The anti-LGBT crew are really trying to push this "reasonable" angle to opposing a #ConversionTherapyBan. Don't let them get away with it

Giving people space to fully explore isn't even arguably at risk from a CT ban. That's literally part of the model LGBT people support
Conversion Therapy is clearly defined and covers things we know for a fact hurt people and have bad intentions. Their strategy here is to try and phrase what they want as reasonable and as if normal therapy pushes people to be LGBT. It's bullshit word games
They are relying on people not really knowing what CT is. Giving people space to work out who they are is normal therapy, and absolutely is not part of what we want to ban. Also it's not actually what these anti-ban types want to do. Don't let them trick people
If you want therapists to help kids and adults find out who they are in a compassionate way then you support a #ConversionTherapyBan. If anyone says otherwise they are lying

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7 Apr

That #VigilForTheLost website sells Cancel Culture throw blankets…

Actually crying 😂😂😂 Image
You can also buy a #BornNotWorn t shirt to wear Image
Who is buying this?! 😂😂😂 Image
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6 Apr
Actually unbelievable

All the usual UK "Gender Criticals", including the founder of TransgenderTrend, have signed a letter against trans women getting writing awards alongside some dead authors, including Aphra Behn who died in 1689 and Mary Ann Evans who died in 1880
Given that their signatures are first on the list I presume they all knew about this when they signed it. Absolutely critically NORMAL™ stuff here mates
Working out who else's memory they're smearing as being transphobic bigots, and who else they're padding their bullshit out with

How many other Gender Critical letters have had dead people who can't defend themselves on the list?

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6 Apr
Mate they made a website called #VigilForTheLost where they list all the people in their lives they lost because they're in a cult

Just so sad. Imagine losing your life over hating trans people. This isn't normal guys, just stop…
The real victim of GeNdEr iDeOLogY is that my mum has to get a new number plate for her car. This is why I want to stop children from having basic healthcare
Man lots of these are bleak

Just stop. You don't have to post about the same 5 trans women in sports 24/7. You're in a cult. Please just take a break and talk to real people for a bit
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28 Mar
Hey everyone, on my TDOV stream announcement:

I messed up on the planning pretty badly, as quite a few of you have rightly pointed out the first announcement of guests was all white people and I agree with you I just don't think that's good enough

What lead to this was just...
me being a noob. I sent out a lot of invites and when I got a few back I thought I would announce with a partial guest list and then fill in the rest as they came back. I haven't organised anything like this before and was just excited with the replies I had got and didn't...
think. I did of course invite POC and some exciting and lovely people have since confirmed, but clearly this was a really crap way of doing things, and it was wrong to announce how I did. That's not remotely an excuse, just a reason

I apologise to everyone for what my...
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18 Feb
Just been looking at the #GenderCritical legal crowdfunders and how well they've been doing (data compiled by @WorldWearyWoman)

They've raised nearly £1m on lawsuits alone, though over half of the lawsuits resolved so far have failed. £250k in the bin
Some people are getting rich off of it though! Two different law firms have raked in over £300k each. I wonder what cut they take of that
Two thirds of the money spent on successful lawsuits was spent on the Keira Bell case, which is being appealed this year
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16 Feb
The British media is such a fucking joke my god. I couldn't come up with headlines this insane and stupid if I tried Image
The fact is that you can write ANYTHING about trans people as long as it's negative and you'll get published. There is no standards at all, no quality filter, no fact checking. That's not an exaggeration at all, look at the fucking state of it
This is part of the anti-trans crew making up that nurses aren't allowed to say mother or breast feeding anymore - something they have completely fabricated, there is no evidence for this AT ALL and the document they're talking about explicitly says the opposite. It's made up
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