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Rapist mindset comes into existence over a period of time and it shouldn't be misinterpreted as a single action. Nobody is born a rapist hence we must understand what are the possible reasons which push any random human being towards committing this heinous crime.
Everytime we stalk a girl with lusty and filthy looks a potential rapist takes birth inside us, everytime we objectify women and reduce them to mere sex objects it breeds rapist mentality, everytime we discuss about women in a demeaning manner in our friend circle we are (+)
providing oxygen to this rapist mentality. It also depends on the content we consume on internet and other platforms. If we will consume enlightening content we may end up getting enlightened and we can know the worth of a woman who is the most important pillar of our (+)
society as a mother, sister, wife and most importantly as a woman. When we consume cringe content, it destroys our morality and takes the sight of respecting woman away from us and the end result is the birth of a rapist inside us. Pornography is the most deteriorating (+)
factor which gives life to this mindset. It changes the mentality of a human being from sanity towards beastiality and he ends up prioritizing sexual desires over each and everything and ends up taking such steps to fulfill his (+)
pervert desires which suffocate the existence of tens of women who are affected by his actions. Pornography creates a viscous circle of lust and reduces a humans thinking to satisfying his sexual desires by any means possible which makes an individual prone to becoming a rapist.+
We can eradicate this mentality by different ways and the first of them is moral suasion. We should always keep an eye on the actions of our children. We should teach them about morality from a young age, we should keep an eye on the content they are consuming through different +
platforms, we should make them understand what respecting women means and how much important it's for the existence of us as a society. Once we succeed in putting the seeds of morality in them, they will sprout into trees which will provide shade to women from all evils. (+)
Now if the moral suasion fails and a person actually commits crime, then we should ask for such a punishment which can act as an example for other's so that they refrain themselves from committing this crime. Islam has also dealt with this issue in detail and i would mention (+)
from points about it from Islamic Perspective. Rape is proven in the same manner as zina is proven i.e by four witnesses. When a person is proved as a rapist, the punishment is 100 lashes and banishment for 1 year for the unmarried person and stoning for a married person. (+)
If rape is committed by abducting or by threatening with a weapon then it comes under 'haraabah' and to prove this only two witnesses are required. This punishment for this has been mention in this verse of Quran :
"The recompense of those who wage war against Allah and His (+)
Messenger and do mischief in the land is only that they shall be killed or crucified or their hands and their feet be cut off on the opposite sides, or be exiled from the land. That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter." (5:33) +
The judges decide the punishment for an accused based on proof or if strong circumstantial evidence suggests that he has committed the crime. In every system a person is innocent unless proven guilty and here the same thing is done. As long as the crime isn't proved (+)
a person isn't punished for the crime. Regarding this the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “If people were given on the basis of their claims, people would make claims on the blood and property of others. Rather the oath should be sworn by the defendant.”
al-Bukhaari, 4277; Muslim, 1711. If the punishment is carried out simply on the claim of a woman then there are chances that women may accuse many men due to hatred and other such differences, that's why witnesses, proof or strong circumstantial evidence is needed for (+)
the punishment to be carried out. If punishment was carried merely on the basis of doubt's and claim's by women then there can be tens cases of injustice and the Shariah will fail to reach it's goal of transparency. This may result in collapse of a society sometimes. (+)
Some scholars say that rapist has to pay a Mehr to the women. Imaam Maalik says that "the man has to pay dowry to a free woman like that of her peers and to a slave woman equivalent to whatever has been detracted from her value. Then the rapist should be given the desired (+)
punishment." But there other scholars like Abu Haneefah and al-Thawri who say that the hadd punishment should be carried out but a man isn't obliged to pay dowry. If a woman has falsely accused a man and it gets proved then the woman will be punished like that of a (+)
Zaani( one who committs adultery). Hence proof or strong circumstantial evidences are of dire importance while passing a judgement through the prism of Shari'ah. The verdicts of Shari'ah are just and fair and these are directed towards creating an example of transparency (+)
and justice on one hand and an example for people on other hand so that even if they want to commit such crime, the fear of punishment stops them From actually doing it. Now there is the case of violently seeking sexual intimacy after marriage. Although scholars differ (+)
whether to call it rape or not but they all agree that this is a sin, a despicable act and amounts to desired punishment. Some people say that punishment should be given only in those cases which fall under hadd punishment but a judge can decide punishment in other crimes (+)
as well because there is space for that as well. If a husband forces her wife into sexual intercourse, then the punishment can be imprisonment, corporal punishment (lashing), or anything else judge deems suitable for the situation, the crime committed and the guilty individual(+)
(which is called zajr or ta’zeer). Some scholars even state that a wife who has been assaulted in such a manner by her spouse has the right to jirah or civil redress for her injuries. Although there a Hadith's which say that a wife should always respond to her husband's request +
for intimacy and should never deny it barring occasions when she's ill or emotionally drained. This is because it's right of men and it's denial may push him towards unlawful activities (in rare cases), but it's been mentioned that if a husband sleeps with 'anger and resentment'+
hence there isn't any justification for violently fulfilling one's sexual desires and Dr. Jamal Badawi succinctly rejects these types of false claims by stating, “Any excess, cruelty, family violence, or abuse committed by any Muslim can never be traced, honestly, to any (+)
revelatory text (Qur’an or hadith). Such excesses and violations are to be blamed on the person(s) himself, as it shows that they are paying lip service to Islamic teachings and injunctions and failing to follow the true Sunnah of the Prophet.” A husband will be punished (+)
for both physical as well as psychological abuse of his wife and anyone justifying such behaviour has clearly not understood Islam at all. Islam has always been polite, respectful and has dealt with immense care with women and if a person fails to realise that then the (+)
person hasn't understood islam at all. Saying all this i still believe that We can never understand the sufferings and mental trauma which women are feeling with this growing insecurity in today's societies. (+)
When i place myself in the situation through which these women are going i literally broke down. Imagine you are walking on a road but you have a constant fear of rapists, you are going to school, going to fields, going to work, going to market, travelling in a bus but this(+)
fear is killing you from inside. If we can't provide an environment were our mother's, sister's or any woman doesn't feel safe, if the aroma of this environment were men are treated as protector's of women suffocates them, then we should have shame on our existence. (+)
Everytime a rape happens it's a shame for men collectively. If we have to empower women then we have to eliminate this criminal mindset from the society till then a women will continue to die a thousand deaths with a mere thought of it, till then there will be thousands of (+)
women who will suffocate their existence because they can't bear the shame which is inflicted them by a society were rapist is glorified and victim is shamed, till then this blot will continue to haunt those sane men who respect women from all their heart, till then (+)
women can't respect men and women shouldn't respect men if we fail to provide an environment in which they can breath, walk, do their work and think freely.

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