Ok so i'm getting REALLY PISSED with the whole 'life optimization' mindset/movement and explaining why will require a bit of esoteric phenomenology (doesn't it always?) but let's give it a shot:
So, first, a PHENOMENOLOGICAL HORIZON. Here's the wikipedia definition. Basically, this is where you exist. It is NOT physical material reality around you, its the context of all your relationships, projects, hopes, ambitions, worries, all your BLAH about yourself and the world.
I say BLAH because in one sense its like Gendlin's "..." or the "Dao". By giving it a name you extract it from and differentiate it from the rest, but I mean precisely 'the set of all the rest'. That which you differentiate and extract *from*.
Here's a simple classical example: you perceive a cup as a cup, as all the things you can do with it, as a 3-d object, even though at any moment you only see one facet of it and you NEVER see all its facets at once. But you ALWAYS perceive all of them as SIMULTANEOUSLY PRESENT
In the same way you don't perceive 'real physical material' reality, you perceive -- and live in -- the horizon of ALL POSSIBILITIES that seem possible to you right now.
(The set of these can change, depression is when this set becomes miniscule. But that's another conversation.)
Ok cool so that's the HORIZON wherein YOU LIVE.
The horizon -- LIFE -- is made meaningful by engaging in projects which push the horizon back, that is, which increase and change the possibilities that you have.
And herein comes the problem: when you treat life as a project, when you treat it as something to be measured (what gets measured gets managed) and managed as an OBJECT you're turning GROUND into an OBJECT
What makes ANY object meaningful is this GROUND of possibilities that it has. By attempting to transmute the ground into a project, into an OBJECT you ACTIVELY DIMINISH THE HORIZON
Do you see? It's a basic mistake of not attending to second order consequences: first-order life optimisation has as a second-order consequence a foreclosing of the horizon and thus a loss of MEANING
Which is why life optimisation always feels so CLOSED so DEAD like a 'FINITE GAME'. This is what finite vs infinite is getting at too: closed project vs OPEN HORIZON
The intuition that life is not to improve, not to execute operations on, but to LIVE is CORRECT. You CAN'T execute operations on it without devaluing it because it's NOT a project, it's the HORIZON TO BE LIVED
You can execute operations (optimise) projects, and you can try to optimise life, but in doing so you turn into into a PROJECT and lose the ground of FROM WHICH PROJECTS ARE MADE MEANINGFUL!
You can't LIVE a project, only in the CONTEXT of particular project, at a particular time, LIFE, THE HORIZON, is the only thing that affords LIVING.

• • •

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