governments utterly incompetent military solutions to a medical problem?
STEP DOWN FROM YOUR IVORY TOWER, DR. SALVANA. This is not the time to quibble over semantics. WTF is wrong with wanting to increase our testing capacity? Sabihin mo yan dun sa mamamatay na sa ward dahil naipit sa backlog ang swab sample, di mailipat sa ICU.
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19 Mar 20
#MoreTestingNow #COVID19PH

Another thread: TESTING CAPACITY

Right now, we are SEVERELY INADEQUATE in terms of testing capacity. RITM is flooded with samples. People are dying without being tested. Why is this?
First: current testing capacity right now. RITM is the nat'l reference lab. They have trained 5 subnational labs as well: 1 in Baguio, 1 in Cebu, 1 in Davao, and 2 more in NCR. That's a total of 6 labs for COVID-19 testing.… #MoreTestingNow #COVID19PH
Obviously, this is not enough for a country of 110M+ scattered across different islands. Pero hanggang dito na lang ba yung testing capacity natin? Actually, no! Wee can do way more than just 6 labs! #MoreTestingNow #COVID19PH
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1 Feb 20
The WHO’s latest situation report on nCoV, after the declaration of an international public health emergency, curiously still does NOT recommend any restrictions on travel or trade.
I would infer that therefore, the WHO does not believe that the benefits of restricting international travel would outweigh the costs. Not sure exactly how they came to this conclusion (or whether I agree) but we can glean some clues as to why.
Probably among the top reasons is that according to WHO, evidence for the effectiveness of travel bans is shaky at best. Some patients are asymptomatic. Some unwitting carriers will have already travelled even before the alarms were raised.
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