Biblical "sin" is corporate / national hurt inflicted, or of king (or foreign occupier) as representative if causing harm, say to the poor, widows, fatherless. "Hell" was invented after 1,000 yrs of occupation, a place to send detestable occupiers and oppressors for their "sins"
The corporate or national "sin" of a people living under foreign oppression, is the entire burden of harm forced on them *against one another* through having to live in a dog-eat-dog police state. From these "sins of the world" John and Jesus called the people to "repent"
Moses famously killed an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew in bondage. Never charged. After the exodus the mitzvah was given, "You shall not murder." Why not? Because the LORD intends we resolve inter-personal and international conflicts without violence, which is "sin."

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4 Apr
Apr 5
1st Rdg
Acts 2

"It was impossible for him to be held." It is less true that God hates sin than Hades was revulsed by Christ. In the East there is tradition that Jesus was raised when Hades was sickened, vomited him. Satan expels the good; God heals sin, makes it right
It turns out conservative religious leaders are the ones who "hate sin." They are outraged by purported sins of people they hate and shun them while self-righteously claiming to "love the sinner." Far closer to the devil than to God. ❤
The Bible defines our sin in terms of those we hurt; not those we love. They are sometimes the same, but it is never the love that concerns God. Hate and hurt to neighbor actually spoil our relation to God, according to Jesus. Matt 5:21-26
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3 Apr
Easter Sunday
1st Rdg
Acts 10

This reflects the beginning of mission to gentiles in a vision to Peter.

Resurrection was part of Jewish expectations but meaningless to gentiles.

Easter revealed the goodness of God in setting to right injustice, all grief and mourning ✝️ ImageImage
Revelation 21:4
"[[God] will wipe every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more; mourning and crying and pain will be no more, for the first things have passed away.”

:There will come a time when sorrows forever cease. The life of eternity is joy, breaking even as we speak Image
John 5:24
"Very truly, I tell you, anyone who hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life, and does not come under judgment, but has passed from death to life."

"has eternal life...
has passed..."

Paul emphasized future salvation; John, now
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26 Feb
Deut 15:15
Remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt

The Bible doesnt condemn slavery. The Hebrews owned slaves, e.g. Hagar. Foreign slaves were to be treated fairly.

The slavery of Exodus was likely corvée, conscripted labor demanded by pharaoh, supplied by a vassal
West Semitic people were commonly conscripted or debt-bonded to serve as dockworkers, sailors, and shipyard labor in Egypt. This is known from names and paintings of ships crews. No Egyptian laws have survived.

No conscription existed in Israel as far as known.
Foreign slaves were in the category of resident aliens or sojourners. Hagar was an Egyptian woman purchased by Abram as maid-servant for Sarai. The name Hagar means "the foreigner" or "resident alien." She is not treated fairly, but this was the point of the narrative Gen 16
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22 Jan
Jan 22
First Reading
Heb 8:5-13

vv 8-12 = Jer 31 It refers to the covenant of the messianic age; not to obsolescence. Jesus' followers saw him as Messiah, mediator of this covenant. The age has not yet fully arrived. But in that day all sins will be forgiven; not condemned v.12
v. 13 does not say that Christianity has superceded the old covenant, or that the Lord has turned from Israel and Judah (v. 8) It says in the messianic age to come God will make all things new, will transfigure human faith without religion, and will remember all our sins no more.
v. 12 btw (Jer 31:34) is basis of "atonement" not that crucifixion of the Christ "paid for" sins. It was belief Jesus was Messiah / Christ, chosen mediator of the coming messianic age in which God was forgiving sins per Jer 31:34, now inaugurated in his resurrection

Jer 31:31-34
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11 Jan
Jan 11
First Reading
Heb 1:1-6

"In various ways" Christ is revealed in warp and woof, the pattern of all things great and small: life giving itself, breaking and passing away; new life rising, breaking forth. The Father, the Source; the Son, Giver and Gift
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3 Jan
Jan 3 / Jan 6
First Reading
Isaiah 60:1-6

The star heralds the arrival of the messianic king, liberator of exiles. The people return, and the wealth extracted by nations. The light reaching us from this star has come all the way from the moment of creation itself ImageImageImage
“Christ was the first idea in the mind of God” - John Duns Scotus (1266–1308)

The Christ-light, the same which was in the beginning with God and was God, in whom all things were made, the light of all people, reached us and shone on Bethlehem years ago

John 1:1-5 ImageImage
“There is only Christ: He is everything and he is in everything!” (Colossians 3:11)

Jesus came to lead us into the Christ who was and is in all that is from all eternity…
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