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6 Apr, 15 tweets, 3 min read
the "cancel culture" narrative is a grift. so many abusive, awful people have been called out the past year and none of them have lost their platforms or been affected in any significant way. i'm more interested in analysis of abuse culture
remember to buy my "cancelled" merch !!! /s
pls don't presume that i think dogpiling doesn't hurt bc i've been dogpiled. i'm just questioning a narrative that seems to constantly centre priveleged people lol. anyway idc if i offend the online left anymore tbh
the amount of times i've seen bipoc dismissed or labelled a "crazy mob" by white public figures just for raising concerns is gross. there's a big part of the (very white) "online left" sphere that just buys into this narrative, no questions asked
also trump literally tried to run by pushing the cancel culture narrative lol. i watched the entire republican convention and the amount of times they said cancel culture could have been a drinking game
ik some people will twist my words and pretend like i'm saying that dogpiling never happens or is actually good. lol. i was recently dogpiled. but that wasn't "cancel culture"- apparently, for it to qualify as cancel culture, people have to be "cancelled" for progressive reasons
Black ppl who get dogpiled for talking about racism, trans ppl getting dogpiled for calling out transphobia or disabled ppl getting dogpiled for tlking about ablesism don't seem to qualify for the "cancelled" label
anyway that's just some observations i guess and i'll probably regret sharing them/delete this later
btw if u think this is specifically abt ur fave its rly not. its about the past ~2 yrs of internet discourse and the never ending dismissive crescendo of "they're being cancelled 🙄" in response to any public figure being called out for racism/sexism/ableism/transphobia/abuse
this dismissive and reductive attitude is how we have people saying "don't cancel him tho, cancel culture is bad" about david fucking dobrik
(big tw sexual assault)
you know, the guy who literally uploaded multiple filmed instances of sexual assault to his youtube channel for his (mostly kid) fans
fuck off with this "cancel culture is toxic it doesn't help" in response to stuff like that. seriously thinking he deserves a platform after that? no. he should be deplatformed and yeah, "cancelled". ppl like him *should* be removed from their positions of power
step back and question yourself if you start getting wrapped up in this "cancel culture is toxic" narrative bc it's enabling a culture that lets ppl like david get away with it
there is a lot of nuance to these conversations, but discussion that frames it as "cancel culture is bad" wants to remove that nuance. it wants you to be dismissive. it wants to stop you from actually investigating claims about people u support
just plsplspls question that "ugh, cancel culture 🙄" narrative. *especially* when the ppl doing the call out are bipoc and ur fave is white. if ur white just sit back and listen. your fave isn't perfect and their way of handling criticism might not be either

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5 Apr
a few yrs ago i rly wanted to adopt a dog and i ran into SO many ppl on forums saying that if you're poor you shouldn't have a pet, and now poor ppl shouldn't have kids either??? capitalism: "poor ppl should work all the time. also no pets. no kids. pls work and then die alone"
also all landlords are scum but the ones who forbid u from having a pet when a pet might be the only source of joy for u ????? monsters
scum is just a cute nickname i have for landlords haha dont mind me
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5 Apr
so there's this stereotype of european ppl having not great teeth right but have u considered that crest whitening strips are illegal here and if u want ur teeth whitened its 800 euros
to be clear we do bave awful teeth but wtffff its so expensive
sry i was looking at how ppl whiten teeth bc i was a smoker for ten years and im SHOCKED per usual at how expensive literally everything is
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