Those even suggesting that a risk benefit analysis be performed with each person prior to vaccination have been pilloried.

This “fringe view” is now being pushed by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.…
We also have the UK regulator even discussing low Covid risks in 30 year olds:…
Interestingly, the US AAPS expresses concerns about all spike protein producing vaccines.

Given spike protein’s centrality in pathology of severe Covid such caution seems sensible.
I know it will come as a surprise to many that vaccines may not be 100% safe and Covid may not be 100% fatal, but there you go.
The use of the word “experimental” - which is quite correct, none of these vacate fully approved but authorized under emergency waivers - may come as a surprise to some as well.

In the UK we have had ads such as these:
Setting aside the nonsense of referring to “the” vaccine (as if there was only one type) this wouldn’t be true even if fully approved.

Safety is a relative concept and increases over the years due to duration post-administration and numbers exposed.
So the safety of a new drug can never be the same as one given to billions over decades.

To say this for drugs for which the clinical trials are actually still ongoing is particularly egregious.
* vaccines are

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29 Mar
For many months many of us were calling for the below simple check to be performed.

We were ignored - time and time again.

Had it been done the shambles as revealed tonight by Panorama would have been picked up quite easily.…
Every time we asked for an estimate of the "operational false positive rate" we were fobbed off.

Many of us wrote to MPs on this matter, and submitted FOI requests.

All ignored.
To reiterate, the problem is much much more serious than most people think.

If 5% of the samples are false positives, when the prevalence of the virus is 0.5%, then it is NOT the case that 95% of +ves are "correct". Rather, nearly all the positives reported will be false.
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25 Mar
At the risk of repeating myself, it’s been obvious for months that the government will maintain pandemic status for as long as it takes - irrespective of collateral harm - to coerce sufficient to accept vaccination that it can credibly be claimed as the cause of the exit.
I simply cannot see any other explanation for the bizarre behaviour.

This is causing unnecessary suffering, including deaths on a daily basis, and I find it difficult to see how this isn’t actually criminal.
It does all this incrementally, do each small step is accepted without question.

So much so that we’ve gone from vaccine passports being unthinkable to impending medical apartheid in several small unopposed steps.
Read 8 tweets
23 Mar
I've disagreed with Dan a lot lately but this is spot on.
Of course - I don't like the phrase "lockdown denier".

I have never denied the existence of the virus - it is the reaction to it I object to, as it's disproportionate to the threat and overall massively net-harmful in the short, medium and long terms.
This disproportionality and now utter incoherence in government policy has been allowed by mainstream commentators to continue - entirely unquestioned - relentlessly for far too long.

It seems difficult to reconcile with the known facts about this virus:
Read 5 tweets
21 Mar
If the government is so right about its policy, how come we have never seen it take any searching questions from scientists with alternative viewpoints?

None of the architects of this disastrous approach have ever appeared on any public debates on any platforms.

Policy has been made, then altered with no justification given.

In early March we were told suppression would be net-harmful, we needed to let it infect the non vulnerable.
You’d have been forgiven for thinking their volte face could be excused because they’d discovered it was more lethal than originally thought.

But the opposite is true.

No explanation.
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21 Mar
Alistair, we’re being lied to.

We have been since the policy (maintenance of pandemic status by whatever means and regardless of harm until the government can pretend vaccination was a prerequisite for ending restrictions) was formulated last summer.

Surely you get that now?
The government has mobilised the entire machinery of state in this effort, becoming the world’s biggest spender in terms of media engagement.
It has muzzled debate with the pernicious Ofcom Coronavirus Broadcasting guidelines, and refused to appear on any open debates, or take any questions from scientists with any other viewpoint.
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12 Mar
Wow - only beated by Portugal.

They must have really stepped up their vaccination program then, maybe they're now close to the UK in terms of coverage?
That's odd. Maybe it's an outlier. Perhaps we should take a look at how THE highest vaccinator is doing?

The world champion of vaccine rollout - Israel.
Read 8 tweets

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